Antigua and Barbuda is a state located in the West Indies. Its name was given the name of the three islands: Redonda, Antigua and Barbuda.
The country attracts by many beaches, luxurious nature, opportunities, benefits of living, founding your own business, as well as investing. Thanks to close ties with the United States, citizens are given the opportunity to obtain a US visa for 10 years.


How to get to Antigua and Barbuda

A good option - how to get to Antigua and Barbuda, the company offers British Airways. The flights of this airline are characterized by convenient connections in London, comfortable flight conditions on board. All passengers are available first class with excellent service, an excellent menu, wide seating, which can transform into a bed. Flight time will be held in luxurious conditions and with maximum pleasure.
Aircraft airlines arrive at the airport - V.C. Bird International, located in the northwestern part of Antigua. In addition to British Airways flights, there are a lot of airplanes from the United States on the island, which fly through Saint Martin, Puerto Rico or by direct flight. You can get there by direct destinations via Frankfurt Lufthansa - Condor.

Flight with local airlines

Antigua Island is the main hub for flights from the UK, North America. The convenient location of the island - in the northern part of the Windward Antilles, makes it the optimal center for local air travel. At the international airport VC Bird (Antigua) fly line LIAT and other local airlines. It is located 6 km east of St. John’s. Every day flights depart from this airport (the flight takes only 20 minutes) to Codrington - Barbuda Island. It is important to know that when leaving the country, all tourists over 12 years old will be charged a fee of $ 20.
There are no bus services from the airport, then you need to call a taxi.


The largest island of the state - Antigua, is the main tourist center. Its scope and leisure facilities are quite impressive:
  • 365 beaches;
  • a full range of necessary infrastructure: hotels, casinos, night clubs, entertainment complexes;
  • A variety of options for active recreation and entertainment for the whole family.
Citizenship gives you the opportunity to visit more than 130 of the world, a package of passports for the whole family, including children, dependent parents, the ability to conduct business in this rapidly developing country. One of the most interesting options is the coast of Dickenson Bay. It is located in the north-west of Antigua, not far from St. John's - is one of the most developed, sought-after regions of the entire coast. Next to Dickenson Bay there are several large resort cities, including the city of the same name. From this city you can reach the cruise port in just 15 minutes.
A huge number of beaches, hotels and a variety of entertainment coast can turn the head. A very popular place is Grand Bay Casino, the largest gaming complex in Antigua. Here you can play blackjack, six, baccarat, make bets on the outcome of a sporting event.
The coast offers ample opportunities for fishing enthusiasts: a variety of outlandish fish, stunning the imagination of beauty. Especially for fishermen, several fishing agencies have been opened, which will deliver to the best fish places of the island, provide everything you need.


How to get to Antigua and Barbuda

Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda is granted on the basis of the law, which is valid from 1. 11.1981. Persons born on the islands until 31.10.1981 were granted citizenship automatically. If one of the parents of a child born outside the state was a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda or of the British Commonwealth, which is interconnected with Antigua and Barbuda, then citizenship is also granted automatically.
A simplified version - you can get citizenship in order of registration:
  1. Persons married to citizens of the state for at least 3 years, not living separately at the time of application.
  2. Citizens of the British Commonwealth who have continuously lived in Antigua and Barbuda for the past 7 years.
Citizenship is also granted for investment in the economy. This program is approved by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda from 19.03. 2013 For the accelerated acquisition of citizenship on the islands, you can invest:
  1. 400 000 $ in real estate.
  2. Make a donation of $ 200 000 to the state fund.
  3. Invest in business on the islands $ 1.5 million.
More information about the conditions of granting citizenship, investing.
What is attractive to the state for obtaining a second citizenship:
  • no need to give up basic citizenship;
  • no living requirements, it’s enough to stay in the state for only 5 days for 5 years;
  • special education or management experience is not required;
  • You can visit more than 100 countries in the world, including Schengen, UK, Hong Kong, Canada;
  • 0% taxation for income received outside the state;
  • Doing business is possible in different jurisdictions;
  • legal investment and withdrawal of funds;
  • there is no need to know and confirm knowledge of the language;
  • fast processing of the provided citizenship documentation with the inclusion in the program of dependent children under the age of 25 years, as well as dependent parents under the age of 65.
In the conditions of instability of the economy of our state, many want to insure, second citizenship is a great opportunity to secure their capital, to find a more attractive taxation option. Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda - a tourist paradise, will bring not only a lot of positive emotions while relaxing with family or friends, but also provide a lot of economic benefits.
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