Buying real estate in Europe is most often associated with penthouses and villas, but there are also more interesting options, which include medieval castles. As a rule, wealthy people who want to buy a truly luxurious property with a history and at the same time profitably invest money become buyers of European castles.


The possession of a castle is not just a certain status, but also a number of additional features. Often, medieval castles are purchased for recreation and residence: indeed, it is difficult to find another similar property that would have such greatness and incredible energy. Life in the castle, in which literally every element is filled with history, gives very special emotions and allows you to feel like a medieval knight. The architecture of medieval castles is diverse: in these buildings reflects the history of European civilization and the formation of culture. In addition to comfortable and spacious rooms, buildings, as a rule, have a beautiful surrounding area, which can be used to create recreation areas and parks, walking in the fresh air, organizing holiday events, etc.
However, buying a castle in Europe is not only an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, but also a profitable investment: there are not so many medieval castles in the world, and the demand for them is quite stable. Accordingly, over time, the cost of such objects will only increase. A castle in Europe is able to bring its owner a considerable profit, so often such objects are purchased for business.
What business opportunities exist for potential owners of this category of real estate?
Family medieval castle
We name just a few ideas, the implementation of which is available to those who decide to buy an old castle:

Opening a restaurant.

Restaurants and other establishments located in ancient castles are very popular with both locals and tourists. An additional plus: the lack of difficulty in choosing the style of the institution, since the castle is able to create the right atmosphere and place the accents correctly.

Organization of excursion programs.

The organization of excursions is especially relevant for buildings with a rich history: for example, if the castle witnessed some historical events or famous people lived in it, it can be opened for visiting by tourist groups. In addition, tourists are often attracted by the unique architecture, landscape, etc.

Opening of the hotel.

Hotels located in historic buildings are in constant demand. As a rule, visitors are attracted by the mysteries of the past, ancient legends and the special character of such buildings.


Family medieval castle

With this option, everything is quite simple: like other properties, a medieval castle can be leased. Often, objects are purchased for restoration work and reconstruction, after which the castle is handed over to both individuals and various companies. Organization of holiday events.
Medieval castles often become a venue for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Also in the locks it is possible to organize any thematic events. Thus, there are many options for organizing a business: in the absence of legal restrictions, the castle owner can implement almost any business idea.
For example, some owners provide locks for filming movies, commercials, etc. Therefore, when choosing an object, you should consider the purpose of its purchase: whether it is acquired for the residence of the owner and his family members or as real estate to be used for profit.
It should be noted that today there are proposals that successfully combine those and other characteristics. Such objects include Vinitsa Grad Vinica Castle (wikipedia), which is located in the southeastern part of Slovenia. Grad Vinica: a medieval castle with a rich history Vinica Castle is an example of medieval architecture.
The main activities of the complex Grad Vinica today are the rental and operation of a restaurant in its territory. The rich history, interesting architecture and convenient location of the complex in one of the tourist areas of Slovenia make it one of the most attractive objects for those who want to buy an old castle.
The history of the castle Grad Vinica The history of the castle has more than one century: for example, the first known references to it are dated back to 1082. Construction Grad Vinica carried out on the ruins of the Roman fleet. In the 15th century, the castle repeatedly experienced attacks by Turkish troops, but at the beginning of the 16th century, it was returned to its owners - the Semenich family, who were its owners until the seventeenth century.
Accurate information about the owners of Grad Vinica in the XVII century was not preserved, but it is known that in the middle of the eighteenth century it began to belong to the Guzik family. In the XIX century, the castle repeatedly replaced its owners, and at the beginning of the XX century, Frank Michelik became its owner. In the future, the complex belonged to members of his family.
The castle’s territory is surrounded by prehistoric settlements, as a result of excavations of which a unique collection of objects was collected. Grad Vinica today’s XXth century in the history of the castle was marked by large-scale restoration and reconstruction (carried out from 2014 to 2015).
The restoration work allowed to completely recreate the entire complex, including the central mansion (this is the great advantage of this proposal: most European castles require major repairs and, accordingly, substantial expenses).
Today, Vinitsa Castle has been officially commissioned and put up for sale. The facility has a favorable location: it is located in the south-east of the country (on the border with Croatia) in the Dolenjska region (the Dolenjeske Toplice thermal resort - 30 minutes from the complex).
The distance from Grad Vinica to the capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana - is 113 kilometers, Venice is 334 kilometers, and the Croatian coastline is less than one hundred kilometers.
Family medieval castle
Due to its good location, the potential number of visitors (Grad Vinica works as a summer restaurant and tourist site) can be up to 50 thousand people per season. It is necessary to note the advantages of Slovenia and the region in particular.
Slovenia is known for its excellent ecology (air contains a minimum of harmful substances and has healing properties) and a mild climate. The country is characterized by the absence of sudden changes in temperature and summer sweltering heat, and the proximity of the sea and mountains create excellent opportunities for year-round recreation.
The Dolenjske Toplice resort, located not far from the castle, is known for its natural springs, which are used to treat and rehabilitate after various diseases. The Grad Vinica complex includes the castle itself (this is the main building of the complex), a summer restaurant, an auxiliary building and the surrounding area. The area of the old castle is 1100 m².
Among the rooms of the old castle:
  1. a restaurant hall with a huge panoramic window and a fireplace;
  2. old count's hall with fireplace;
  3. a winter lounge with a fireplace and a terrace with a magnificent view of the river;
  4. 3 apartments (can accommodate up to ten people);
  5. fine kitchen equipment (in the presence of dishes and appliances);
  6. spa (Jacuzzi, sauna, etc.).
  7. wine cellar;
  8. professional cuisine;
Particular attention should be paid to the territory of the complex. The area is 4,500 m² and can be used for events in the open air (celebrations, festivals, etc.).
If necessary, it is possible to equip a park or a walking area for visitors on the territory of the complex. The facility also includes a summer restaurant (it can accommodate up to 200 guests) and an auxiliary building (the building’s area is 150 m²), which consists of storage rooms, a reception desk and a bar.
The characteristics of the complex in combination with a good location allow its use for various purposes. So, the castle is suitable for organizing the work of a restaurant, renting out, providing tourist services, organizing celebrations on the territory of the complex, as well as for many other areas of business activity.
The castle can also be used as a place to live and relax the owners: the restoration work was carried out in accordance with all applicable standards and using modern quality materials, so the most comfortable conditions were created on the territory of the complex.
The quiet rhythm of life in Slovenia, many types of outdoor activities (both in summer and in winter), a wonderful climate, a good ecological situation and a large number of cultural events make it possible for the whole family to live in the castle.
So, medieval castles, including the Grad Vinica complex, are perfect for both those who appreciate historical heritage who wish to purchase unique real estate properties, as well as for those who are planning to launch a long-term commercial project. This exclusive property has a lot of advantages compared to other objects (forks, apartments, etc.).
Unconditional plus of the Vinica castle is that the object is completely ready for use and does not require restoration. The cultural and historical uniqueness of the complex makes it one of the best options for long-term investments.
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