England is the perfect country to live in. Residence permit in England gives you the opportunity to live in Europe, travel, use the best medical services. In addition, there are many universities in the country that have proven themselves and are famous throughout the world.
Investing in the economy The most comfortable and easiest way to obtain a residence permit (and permanent residence) for wealthy citizens is to invest in the UK economy. By investing 2 million pounds, you can live in peace in the country and enjoy its benefits. At the same time, out of 2 million pounds, you need to add 75% of the country's government bonds, borrowed capital of organizations, and various stocks.
residence permit in England
UK bonds are fairly reliable, as are the stocks that offer for investment. What do you get? By investing in the UK economy, you get the opportunity to live in a developed country.
With permanent residence, you can do business in Europe. Investors are offered a comfortable tax regime and the ability to open accounts without restriction. You have the right to reside in the country permanently throughout the year. Investors do not need to constantly issue a visa and spend time on bureaucracy. The only drawback is that not every investor has such a sum.
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