Everyone who thinks about moving to a European country will certainly pay attention to Austria: this state, located in the heart of the Alpine mountains, can offer a high standard of living, optimal conditions for doing business, high-quality medical care, good education and the ability to move freely the Schengen zone.
Since Austria is a legal state, which is very responsible for the protection of the rights and interests of its citizens, obtaining a residence permit in this country is often accompanied by certain difficulties. The government makes rather high demands on migrants, which is confirmed, among other things, by the fact that the annual development of instructions indicating the number of quotas for migrants for each of the migration programs.


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Living in Austria is possible if you have one of the following statuses:
The residence permit. Registration of residence permit is the most available option. Its issuance is possible for foreign citizens if the established requirements are met and there are grounds for granting status.
Permanent residence. The possibility of obtaining permanent residence is available to foreign citizens who for a certain period permanently lived in the country.
Citizenship. Getting it becomes possible only after a long stay in the country, but in practice becoming a full-fledged citizen is very difficult.


So, for a foreign citizen the most affordable legal residence option is a residence permit. You will need to belong to one of the following categories:
  1. foreign citizens who are planning business development or employment in the country;
  2. wealthy foreign citizens who have the ability to make investments (without doing business);
  3. university students and schoolchildren enrolled in Austrian educational institutions;
  4. foreign citizens who registered marriage with an Austrian citizen;
  5. refugees;
  6. unique professionals and prominent representatives of the arts, sports, etc.


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Applying for a residence permit for doing business significantly increases the likelihood of granting status. The features of business immigration should include the availability of start-up capital, which is required to start a business. The registration procedure will require the applicant to interact with several authorities, including the consulate, the Chamber of Commerce and the migration service. In addition, the applicant for the status must confirm the origin of the initial capital.
For registration procedures, you will need the legal address of the registered company, the address of residence of a foreign citizen in Austria, as well as the availability of funds in the account. It should be noted that one of the conditions for registering a company is the absence of a criminal record and good health.
A residence permit that is issued to a foreign entrepreneur extends its effect to members of his family, provided that the holder of this status can ensure their residence in the country. A definite plus of business immigration is the lack of a requirement to pass an exam confirming knowledge of German. In the case of successful operation of the registered company and compliance with the laws of the country (including tax) the extension of the residence permit.
Another common option for obtaining status is employment in the Republic of Austria. To do this, the applicant must meet a number of requirements. So, a potential employee should have:
  1. popular profession, the presence of which is confirmed by education, experience and skill level;
  2. place of residence (residential property can be owned or rented);
  3. medical insurance;
  4. income is not below the established minimum.
The process of obtaining a residence permit takes about two to three months.
Well-off foreigners can get a residence permit as a financially independent person. This method is suitable for applicants who have a steady income outside the Republic of Austria and can confirm the availability of funds with account statements. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit for this program takes approximately two to four months.


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Marriage registration with a citizen of the Republic of Austria allows the spouse who is a foreign citizen to apply for an Austrian residence permit. In the future, the status holder can receive permanent residence (after five years).


To obtain a residence permit for this reason is quite difficult: the Austrian authorities carefully check the degree of danger faced by a foreign citizen in his native country. Granting refugee status and issuing a residence permit is possible only in exceptional cases.


Availability of real estate in Austria is not one of the reasons for issuing a residence permit. However, those applicants who have their own real estate, have the right to count on the acceleration of the procedure for issuing a residence permit provided for other reasons.


The presence of one of these grounds is not a guaranteed condition for issuing a residence permit. In addition to meeting a certain category, the applicant must meet a number of other requirements. As a rule, the applicant must have:
  1. stable income, which can provide accommodation in the country of the applicant for residence permits and members of his family (in the event of their move);
  2. place of residence (housing can be both own and rented);
  3. medical insurance policy.
In addition, the applicant is obliged to confirm that his residence in Austria will not entail a violation of the order and will not become a threat to the security of the country.


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As a rule, you can apply for permanent residence after five years in the country. It is possible to become a full-fledged citizen after ten years of residence, but, as we noted above, this is quite difficult.
However, there are some exceptions. So, outstanding artists, sports, etc. may receive citizenship under special conditions. In addition, upon expiration of 5-6 years, the holders of a residence permit who are spouse or children of citizens of the country can apply for citizenship. Automatic citizenship is available to foreigners who have lived in the country for at least 30 years. It should be noted that Austria does not allow dual citizenship (the exception is political refugees).
Thus, obtaining a residence permit in Austria is available to applicants who can confirm the presence of one of the grounds for granting this status and meet the requirements. Despite some of the complexity of the procedure, obtaining an Austrian residence permit is one of the best options for moving to Europe.
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