Moving to a civilized European state with a mild climate and comfortable living conditions is a common desire of a huge number of people CIS countries. Slovenia is considered to be one of the most attractive options for immigration to Europe.
This state can offer comfortable conditions for permanent residence, security and political stability. Immigration to Slovenia (as, indeed, to any other state) has certain specific features. We understand that it is necessary to know those who are planning to move to this country and design a residence permit.

Legal basis of immigration: changes of migration legislation in 2015

Immigration to Slovenia

In 2015, the Slovenian migration legislation was significantly changed, as a result of which the residence permit obtaining schemes were updated. The changes touched upon two main laws regulating migration issues - the Law on the Employment of Foreign Citizens and the Immigration Law. The minus of adoption of the amendments was the restriction on family relocation immediately after receiving a residence permit by one of its members: according to the new rules, sending an invitation becomes possible only after a year of stay in the territory of Slovenia and undergoing the procedure of extending a residence permit. According to legislators, this measure will allow to realistically assess the feasibility of moving the whole family and reduce the number of migrants. The business immigration procedure has also undergone major changes: first, the size of the authorized capital of the company registered in the country has been increased, and secondly, the requirements for the activities of the firms themselves have become tougher. The work of the company is subjected to a thorough check: in particular, the owner must prove that the activity is really carried out and makes a profit, and the company's personnel are real employees.
Attention should be paid to another point in order to avoid the confusion of concepts: emigration to Slovenia is a move from one’s own country (the country of which the emigrant is a citizen) to a foreign country (particularly Slovenia), and immigration to Slovenia is a move to this state in terms of its inhabitants.

Ways of immigration to Slovenia

The main condition for obtaining a residence permit is compliance with the applicant for registration of this status of one of the categories of persons who can be issued a card. Thus, the residence permit of Slovenia is divided into several types: student, for professional activities, on the basis of family reunification, on the basis of marriage registration, for refugees and for investors.


So, if the applicant for the status corresponds to one of the above categories, he has the right to provide documents for its registration. The set of documents is submitted to the diplomatic representation of the state (for example, to the Embassy of Slovenia in Moscow). There is another option: filing an application directly in Slovenia, but this is possible only if the applicant is legally present in the country, underwent a fingerprinting procedure and notified the local administration of his stay. Documents for obtaining a permit should be submitted before the entry was made to the country.
The package of documents for obtaining the status includes an application, a foreign passport of the applicant, medical insurance, proof of financial solvency, a photo, and a certificate of the applicant's absence of a criminal record (certified by an apostille). If the original document in your native language , it must be translated into Slovenian. Translation is certified by a notary. As evidence of financial solvency, a certificate from the bank can be provided.
In case of a positive decision, the applicant is issued a card. As a rule, the validity of the card does not depend on the basis of issue: it is issued for 12 months, after which it must be renewed. It should be noted that a fee is charged for obtaining a residence permit.

The specifics of obtaining a residence permit for various reasons

Depending on the basis for which the receipt of a residence permit is planned, the stages of its registration differ significantly. In addition to providing the main package of documents, applicants must provide a number of additional documentation that can confirm the existence of the stated grounds (for example, registration of a company in Slovenia, admission to an educational institution, employment, etc.).


Immigration to Slovenia

Slovenia is considered to be a country with a high level of education quality, therefore graduates of Slovenian universities are in demand in European countries and beyond. Higher education in Slovenian universities can be obtained both for free and for a fee. To obtain a residence permit on the basis of education in an educational institution, it is necessary to provide (in addition to the main package of documents) a document on the existing education, as well as a letter from a Slovenian educational institution confirming admission of the applicant to the course.
However, you should pay attention to one particular feature: the duration of residence in the country for students counts for 50%. That is, if studying in a university will last for four or six years, after completing the training, the length of service to obtain permanent residence will not be enough. Permanent residence permit will be possible only after a certain time, during which the applicant must live and work in the country legally.


Immigration to Slovenia is possible on the basis of marriage with a citizen or a citizen of a state. Citizenship in the automatic mode for the spouse / spouse is not provided, but the marriage allows you to issue a residence permit. Place of registration of marriage does not matter, and the applicant for registration status is required to provide a certificate of his conclusion. It should be noted that changes in immigration legislation also affected the receipt of a residence permit by this category of applicants: a card is preceded by a thorough check, the results of which evaluate whether the marriage is real or fictitious. In a situation where the marriage was concluded only for registration status, a foreigner is expected to be deported, and a Slovenian citizen will be subject to penalties.


Registration of a residence permit is preceded by a work visa. Along with the main documents, a labor agreement, a declaration from the employer (confirms the provision of a place to live for the employee), as well as documents confirming the level of education and qualifications of the applicant are provided for obtaining cards. The applicant is required to speak Slovenian. The most in demand in the Slovenian labor market are IT specialists, medical workers, as well as programmers and psychologists. The unemployment rate in the country is quite high.
Certain features have the status of scholars and teachers of educational institutions. So, the representatives of this category do not need knowledge of the Slovenian language. Confirmation of the implementation of research activities on the territory of the state is a hosting agreement with an educational or research organization. You must also provide a diploma that confirms that the applicant has the appropriate direction of research activities of education.


Members of the family of a citizen of the state or holder of a residence permit status can obtain a residence permit for this reason. Issue a status as a family member of a residence permit holder is possible after this person has lived in the country for one year.


Immigration to Slovenia

Obtaining a residence permit is possible on the same basis as persecution in the home country. In this case, the applicant must document the persecution, which was carried out as a result of political or religious beliefs, race, nationality, or because the person belongs to a social group. The application for granting the status is submitted to the local administration no later than three days from the moment of crossing the border. The applicant must be interviewed.
Refugees can expect to be reimbursed for the cost of rental housing, as well as the provision of medical care, social protection, the right to education and work. The disadvantage of this option of status registration is the fact that low-paid vacancies can be offered to refugees for employment.


Business immigration is considered one of the most convenient options for moving into the country. Registration of residence permit is possible on the basis of the registration of the company. To do this, it is necessary to prepare primary documentation (get a tax number, come up with a name, decide on activities), submit documents for registration and open an account in the bank. After entering the company in the register and the beginning of the activity, the founder of the company can submit a package of documents for obtaining the status. Family members of the owner of the company will be able to move to the country only after one year.
It should be noted that the purchase of real estate in Slovenia is not the basis for granting status. There is no advantage in obtaining a residence permit and the presence of the EU Blue Card: the procedure is identical to the procedure for obtaining a card on the basis of employment.
Thus, moving to Slovenia is an excellent solution for those who plan to live in a European country. The presence of several grounds for obtaining a residence permit allows you to choose the best option and after a few years to get permanent residence, and then the citizenship of Slovenia, which will allow to enjoy all the rights and benefits of a citizen of a European state.
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