Establishing company in Europe is a good oportunity for development of your business. This possibility exists, and now you can register a company without any problems in many countries of the Old Continent. One of them is Slovenia - the former republic of Yugoslavia, which is now a full member of the European Union, the Schengen Agreement and NATO.
Its economy is developing steadily and steadily, it has a favorable geographical position. By registering a company in Slovenia, you can safely work not only in it, but in the whole of Europe. In addition, having your own business allows foreigners to obtain a residence permit in this prosperous European state.


It should be noted that, according to the current Slovenian legislation, persons who are not citizens of the country have the right to create legal entities of the following types:
  • private company with limited liability;
  • public limited company;
  • unlimited liability company;
  • joint-stock limited liability partnership.
Each of these legal forms has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


company in Slovenia

This legal form of enterprise is the most common. Only a single natural or legal person can organize a closed joint-stock company with limited liability. The minimum size of the share capital is relatively small and amounts to only 7,500 euros, and at the time of registration, only 30% of this amount can be paid in ready money. The remaining 70%, according to Slovenian law, may constitute other assets or property.
There is a statutory restriction for the private company with limited liability, concerning maximum amount of stockholders (no more than fifty persons). As any Joint-stock company, it can issue shares but all of them are only registered and are not subject to free circulation (that is, they are not listed on the exchange).


It must have at least five founders, which can be both individuals and legal entities. The minimum size of the authorized capital of a company organized in such a legal form is 17,000 euros. Just as in the case of a closed joint-stock company, 30% of this amount must be paid in cash during registration, and the remaining 70% may be other assets and property.
As for the limit on the maximum number of participants, it is not provided for a public company. It is noteworthy that they can be both residents and non-residents of Slovenia. The management of such a company is carried out by the Board of Directors, and it must include at least one citizen of the country.


Its founders must be at least two individuals or legal entities. They are partners, they are liable for obligations with all their property, and, accordingly, they manage the company. This legal form of the company is chosen by foreigners for their firms quite infrequently, even despite the fact that there are no requirements for the authorized capital.


This legal form is almost identical to a society with unlimited liability, and differs from it in that it includes both general and other partners. Moreover, only general partners are responsible for all their property for the obligations of a limited liability partnership. The rest are liable only within their shares in the share capital. Its size in the current legislation of Slovenia is also not regulated in any way.


company in Slovenia

Opening a company in Slovenia (as well as, however, in any other country) involves the passage of a specific registration procedure. It begins with a preparatory stage, in which:
  • Firstly, you chose the name of the company. It should be different from the names of any other companies registered in Slovenia. It is possible to check whether the chosen name is suitable in this respect through AJPES - the commercial register of Slovenian legal entities.
  • The director of the future company is appointed.
  • Selected legal address. According to Slovenian law, it must coincide with the location of the actual location of the future firm.
  • Defined types of activities. It should be borne in mind that some of them are subject to licensing.
  • Memorandum of association is drawn up.
  • The founders of the company, which are non-residents of Slovenia, receive tax numbers (similar to the Russian TIN).
After the preparatory stage is completed, a company registration application is submitted. Next, it is necessary to open a permanent bank account to which a percentage of its authorized capital corresponding to the company's legal form is made as a deposit. The next step is to obtain a decision on registration, and the final step is to open a bank current account in the name of the company.


The system of taxation of companies in Slovenia is considered one of the most loyal in the whole European Union. The tax is not profit in this state today is only 17%, and the value added tax - 22%. At the same time, the VAT on some services, food and beverages is only 9.5%. As for income tax, it is built on a progressive scale, and its minimum rate is 16%.


Foreigner, registered a company in this country, get the right to obtaining a residence permit to the extent of realizing one of the following conditions:
  • To invest in the company no less than 50 000 euro;
  • To hire a citizen of EU or anyone, who has the permission to work in Slovenia;
  • Amount of business will consists of no less 10 000 euro during six months.
Thus, it can be stated that the opening of a company in Slovenia provides an opportunity not only to transfer its business to a prosperous European country, but also to obtain a residence permit there.
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