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It is not legally prohibited to possess two or more passports or permanent residence / residence permit statuses. If this happened, then this must be immediately reported to law enforcement agencies. If you do not submit a notification of dual citizenship in a timely manner, then there will be a sad result: an administrative penalty or a criminal measure of restraint.

How to properly draw up and submit a notification of obtaining a second citizenship


It is not legally prohibited to possess two or more passports or permanent residence / residence permit statuses. If this happened, then this must be immediately reported to law enforcement agencies. If you do not submit a notification of dual citizenship in a timely manner, then there will be a sad result: an administrative penalty or a criminal measure of restraint.

The notification of the second citizenship is not written in free form, but in accordance with the approved structure, which is specified in Resolution No. 994 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Control methods of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


Today in the world there is no one common Internet site that provides states to receive truthful information about the holders of one or more passports at the same time.

Some countries publish the names of newly minted subjects in state official magazines and newspapers. This is practiced in Malta and St. Kitts.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not implemented a clear plan for monitoring the implementation of the relevant regulations on notification of second citizenship. The legal part only states that a person must independently and on his own initiative report the fait accompli of new citizenship.

In fact, the complete lack of control over the filing of an application does not mean at all that the notification of dual citizenship can be neglected. In reality, there were incidents when the fact of the existence of a residence permit / permanent residence or other citizenship was legally confirmed. As a rule, this happened by chance during some kind of legal proceedings.

The control system by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is constantly being improved. Now the fact is not excluded that the authorities will nevertheless find a way to independently obtain information about this issue.

Features of filing an application


A very important point is the maximum deadlines for filing a notification of dual citizenship in 2021, namely:

60 days, if the individual permanently lives in the Russian Federation and has acquired a passport of another state without leaving Russia. This period is also suitable for people who have received additional citizenships while living outside the Russian Federation on a permanent basis.
30 days, if a person is physically abroad, acquired a passport of another state and did not return to his homeland within 2 months. from the moment the document is issued, then you need to act differently. In these circumstances, it is necessary to notify about the second citizenship no later than 1 month. from the day of the first crossing of the Russian border. This principle applies even to those who arrived for one day. The rule forces in this period to submit an application for a second citizenship to law enforcement units.
When a person has a second citizenship, while staying abroad all year round without thinking of coming back, then the procedure for informing the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not required. However, if someday a person enters back into Russian territory, then he will need to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the second citizenship within a period of 30 days.

Form submission procedure


The application for second citizenship must be submitted in person or with the help of an intermediary. In addition to the completed special form, copies of the required documents are attached to the registration department. The applicant independently chooses the name of the department and the body, guided by the address of registration.

When a notice of dual citizenship is given by an applicant without a permanent residence permit and registration, he must contact a neighboring division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the address of valid residence.

It is also possible to submit documents by mail. This will require an original passport. The postal employee is obliged to personally verify the specified data in the application with the passport. If everything is correct, the employee will fill in the tear-off part and certify it with his personal signature. It is this part that will serve as confirmation that the dual citizenship notification form has been successfully sent.

In short, the delivery scheme looks like this:

download the notification of the second citizenship form;
fill out the form manually or print it on a PC;
notarize copies of documents (power of attorney, passports, residence permit / permanent residence cards, birth certificate);
find the nearest address of the MFC or other territorial unit at the registration address;
hand over the form in person or hand it over by registered mail.
Now we will consider the sequence of the application procedure in more detail:

Completing the Second Citizenship Notice Form. At this stage, it is important to understand that there are different forms for children and adults. “Children's” forms are filled out by guardians, parents or proxies. You can make entries on a PC or manually. Words and letters should be written clearly, without blots, abbreviations, in blue or black ink. In rare cases, writing in Latin letters is allowed.
Legal certification of copies and preparation of a package of documents. You will need to attach a list of some documents to your written application for dual citizenship. The list may differ depending on the age of the applicant. For adults, attach copies of documents confirming citizenship in another state. When an intermediary acts on behalf of a person, a copy of the power of attorney is attached to the form. For underage citizens - a birth or adoption certificate.
Direct submission of a notification of the second citizenship to the FMS, MFC. After submitting the form through federal services or mail, the employee is obliged to verify all the specified data and fill in the tear-off fragment with his own hand. It contains the date, the signature of the employee and the stamp of the body that endorsed the form. If there is registration for minor children, then the tear-off part remains with the parents or guardians.
In essence, the procedure is simple, takes little time and requires precision in data entry. If an error is found, the post office or the Federal Migration Service will return the package of papers. Then the notification of the second citizenship of the MFC will have to be served again, at the risk of missing the deadline for admission.

Liability for withholding information


As mentioned above, the legal framework provides for administrative and criminal liability for intentional concealment of dual citizenship.

When a citizen of the Russian Federation does not timely submit an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then only administrative responsibility awaits him. This is spelled out in the article of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation 10.8.3, which states that the fine should not exceed 1 thousand rubles.

When a person did not specifically serve the 2021 dual citizenship notice to law enforcement agencies and this fact was unexpectedly revealed, he could be charged with a criminal atrocity. This is evidenced by Art. 330 part 2 of the Criminal Code of Russia, where it is established that the following types of penalties are provided for at the discretion of the judge:

an administrative penalty in the amount of up to 200 thousand rubles;
administrative penalty equal to the average annual salary;
forced labor - up to 400 hours.
It is also likely that they will temporarily restrict leaving the country until the fine is paid in full.

Questions and answers


Why do you need to notify the authorities about obtaining dual citizenship or residence permit?


Possession of 2 or more passports is not a crime, much less a violation. However, it is legally stipulated that a citizen who has received an additional passport from a non-Russian Federation is obliged to serve a notice of second citizenship to the FMS. This is indicated by Federal Law No. 63 of May 31, 2002.

What are the main reasons for obtaining a second citizenship?


The lion's share of passports is issued for investments in the national economy or the purchase of luxury real estate. Each country independently sets the conditions for obtaining and the threshold investment amount. On the islands of the Caribbean, citizenship is granted for the purchase of apartments, the opening of a private company or for the purchase of government bonds in the amount of $ 100,000 or more. It takes about 3-6 months in time.

In Vanuatu, you can draw up a document in just 1-2 months, subject to an irrevocable contribution to the state fund ($ 130 thousand). Montenegro offers the possibility of obtaining citizenship for a financial contribution of € 350,000. Malta offers to first obtain a residence permit for an investment of one million euros, and only after 1-3 years citizenship.

What will happen if you do not deliver the second citizenship form on time?


When a person simply forgot to hand in the notification of the second citizenship of the MFC within the time limits established by law, and this is 60 days, then you need to correct the error yourself. Then the administrative penalty will be minimal - 1000 rubles.

If this circumstance was revealed in the course of the investigative and procedural actions, then a large penalty cannot be avoided, and this is 200 thousand rubles or 400 hours of forced labor. In the worst situation, they will be charged in the amount of 1 year's salary.

Where to submit an application for dual citizenship?


The obligatory place of delivery of the form is not constitutionally fixed. It is advisable to apply at the place of permanent residence in any department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FMS or MFC. However, in the absence of such, you can submit it to any convenient territorial authority or even send it by registered mail.

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