The island of Saint Lucia is a real tropical paradise, which attracts with its beaches, untouched nature, rich flora and fauna. The island nation is located on the Lesser Antilles. Saint Lucia can be a place to live. The country has a calm atmosphere that attracts tourists and wealthy migrants to the island.


In Saint Lucia you can go sailing, surfing and diving all year round. Surfer lovers catch the best waves here. For windsurfers, the northeast coast is perfect. The warm waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean are ideal for water sports.
Divers can enjoy the rich underwater world of the ocean without fear of marine predators. You can see pink coral reefs off the coast. One of the most popular places for divers is Ens-Shastanya. This is a water park, which is rich in sponges, corals, exotic species of fish. Another popular place is Key Hole Pinnaakes.
On the island you can rent a yacht or moor your boat in one of the cozy bays - there are a lot of them in Saint Lucia. Here it is convenient to sail under sail - a fair wind will always guide the ship.


Saint Lucia

There are many mountains in Saint Lucia, among them are the Big and Small Pythons. The whole area in which there are two peaks is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the island grow tropical trees, there are secluded corners of nature, where you can spend time in peace and quiet. The local ecology has not been adversely affected - there are no enterprises polluting the ecosystem on the island.
Saint Lucia is a place where exotic fruits grow, the smell of which is carried everywhere. Lush vegetation never stops capturing all new territories in tropical forests. You should definitely go down to the crater of one of the extinct volcanoes - in these craters there are usually healing mud springs. Boiling mineral springs can be found in the crater of Sulfur Springs - this volcano last erupted lava more than 300 years ago.
There are national parks on the island, some of them are intended more for entertainment. One of these parks is Paygen Island. It is known not only for its natural beauty and lush vegetation, but also for its historical sites. For example, in the park is located the old Spanish fort of the 16th century.
A more specific reserve is located in the eastern part of the island. The reserve of the islands of Mary in the summer season is closed, it is guarded, but you can visit the territory at any other time of the year. This park is known for its unique fauna.
The island has an excellent coastline with white clean sand beaches. The strip of beaches stretches for 1,100 km. Sometimes there are black stripes - this is volcanic sand, it is characteristic of the coastal strip of Saint Lucia. Such places for recreation are located away from hotels and inns.


Saint Lucia has a tropical trade-wind climate. There are only two seasons - dry and wet. Dry lasts from January to April, wet - from May to August. However, heavy rains are possible in the dry season - it all depends on weather conditions. Rains on the island do not last long, right after a rainstorm good weather sets. The average air temperature during the year is 26 degrees days and 20-25 degrees at night. At any time of the year you can swim, surf, explore the island and its wildlife.
On the island is safe, there is no crime. The bulk of the population - Christians (mainly - Catholics). The official language of Saint Lucia is English. In the course of the American and Eastern Caribbean dollar, you can change the currency without problems.


Saint Lucia does not control the import and export of currency, so you can become a citizen of this state without unnecessary red tape. Only the importation of weapons and drugs and the export of national values is prohibited. On our website you can see the full list of programs for the purchase of citizenship - an island state passport can be obtained in several ways:
  • making a non-refundable contribution to the National Fund;
  • buying property;
  • make an investment in a business project;
  • by investing in government bonds.
Saint Lucia
Which way to choose? It all depends on the goals that the citizen has set himself. In order to have the right to reside permanently on the island, to freely navigate dozens of countries with the passport of Saint Lucia and open a business in the country, there is enough passport. It will cost 100 000 dollars per person. A family with two children will pay 190 000 dollars.
However, it is more sensible for a couple with children to choose an option with an investment in real estate. When moving to Saint Lucia, the family will still need to live somewhere. Buying a house worth 300 thousand dollars, you can automatically get citizenship. Real estate on the island is a great investment, the house will not lose its value. Over time, housing prices will only grow here. The state has recently opened up opportunities for resettlement through investments, which is why now Saint Lucia’s programs are attractive in cost.
A businessman who plans to receive income from his business, it is better to create a business on the island, investing 3.5 million dollars. Two entrepreneurs have the opportunity to invest $ 3 million each.
Conservative investors better pay attention to government bonds.
The yield of such securities is lower than the profitability of their own business, but bonds are a reliable financial instrument. One person is enough to invest 500 000 dollars to get a passport. For a family with two children, the amount of investment is only 550 000 dollars.
A person who has a Saint Lucia passport can freely enter the territory of 120 countries, including the states in the Schengen zone. On the island recognize dual citizenship.


Becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia, you get the opportunity to move freely around the world, to conduct business, not to account for each dollar imported into the country. The state opens up new opportunities for a wealthy person that were previously unavailable. To rest, a citizen of Saint Lucia does not even need to leave the island - here is a real Caribbean paradise.
If you run a business or receive income in another way, you will not be charged tax. The absence of a tax on any income is one of the advantages of the island state. You can process all documents in the country remotely.
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