Moving abroad is a difficult and responsible decision. Therefore, you need to competently think over every detail. Let's talk about what you need to do to go abroad.


Country selection

Obviously, you need to start by choosing a country. Any moments are important here. From population to customs and traditions. Many people prefer to start with the question: "How to go to live in another country?" But it is more logical to first figure out exactly where you need to go.

The most common mistake is to dream up a bright future for yourself in a wealthy house in the center of Germany or England. But the problem is, no one guarantees you a good job. Indeed, in the above countries it is very difficult to obtain official status. As a result, moving abroad turns from a new opportunity into new difficulties.

If we talk about the most popular countries in Europe, then there a temporary residence permit is issued for 90-180 days. You can only live longer if you find a job. But the problem is that it is very difficult to do this, because employers give priority to local ones. Therefore, you should carefully consider how to move to another country without money.

You can also go abroad with the help of investments. Most European countries offer special programs that allow investors to obtain citizenship. Each has its own, but the amount always starts from 100 and even 500 thousand dollars.

Get to know the country

Before thinking about how to go abroad for permanent residence without money, you should just visit it as a tourist. Yes, this way you will not find out all the details and subtleties. But on the other hand, you will be able to appreciate how the local way of life is arranged, to communicate with the indigenous people. These are very important details that everyone forgets about. As a result, moving to another country turns into a lottery.

It is also advisable to come in different seasons. Yet everyone has their own preferences regarding summer and winter. Also, think carefully about how you will manage without the usual things. For example, are you ready to celebrate the New Year without snow? No, not once. And constantly.

Many people think about how to move to another country without worrying about what infrastructure is there and how safe it is. But it is worth understanding that it is very difficult to live in a country in which there are a lot of crimes. Sometimes you can move to a country (and even an area) with such a level of crime that your hometown will seem like paradise to you.

Standard of living

Obviously, if you are looking for how to move to another country without money, then you will be very much interested in the standard of living. But you need to study this issue initially. Moreover, there is no need to buy into rumors. If possible, go there and chat with the locals. It is also worth looking at the forums if there is no way to chat in person.

You can also find out the costs yourself. For example, when going to another country, buy in regular stores, and also spend most of the money on household needs. Then you can estimate the approximate living costs in advance. You can also look at job ads to find out what the salary is.

Work and business

Obviously, you should think about how to leave to live in another country only after you have found a job. This can be done remotely, especially since there are now a lot of different sites that help to look for work abroad.

Although the most effective way to find work is through personal acquaintances. Many firms prefer to take those people with whom they already know personally.

Well, it's worth thinking about how much your specialty is in demand abroad. Still, not all the specialists we need are in demand abroad. Here are the people who work in the service sector remain in demand in any country. It's just that locals prefer to work in more prestigious positions.

Also, programmers, scientists and cultural figures are always required. The latter, obviously, concerns a few. But we have a lot of programmers, so many leave for permanent residence with just such a profession.

Also, people who are not tied to the workplace often move to Europe. Freelancers have the advantage of not losing their income from the move. But the problem is that life in Europe is much more expensive than ours. Therefore, you need to think not only about how to move to another country, but also about how to increase your income level.

For business owners, the question "How to move abroad?" is not as acute as the choice of further development. Still, it is worth thinking first of all about whether it will also be possible to successfully develop your project there. After all, there are limitations everywhere. Often, it is at this stage that businessmen forget about how to go abroad. Just because you changed your mind.

Studies and medicine

It is also very difficult to think about how to move abroad for people with children. After all, then it will be necessary to think both about finding a school and about finding a university. Just about the level of education. Many already at this stage say goodbye to the dream of moving.

By the way, many people focus on how to go abroad, forgetting about medicine. But comfort depends on the quality of medical services. For example, Italy is a wonderful country. But medicine there is quite backward, so many do not come.


Again, if you are thinking about how to go abroad for permanent residence without money, then you will need to learn more about taxes. Many people just look at their salaries and calm down. But you will need to make tax deductions from them. Therefore, initially it is worth checking how much money will remain in the end. By the way, yes, in Europe most of the taxes are paid not by the employer, but by the employee. Therefore, the amount before and after deductions can be strikingly different.

By the way, a number of countries offer tax breaks that will help you the first time. It is worthwhile to initially carefully analyze this issue. After all, for this you will need to draw up special documents. By the way about them.


So we come to the last step, which is necessary for everyone who is looking for how to move to live in another country. There are many difficulties here. For example, you will need your documents, only translated and notarized. And for this you will need to look for professionals who may simply not be in small towns.

The easiest way out is to contact a company that helps with immigration. But here it is very important to understand that a large number of scammers have appeared in our time. As a result, you may simply remain in a foreign country without help and documents. So read the reviews carefully.

Most frequently asked questions
Which countries are the most popular?

The most beloved country is Malta. The easiest way to get a Residence Permit is there. Switzerland and Austria follow.

Many people love Portugal. It is worth noting here a special program that makes it easier to move to this country. Therefore, many Russians prefer to choose it.

How to get a residence permit?


Many people want to know how to move to live in another country through investment. But there is only one answer - to invest a certain amount. Each country has its own.

More interesting time. This entire amount must be invested within 6-12 months. This period includes the execution of all the necessary documents.

What are the benefits of an investment?

The most important advantage is a loyal attitude in obtaining a residence permit. At the same time, you will not need to wait for citizenship to be able to open accounts with European banks. Also, you will be able to freely move around the Schengen countries.

Which family member can move with an investor?

In general, all countries allow you to move and receive a residence permit together with all family members. Here are just the conditions, as well as the age will differ from country to country. Only the spouse is always registered with the investor. Here are the most popular options:


  • - Portugal. Parents over 65 and children under 26.
  • - Spain. Children under 26 years old.
  • - Switzerland. Children under 18.
  • - Malta. Children under 25, parents over 55, as well as brothers and sisters.

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