The issue of moving to Europe is relevant for a significant part of the population of the CIS countries: the opportunity to live in a politically and economically stable country that can offer a high standard of living, good medical care and quality education attracts many residents of the post-Soviet space.
However, identifying short tourist trips and moving to the country does not follow: the design of a residence permit in the Czech Republic is often fraught with various difficulties. Meanwhile, it’s also not worth refusing the idea of moving: the holder of the residence permit status receives the right to reside in the territory of the European Union, has the ability to move freely around the Schengen zone and can become a citizen of this state in a few years.


residence permit in the Czech Republic

As in a number of other European countries, residence permits in the Czech Republic can occur on various grounds: the Government of the Czech Republic has developed several migration programs that regulate the granting of a residence permit for foreign citizens.
Thus, in accordance with migration legislation, the grounds for issuing a residence permit may be:
  • professional activities in the country;
  • education;
  • business immigration;
  • marriage registration with a citizen of the Czech Republic;
  • family reunification;
  • obtaining refugee status.


The provision of a residence permit on this basis implies the employment of a claimant in a company operating in the Czech Republic (an employee must necessarily have an employment contract: it is he who acts as confirmation of the basis for issuing a card).
It should be noted that this option of immigration has several disadvantages. First, the employment of a citizen of a foreign country creates certain difficulties for the employer: he is obliged to coordinate the vacancy in the employment bureau and be responsible for the employee in the future.
Secondly, in the event of any violations by the employee, the cancellation of the contract is allowed unilaterally. In such a situation, a foreign citizen must find a new job in a very short time (3 days), otherwise he will have to leave the territory of the Czech Republic.


Obtaining a residence permit for the passage of educational programs in educational institutions of the country is among the most accessible ways: the percentage of failures on this basis is noticeably lower. However, as a rule, this option is not suitable for everyone: the main category of foreign citizens who may qualify for the status are potential students.
As evidence of the existence of a basis for issuing a card, the applicant must submit an agreement with the educational institution. Attention should be paid to an important point: the chosen educational institution must have state accreditation.


The country provides a residence permit for foreign citizens engaged in business activities in the Czech Republic. To do this, the applicant must issue a license and register in the Trade Register. A foreign citizen can conduct business either independently or in partnership with other company founders.


residence permit in the Czech Republic

A few years ago, the registration of a marriage with a Czech citizen allowed to obtain citizenship, but a large number of fictitious marriages led to the abolition of this provision. Now, based on the marriage of the spouse / spouse can get a residence permit. The application for citizenship becomes possible only after three years, during which the couple is under the supervision of the relevant authorities. If the migration service becomes aware that the marriage is fictitious, the foreign citizen is subject to expulsion.
Marriage with a resident of the Czech Republic also allows you to obtain a residence permit and subsequently become a citizen of the country, but the period after which you can apply for citizenship is increased from three to five years.
The dissolution of a marriage in a limited period entails the obligation to leave the country.


The program "Family reunification" works in all EU countries, including the Czech Republic. For citizens of foreign countries who have relatives in the country and can confirm their reliability, registration of a residence permit in the Czech Republic in most cases is not difficult.
Children under the age of 18, spouses, parents over 65, and also parents with disabilities can use this option.


residence permit in the Czech Republic

Citizens of foreign countries wishing to use this option must apply for political asylum in the Czech Republic (later they can be retrained for status on humanitarian grounds).
Application is possible at the border (at the airport, at border control points), as well as directly in the country. After filing the application, the applicant is obliged to go to the refugee camp, where he will be in the "quarantine period" and will be able to undergo a medical examination.
After the “quarantine period” expires, a citizen applying for status must be interviewed. In the event of a positive decision, he is issued a refugee certificate (for a period of one to three years).
After staying in the country for a specified period, a refugee may receive a residence permit.


First of all, the applicant must prepare a package of documents (the list of documents may differ slightly depending on the basis for issuing a residence permit). A mandatory application, a passport, photographs, a certificate of no criminal record, etc.
To obtain a residence permit, the applicant must contact the migration department (this option is suitable for those located in the Czech Republic) or the consulate. The interview with the applicant for the status is in Czech. Also, when visiting a consulate or a migration department, an applicant must go through a procedure for submitting biometric data. The term for consideration of an application may be different: as a rule, this depends on the reason for the move.
Thus, the decision to issue a residence permit for family reunification can take about nine months, and for education in the Czech Republic - about two months. Refusal to issue a residence permit is possible when providing false information, as well as when the applicant has problems with the law (both in the Czech Republic and in his native country).
In general, the procedure for issuing a residence permit can be divided into two stages: obtaining a primary residence permit (it is valid for one year) and the extension of the primary residence permit. The duration of a secondary residence permit can be up to two years. Then the card should be renewed for another two years. After five years, the holder of a residence permit can receive permanent residence.
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