The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are open to visit all year round, since the water temperature does not drop below + 24. However, there is a rainy season, which lasts from June to November and can slightly spoil the rest.

When to visit the islands of Antigua and Barbuda

The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are open to visit all year round, since the water temperature does not drop below + 24. However, there is a rainy season, which lasts from June to November and can slightly spoil the rest. Therefore, the best time to visit the island nation is from December to May.

365 beaches of Antigua

Антигуа и Барбуда

However, it is impossible to choose a specific place to stay. Antigua is also famous for the fact that there are exactly 365 beaches, clean, well-groomed and colorful, one for every day of the year.

This means that you will never get tired of resting here. Locals love the islands, colorful nature and jungle, exotic cuisine and sun-drenched air. The northern part of Antigua, known as Dickenson's Bay, is home to many hotels, resorts and crowded beaches. Fans of a secluded and relaxing holiday will love the beaches located in the south of the state, deserted and secluded. Diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and underwater fishing are best in natural bays and natural harbors, which are abundant in different parts of the island.

The busiest beaches are Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay. Located on the lively northwestern part of the island, the beaches are in demand among young people and avid party-goers who are ready to have fun 24 hours a day. Slightly less noisy, but popular, open beaches "Fort James" and "Deep Bay", which are also crowded.

Antigua and Barbuda Beach - Halley Bay is considered a suitable option for professional surfing.

While resting on the islands, it is impossible to bypass the four crescent-shaped beaches - "Haxbil", one of which is a paradise for nudists.

The tranquil and less crowded southern coast of the island is home to 15 kilometers of pink sand beaches: Fries Bay, Duckwood Beach and Johnson Point.

Lovers of romance will love the secluded Rendezvous Bay and Doig's Beach. The most beautiful beach is recognized as "Pigeon Point", located next to the international yacht port in the "English Bay".

The status of the National Park was given to the beach "Half Moon Bay", which is considered a suitable place for families.

Here you can combine business with pleasure and book a tour of the park.

For families with children, Long Bay is also suitable, with quiet beaches and coral reefs that protect the coast from strong waves, diving and snorkeling are allowed. On the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, there are several more beaches with calm waters and marvelous landscapes, suitable for a relaxing holiday.

Galli Bay and nearby beaches are in demand among surfing enthusiasts. In winter, strong waves are observed here, so necessary for intense training. The most attractive for tourists and became the wild beaches near Cape Johnsons. Adventure lovers should visit the mesmerizing, quiet but inaccessible places near Rendezvous Bay.

The most popular beach, both among the local population and among the guests of the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, is the Doigs beach.

The most romantic place on the island is Peacock Point and the beaches nearby.

Devil's Bridge and Nelson-Dockyard

Антигуа и Барбуда

On the east coast of the island nation, there is another attraction that every guest of Antigua should visit. A beautiful rocky formation, called the "Devil's Bridge" or "Devil's Bridge" will be an adventure for everyone, because only brave people with physical fitness can climb it.

On the way, on both sides of the bridge of travelers, I cover the spray of waves crashing against the stones. The ocean is mesmerizing ahead.

While on the island, take the time to visit the English Harbor, not for the beaches, but for a stroll through the nearby museums, shops and restaurants. Nelson Dockyard Harbor is considered a center of attraction for yacht owners and is an example of an 18th century English naval base.

The beaches of Barbuda

Since the overwhelming majority of the country's inhabitants live in Antigua, Barbuda accounts for only 2% of the population. Despite the exotic nature, hot climate and hospitality of the inhabitants, this place is not often visited by tourists.

Reach the island by rented motorboat or helicopter taxi. Particularly demanding people will love the regatta, which is popular with tourists and locals alike. Caribbean Sailing Week is held annually in late February and early March. All comers take part in it. Watch the migrations of whales while you race from any of the 356 beaches in Antigua.

How to Obtain Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

Today, citizenship of Antigua and Babuda is easy to obtain, thanks to the program, which has been verified by hundreds of our compatriots.

Opening unlimited opportunities for new citizens of the island state, without paperwork and queues, we help to obtain citizenship of Antigua and provide economic preferences to a developing exotic country.

The easiest way to obtain Antigua citizenship is to buy real estate, become an investor ($ 400,000) or buy government bonds.

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda (second citizenship) with the help of our company has the following advantages:

The information provided about the applicant and family members (second spouse, children under 25) who live with him is processed in the shortest possible time (up to 3 months);
There is no need to visit the islands to obtain the citizenship of the country;
There are no requirements both for the applicant's place of residence and for personal qualities (education, managerial experience, etc.);
Citizens of Antigua can freely move from one country to another (visa-free travel to 130 countries);
Expanded opportunities for doing business in another country without having to pay income tax;
The scope of rights for second citizenship under the investment scheme does not differ from the scope of rights of local residents.

Reasons for refusal

The availability of material resources is not a 100% guarantee of obtaining citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. The applicant will be denied if there is a criminal record (criminal prosecution), if there are risks to the reputation of the state (due to the identity of the applicant), and also if the investor is a citizen of the state with which an agreement on a visa-free regime has been signed. You can become a citizen of Antigua either by using an investment scheme or at birth. Therefore, children born on the islands become subjects of the island state automatically.

Women and men who become spouses of a citizen of Antigua after three years from the date of marriage registration or who have formalized relations with British citizens after 7 years become mechanically subject become subjects.

However, investing in real estate is considered a rational decision. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship will remain for life. Since the island nation is part of the British Commonwealth, residents of Antigua enjoy benefits in the United Kingdom and can, for example, study in England.

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