Today, a residence permit in Slovenia, despite the many advantages of this picturesque country, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, does not receive a very large number of residents of the post-Soviet space.

The residence permit and company in Slovenia

The reason is not in the complexity of the process of obtaining a residence permit, but in the low awareness of this relatively young country (as an independent state, modern Slovenia took shape at the turn of the 1990s after the collapse of Soviet Yugoslavia).
Nevertheless, Slovenia is a very comfortable country for those who plan to conduct and develop their business after moving. In addition to the mild climate and natural gems - first of all, these are the Alps and beaches of the Adriatic Sea - the steady economic recovery also applies to the advantages of this country: Slovenia happily avoids the jumps and recessions of the European economy.
Before making a final decision on moving and applying for a residence permit, it makes sense to visit the country as part of an individual rather than a group tour, and explore the area of life in which you would like to be realized. There are two such areas for those who dream of a residence permit in Slovenia at the beginning of 2018 - educational (entering a university or college) and entrepreneurial (starting a business). These are the two positions that give the right to apply for a residence permit (there is a third position - family reunification, in other words, moving to a family member who has already received a residence permit).


The higher educational system of Slovenia, given the small territory of the country, is very solid: three state and two international universities, as well as many prestigious private colleges working with foreign students, according to their own admission scheme. Of course, the most prestigious educational institution is the University of Ljubljana.
Teaching in universities is conducted in English and Slovene, in colleges - in Slovene. There are already some good news for applicants this year: foreigners applying for a residence permit will not have to pass exams for admission to the first year;
Definitely, a basic level of Slovenian or English is necessary for integration into the educational process, but a full-fledged Slovenian exam is only needed for foreign students when they are transferred to the second year. Education in Slovenian universities is paid. Depending on the status of the university and the specialty, the annual payment varies from 1,5 to 4 thousand euros.
If you are determined to study in Slovenia, it is better not to send the application and the package of documents, but to take them personally, on the spot, if you get into the nuances. After that, when the university gives you a confirmation of enrollment for the first year, you can submit a request for a residence permit in your home country to the Slovenian consulate.

Advantages of getting an education in Slovenia:

  • Bologna educational system works in universities:
  • a diploma of a European sample gives the right to apply for a job in all countries of Europe;
  • student status allows you to get a job (part-time job) without special permission;
  • in cafes and restaurants there is a single lucrative student discount.


The residence permit and company in Slovenia

The procedure for opening your own company by a foreign citizen in Slovenia is relatively simple: the market in the country is still young, there are many segments where competition is low. On the situation at the beginning of 2018, good prospects are opening up for newcomers in the field of cargo transportation, trade in imported delicacies and mobile communications, and rental of sports and tourism equipment.
As a rule, from the point of view of economic security, it is best to start with the opening of a limited liability company. The package of documents for opening an LLC by an individual includes a minimum list of documents:
  • Copy of external passport;
  • Certificate of no criminal economic record on the territory of Slovenia (for founder and for chief-executive officer;
  • Legal address of a company with its name (an application of owner leased by the company object, notarized);
  • Slovenian tax number of an individual (obtained by the tax inspectorate personally, or by proxy on the basis of the TIN of the country of which the document bearer resides).
It will also require a minimum capital for opening at 7.500 euros and documents confirming the payment for the rental of premises and insurance. This will be your share capital paid into a bank deposit. This money you can then spend on the needs of the company and the payment of salaries. The cost of bank account management costs in Slovenia today is minimal - 10 euros per month.
Registration of LLC is carried out in the state-owned AJPES for free, you can register the company and by proxy with a notary. Applying for a residence permit is the next step after successful registration of an LLC. Initially, you will receive a residence permit only for a year and then you will renew it for five years, after which you will have no obstacles for obtaining permanent residence.
The process of considering of documents for the opening a company is very fast, maximum 5 days.

Advantages of opening a company in Slovenia:

  • Owning a company does not require a permanent stay in the country, however, there is no need to be absent for more than six months in a row or nine months a year: this is fraught with a deprivation of a residence permit or zeroing of the period of permanent residence required for permanent residence;
  • There are no job creation requirements for the local population: you can open a small business whose employees are your family.
Reunification of a residence permit in Slovenia with a family By choosing one of the two options for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia - by entering a university or starting a business - you start the process of preparing documents only for yourself. The application does not need to include family members - they will receive a residence permit automatically, however, after you live in the country for a year (the first year of a residence permit) and then apply for an extension for the next (second) year.
Acquisition of a property or departure to work can be the basis for obtaining a residence permit only in some cases. Real estate in Slovenia is still being sold only to legal entities - and the owner of the company must acquire an object worth from 50 thousand euros (instead of the building, valuable movable property can be bought for business activities).
The company, the owner who does not buy real estate, should work in Slovenia for more than 5 months, having a turnover of 60 000, the balance of income and expenses - from 4 000euros.
However, in Slovenia, the cost of real estate is much cheaper than in other European countries, and the owner of the real estate acquired for the company automatically receives a residence permit. In the case of going to work, the entire documentary process of employment is conducted by the employer, and only with his application and the permission of the administrative authorities will it be possible to initiate an application for a residence permit through the Slovenian consulate.
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