The attractiveness of Estonia for movement is due to the entry of this state into the EU and the Schengen zone, as well as the favorable location of the country on the Baltic coast.

The residence permit in Estonia

In addition, the country has a favorable investment climate and has a transparent tax system. It is also important that a significant part of the population speaks Russian, and more than half of the country's inhabitants can communicate in English, so the presence of a language barrier will not be a problem.
The need for a residence permit exists for those citizens who plan to stay in the state for a long time (more than three months) or have chosen Estonia as a country for permanent residence with the prospect of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship. Attention should be paid to the fact that in the state there are quotas for issuing a residence permit to foreign citizens.


Despite some difficulties in obtaining a residence permit (especially for residents of countries outside the European Union), the advantages of this status are much greater than the possible difficulties. Thus, the Estonian residence permit provides for its owner the following benefits:
  • the right to visa-free entry into the countries of the Schengen zone;
  • the possibility of living in a safe country with a good environmental situation;
  • access to education in Europe;
  • simplified visa regime with many countries (for example, with Canada);
  • access to social programs.



The issuance of a residence permit in Estonia is carried out if a foreign citizen has one of the following reasons:
  • doing business in the country;
  • Employment in the Republic of Estonia;
  • family reunification;
  • training in Estonian educational institutions;
  • the presence of outstanding achievements in the field of art, sports, etc .;
  • scientific activity;
  • the presence of legal income outside the Republic of Estonia, which can ensure the residence of a foreigner in the country;
  • refugee
Attention should be paid to an important point: the acquisition of real estate in the country does not automatically provide a residence permit. So, consider the most popular ways of obtaining a residence permit in Estonia.


The residence permit in Estonia

The basis for obtaining a residence permit is both the registration of a company and an investment in an already operating business. The advantage of this option is that in Estonia there are practically no restrictions on the implementation of business activities by foreigners. In addition, attractive conditions have been created in the country for entrepreneurs, including various benefits, an optimal tax system, etc.
The process of registering a new company is also not difficult: you will need to get a special ID card, after which it will be possible to complete all the necessary formalities in three days. However, to provide a residence permit only the registration of the company is not enough: the applicant will also need to invest a certain amount in the development of their own business.


Employment is considered one of the easiest ways to obtain a residence permit, but in practice it is not easy for a foreign citizen to find a suitable job. Foreigners can rely on vacancies that require high qualifications, as well as to work that does not imply that the applicant has special skills.
To obtain a residence permit you need to conclude an employment contract with the employer. The place of work should be an Estonian company, which is listed in a special register of commercial structures. The presence of confirmation from the employer is not the only condition for issuing a residence permit: the applicant must also have an income not lower than the established minimum. The requirement for the amount of income does not apply to persons who have the status of leader, partner or work as part of the audit committee.


Getting education in Estonian educational institutions is quite popular among foreigners: having a diploma from an Estonian university will significantly increase the chances of employment in the EU countries. For students available design of a residence permit for a simplified procedure. The main condition is the existence of a contract with an educational organization and the receipt of an official invitation. The advantage of a student residence permit is also the possibility of legal employment during its period of validity.


A residence permit may be granted to close relatives of both citizens of the Republic of Estonia and relatives of foreigners temporarily or permanently residing in its territory. As applicants may be children who have not attained the age of majority; spouse; adult children who cannot live separately for medical reasons; persons who are under the guardianship of an Estonian citizen or a foreigner residing in the Republic of Estonia. In addition, relocation of foreign citizens who, due to their age or state of health, require care, is allowed to their children and grandchildren.


The specific list of documents depends on the basis for granting the status, but, as a rule, the package of documents necessarily includes:
  • the application, which is filled by the applicant;
  • international passport;
  • confirmation of the financial viability of the applicant;
  • medical insurance;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • photo;
  • receipt of payment of state duty.
In addition, the applicant is obliged to provide proof of his grounds for issuing a residence permit. A certificate of enrollment in an Estonian educational institution, a marriage certificate, etc. can be used as such evidence. Documents are submitted at the consulate, which is located in the foreign citizen’s home country, or at the Police and Border Guard Board in the Republic of Estonia. As a rule, the term of consideration of documents does not exceed 2 months. After making a positive decision and arriving in the country, a foreign citizen is obliged to register at the place of residence in the territory of the Republic of Estonia. The period of validity of the first residence permit can be from one to two years with the right of a subsequent extension to five years.


The possibility of registration of permanent residence arises after five years of residence in the country. Permanent residence is issued for three years. Apply for citizenship after eight years of residence in the country. An applicant for citizenship is required to pass an examination on the knowledge of the state language, as well as pass an examination on the knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia (this requirement does not apply to foreigners who received education in Estonia). Despite the fact that the purchase of real estate is not a reason for issuing a residence permit, in granting citizenship, if an applicant has a real estate in the country it will be a plus.
Thus, Estonia is considered to be one of the best options for moving to Europe and subsequent obtaining permanent residence and citizenship. The country was able to successfully overcome the crisis, and is currently experiencing a period of active development. Thanks to this, the Republic of Estonia has created favorable conditions for doing business, and the high level of social protection and good ecology make living in the country as comfortable as possible.
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