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Popular publications and reputable organizations annually publish lists and tables of the richest and poorest countries, which include various indicators. Full adjustments are made based on the results of the period. However, today it is already possible to roughly deduce the rating of countries by living standards in 2021.


Popular publications and reputable organizations annually publish lists and tables of the richest and poorest countries, which include various indicators. Full adjustments are made based on the results of the period. However, today it is already possible to roughly deduce the rating of countries by living standards in 2021. Every country has official statistics, which include objective indicators on the economy, various factors that shape the level of well-being and even the subjective assessment of its citizens.

When a country is assessed in terms of living standards for 2021, the dynamics of economic growth and the general welfare of the population of the state are compared. This includes many components, including the level of education and health care, human safety, and several other indicators of well-being. All this is provided by the economy, which directly depends on GDP.

Statistics, if compiled in good faith, help to derive important indicators by which to judge the wealth of countries. One of these indicators is GDP (gross domestic product) or the total indicator of economic efficiency. We can say that this is the total market value of goods and services produced in the country. It includes all goods that were produced throughout the year throughout the territory.

GDP is the expression in monetary terms of all that is produced in the country, regardless of whether it is for export or for domestic consumption. It is easy to predict the TOP countries in terms of living standards in 2021, having at least a general idea of ​​economic development and the level of consumption per capita. This factor depends on the number of able-bodied population of the country and the level of technological progress. The first positions in terms of GDP are occupied by highly developed countries with a large number of working-age population.

In terms of the living standards of the countries in 2021, according to statistics from the IMF and the World Bank, the leaders will again be China, the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan and the Scandinavian countries.

China, Hong Kong and Singapore compete with the United States, but Asians traditionally lag behind Americans in some respects. But the Chinese have left behind other economically developed countries. The GDP indicator is about $ 14.2 trillion. The whole world is watching China rise rapidly over the past 20 years - by 2030 they "threaten" to overtake the Americans and establish their economic dominance.

Thanks to the general modernization, since 2013, the service sector has been in the lead in China, filling the state treasury. Construction, industry and agriculture make up about 60% in total. However, there is a lot that is not taken into account, since many enterprises develop subsidiary plots to support their employees, but this indicator is not included in the general statistics. Singapore and Hong Kong are ahead of the "parent" economy of China by some indicators, successfully trading with Asian neighbors.

The United States is the leader in GDP, which is why it tops the list of countries in GDP and competes with other leading countries in the ranking of countries in terms of living standards in 2021. The total economic indicator of the United States in previous years has risen to $ 21.5 trillion. They account for 20% of world production, including high-tech products. The economy is actively developing the service sector (80% of jobs).

Japan, having a small territory relative to the United States and China, is catching up with these countries in terms of economic indicators. Japan's GDP in 2019 was over $ 5.2 trillion. Japan became the leader in 2005 - the Japanese surpassed the EU and the United States in growth rates, although after the Second World War they had to raise the imperial state almost from scratch, overcoming the crisis of the 90s, but having experienced a rapid rise in the 60s - 80s of the XX century.

Germany is one of the European leaders in terms of GDP. They do not fall below the $ 4.2 trillion level, filling the treasury mainly due to industrial production, including mechanical engineering. German cars are eagerly bought all over the world, although the model range is not being updated as actively as it was 10-15 years ago. In 2009, the German economy slowed down sharply and GDP fell by 5.2%. However, this did not affect the standard of living of citizens. It is assumed that in the table of living standards of the countries of the world in 2021, it will continue to lead in the top 10.

The UK left the EU without halting production growth. The British are actively cooperating with many countries and the same EU, but on their own terms. Britain raised its GDP to $ 2.9 trillion. Like other states, during the World Crisis, the economy of the island state, although it suffered, began to actively recover.

Traditionally, in the table of the poorest countries in the world, Tuvalu, Nauru, the Caribati and the Marshall Islands will again be designated. They are members of the UN (193 states in total). They traditionally have a low gross product, which does not exceed tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they are developing tourist services. On Syria, it is difficult to collect data for accurate statistics - the country "slipped" to the bottom positions.

The GDP indicator is considered a specific instrument. Although it is not difficult to collect statistics on the economy, it is not always possible to be guided by it when assessing the social level of a country and its population. The high standard of living in developed countries for 2021 will be supported not only by GDP, but also by other key indicators:

  1. Material well-being of citizens.
  2. Political stability and level of freedom.
  3. The level of medicine, health and life expectancy.
  4. Social and family life.
  5. Geographical location and climatic conditions.
  6. Job security and gender equality.

For example, if we compare the GDP of the Scandinavian countries and Italy, then the northerners are in the lead, and the indigenous people of southern Europe are more fortunate with climatic conditions. Therefore, their subjective satisfaction with life will be higher. However, recently a survey was conducted, and the citizens of Finland consider themselves the happiest, despite the harsh climatic conditions. In the ranking of countries in terms of living standards in 2021, Europeans are often listed, but EU members also live in different ways.

GDP takes into account the total value of goods and services, but cannot be counted on in the long run. A state that actively trades in minerals is a resource that can be quickly depleted. The environment suffers, resources are not always used to increase the well-being of citizens, as was the case in South Africa, where several families owned diamond mines, and local peoples lived in extreme poverty.

Traditionally, citizens are more interested in their own well-being than in the economic performance of their state. People live in different ways in countries rich in oil trading. Compare the AOE and Brunei, where there are no active investments in promising economic areas.

Dubai is a fairy tale tourist city where poverty has been defeated. Its ruler understood that the oil found in the desert would one day run out, and tourism in the southern country by the sea would be profitable for several decades to come. The high ranking of living standards in 2021 for the UAE is the result of a 20-year recovery and active investment in tourism and the well-being of its citizens.

The formula for measuring GDP per capita is the distribution of the total economic indicator by the total number of inhabitants. But even in this case, it is not always possible to collect accurate information about the state. In some countries, the population is “aging” and needs social security, in others, there is an active population growth due to migration or the ratio of birth and death rates.

Most often, the ratings of countries in terms of living standards, including 2021, are headed by small states that attract rich people. They also include remote areas with autonomous control. Today, only 4 countries have a high gross domestic product - more than $ 100 thousand / year per capita):

  • Monaco (each has $ 165,414 / year, they live like a rentier);
  • Liechtenstein ($ 161,277 per resident);
  • Luxembourg ($ 129,710);
  • Bermuda ($ 100,724);

Polarly opposite countries - where rates are below $ 1000 per year.

The vast majority of African countries are in the lowest places in the tables of the poorest countries in the world. These are citizens of Malawi and South Sudan, Burundi and Eritrea, Somalia, Niger and Mozambique. They have the lowest GDP per capita - less than $ 220. This indicator is also rather arbitrary - it is not indicated whether citizens have at least some kind of assistance from the state. If he has income, then for the same $ 20 per month, residents of some countries can live well, having access to natural resources, while others are slowly dying out of hunger.

In different countries, people live differently on $ 100 thousand a year. In some Monte Carlo, this provides a decent standard of living, and in poor Somalia, they will simply be killed for possessing such a sum. Therefore, the indicator of the ratio of GDP per capita to the purchasing power of citizens is the most reliable indicator of the standard of living. Local prices are a good indicator of the availability of goods and services. The top of the table from the ranking of countries by living standards 2021 TOP is headed by:

  • Qatar;
  • Macau;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Singapore;
  • Brunei (no less than $ 81,612).

Somalia and Syria have the lowest rates, but they are difficult to measure with real statistics due to the situation in the country. Most citizens barely survive below the poverty line - more than 85% of the population. The "wild" tribes of African countries and the Amazonian jungle do not live much better, although Brazil, in general, is a rather progressive country.

There are also other indicators - some international organizations and independent experts are engaged in ratings. For example, the online platform Numbeo. These indicators are used by major media outlets such as Forbes. They argue that the countries of Scandinavia, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein compete on all indicators.

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