Double citizenship
There are several ways to acquire a second citizenship. Emigration is the most famous and affordable way, which involves crossing the borders of the state in which he lived and entering another state with subsequent residence.

Dual Citizenship or Second Citizenship. Most frequently asked questions:


Which countries allow a citizen of the Russian Federation to have dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship is provided for by those states that have drawn up a treaty of a certain kind among themselves and which have issued the corresponding document. It also provides for the distribution of official powers of a person between the countries of which he is a resident. So, if a person has paid a military debt in one country, he has no right to repeat the procedure in another country. To use benefits, allowances and pay taxes must be in the state in which he permanently resides. It is worth distinguishing between such concepts as dual citizenship and second citizenship.

As of today, Russia has a special agreement on dual citizenship only with Tajikistan.

Definition of second citizenship and methods of acquiring it.

A person acquires a second citizenship and passport when there is no special agreement between the countries. But each of the countries considers the person who has the relevant document to be its nationals, and also does not have information about how many citizenships a person has.

Acquiring citizenship of another country, a person does not lose the citizenship of the Russian Federation, provided that the other country has the right to authorize a second citizenship. Having received a passport and a residence permit of another country, the person is obliged to notify the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

In previous articles, we have covered in more detail the topic of how to properly submit a notice of second citizenship.

There are several ways to acquire a second citizenship. Emigration is the most famous and affordable way, which involves crossing the borders of the state in which he lived and entering another state with subsequent residence. First of all, a residence permit is issued, and, after a while, obtaining permanent residence status and only then has the right to apply for citizenship. Each side has one general rule, which is mandatory for a newly arrived person from another country - this is the study of the national language, followed by passing an exam. The assimilation process takes about 10 years.

A faster way of accepting citizenship is to invest money in the country based on an existing program within the state.

What is the difference between dual and second citizenship?

First of all, this is the absence or existence of agreements between states, which affects the rights and obligations of a person who has both state documents confirming his identity. The presence of such a permit gives a person dual citizenship or bipartis, as being tantamount to subordinate to both states. By means of information exchange, countries share the powers of a person.

Dual citizenship allows a person to move freely between countries and ask for help at the embassy of these states while in a third. A resident has the right to conduct business and pay taxes only in the country in which he lives.

Not eligible to receive benefits and benefits from two countries, but only in the country of residence. The second citizenship frees a person from close attention and transfer of information from countries to each other.

The legislation of the Russian Federation obliges a person who has received a second citizenship to inform the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. This procedure must be carried out within 2 months immediately after receiving the passport. Previously, we provided detailed material on the topic "Why is it important to provide documents on second citizenship?"

Which countries can give second citizenship to solvent Russians by attracting investments.

Second citizenship by investment - the fastest and safest way that wealthy citizens of the Russian Federation can afford - is to attract investment to the region where they want to obtain a residence permit.

To date, investment programs are active in the following countries:

Caribbean - Antigua, Barbuda, Granada, Dominican Republic, Saint Kitts and Saint Nevis, Saint Lucia;
These countries accept deposits from $ 100,000, and the procedure for obtaining a passport takes from 3 months to six months.

State of Oceania Vanuatu.
Provides the fastest second citizenship process in this region, because with an investment of $ 130,000, a person receives the cherished documents within 60 days.

Maltese citizenship.
The injection of funds into this country starts at € 1,000,000, with € 760,000 remaining in the state treasury forever. And the procedure for issuing a passport ranges from 1 to 1.5 years.

The investment program of this state provides for the contribution to the treasury from 35,000 € and six months later the documents are ready.

What privileges does an investor receive in addition to citizenship?

A passport of one of these countries is a travel document that gives the following rights in the country chosen for investment:

- travel around the world without restrictions, without a visa;
- doing business and living where there is an equilateral agreement between states;
- acceleration of monetary transactions, reliability of savings in international banks, as well as the use of their services;
- loyal taxes on entrepreneurship;
- free use of medical services and education;
- if there is a threat of a political or economic crisis, leave the country quickly and without hindrance.

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