On the island, located between the straits connecting the Caribbean Sea with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the program entered into force only in 2016, but its advantages are obvious: relatively small investments compared to the conditions of neighboring islands.
Experts consider it the most accessible for obtaining a Caribbean passport. Advantages of the algorithm - the issuance of a passport entitles you to tax breaks, the review procedure itself is very fast (3-4 months).


citizenship of Saint Lucia

Since 2016, the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia offers those who want to get a second citizenship through investments in the country's economy. You can get a passport by taking part in one of the investment programs to choose from and enjoy the opportunity to visit more than 120 countries of the world without a visa or with automatic receipt of a visa upon arrival.
For those who want to periodically or permanently reside in Saint Lucia, there are affordable business and elite-class housing, excellent hotels and spas, clear beaches and a unique underwater world. The island has a magnificent ecology - tropical forests, sea air, mineral springs with healing waters and mud.


The island was discovered by Columbus on the day of St. Lucia (12/13/1502) and for many years was the subject of controversy and military clashes between the French, the British and the local people - the Carib Indians. In the 17th century, slaves from Africa were massively brought to Saint Lucia for the cultivation of sugarcane. In 1814, the island finally became a colony of Great Britain in accordance with the Paris Treaty, and in 1834 slavery was abolished here by a decision of the British authorities.
Since 1967, Saint Lucia became associated with Great Britain by a state with the right of self-government, and it became only an independent state on February 22, 1979. Since 2012, the country has been one of the 11 members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (abbreviated ALBA, ALBA sp.), Created by Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro for economic integration and joint development of Latin American and Caribbean countries on the principles of socialism.


Saint Lucia is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, north of Trinidad and Tobago. The area of the island is 616 square kilometers. The capital of the state is the city of Castries. At the heart of the island’s governance are the principles of parliamentary democracy.
The official language is English, but French is also common. More than 61% of the population are members of the Roman Catholic Church, and another 25% are Protestants.
The national currency is the East Caribbean dollar, which is pegged to the United States dollar.


citizenship of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia’s exclusive passport program has a number of attractive features:
  • There are no requirements for permanent or temporary residence on the island;
  • Passport for investment can be obtained remotely and without an interview;
  • There are no requirements for education or managerial experience for applicants;
  • Double citizenship;
  • There are no requirements for the payment of tax on income received outside of its borders;
  • Short processing time - 2-3 months;
  • Along with the main applicant, second citizenship can be obtained by dependent children under 25 years old and parents over 65 years old, or belonging to other age groups who are dependent;
  • Tropical climate, excellent conditions and infrastructure for living, if such is planned;
  • The ability to visit more than a hundred countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival.


  1. One-off non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund of Saint Lucia. Choosing a donation scheme to the National Economic Fund, you will pay 100 thousand as a single bearer, 165 thousand for yourself and a husband (wife), 190 thousand with two children. Another 25 thousand to pay for the inclusion in the statement of each family member in excess of this amount.
  2. Investments in real estate (only in approved projects) When purchasing property from a list compiled by the island’s government, you invest a minimum amount of 300 thousand.
  3. Investment project - the creation of the enterprise. 3.5 million dollars in a business approved by the authorities of the island, with the creation of at least three jobs.
  4. Buying government bonds. Contribution to government bonds 500 thousand from one applicant.


Restaurants, ports and marinas for cruise liners, plants for processing agricultural products, roads, bridges, research and maritime universities.


As of the beginning of 2018, Saint Lucia passport holders can visit the following countries of the world without a visa:
  1. Andorra
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Botswana
  4. Armenia
  5. Austria
  6. Argentina
  7. Fiji
  8. Djibouti
  9. Belgium
  10. Bahamas
  11. Gambia
  12. Egypt
  13. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  14. Barbados
  15. Hong Kong
  16. Guinea Bissau
  17. Bulgaria
  18. Belize
  19. Indonesia
  20. Iran
  21. Croatia
  22. Israel
  23. Jordan
  24. Cyprus
  25. Chile
  26. Kenya
  27. Laos
  28. Czech
  29. Colombia
  30. Kiribati
  31. Slovenia
  32. Denmark
  33. Costa Rica
  34. Lesotho
  35. Madagascar
  36. Estonia
  37. Cuba
  38. Malawi
  39. Maldives
  40. Finland
  41. Dominica
  42. Malaysia
  43. Mauritania
  44. France
  45. Dominican Republic
  46. Mauritius
  47. Mozambique
  48. Germany
  49. Ecuador
  50. Micronesia
  51. Nepal
  52. Greece
  53. Salvador
  54. Palestine
  55. Palau
  56. Hungary
  57. Grenada
  58. Philippines
  59. Rwanda
  60. Iceland
  61. Guatemala
  62. Senegal
  63. Samoa
  64. Ireland
  65. Guyana
  66. Seychelles
  67. Solomon islands
  68. Italy
  69. Haiti
  70. Singapore
  71. Timor
  72. Kosovo
  73. Honduras
  74. South Korea
  75. Togo
  76. Latvia
  77. Jamaica
  78. Swaziland
  79. Tonga
  80. Liechtenstein
  81. Nicaragua
  82. Taiwan
  83. Turkey
  84. Lithuania
  85. Panama
  86. Tanzania
  87. Tuvalu
  88. Luxembourg
  89. Peru
  90. Tunisia
  91. Uganda
  92. Malta
  93. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  94. Vanuatu
  95. Bangladesh
  96. Monaco
  97. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  98. Zambia
  99. Bolivia
  100. Montenegro
  101. Suriname
  102. Zimbabwe
  103. Cambodia
  104. Netherlands
  105. Trinidad and Tobago
  106. Cape Verde
  107. Norway
  108. Venezuela
  109. Comoros
  110. Poland
  111. Portugal
  112. Romania
  113. San Marino
  114. Slovakia
  115. Slovenia
  116. Spain
  117. Sweden
  118. Switzerland
  119. Great Britain
  120. Vatican
Invest in economy of Saint Lucia and travel without visas!
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