Greece has always been associated with a rich history, excellent cuisine and good beaches. However, for many people this is a southern European country - not only a popular tourist destination, but also one of the best options for moving to Europe.
The first step for those who are planning to immigrate to the Hellenic Republic is to register a residence permit.


The residence permit in Greece

In the Hellenic Republic there are several migration programs that differ in the requirements for applicants and the conditions for granting a residence permit. So, obtaining this status is available for the following reasons:
  • business immigration;
  • acquisition a property;
  • education in Greek institutions;
  • family reunification;
  • employment in the Hellenic Republic;
  • investment in the Greek economy;
  • residence permit for financially independent persons; Residence permit for refugees.


Doing business in Greece is among the most accessible ways to obtain status: in the conditions of the economic crisis, the country needs foreign capital inflows and the creation of new jobs, so the risk of refusing to issue a residence permit when applying for this basis is minimal. For registration of the company will require the availability of share capital. You should also consider the cost of paperwork and the organization of the company (office, workplace employees, etc.).


Acquisition of real estate is another affordable way of immigration for citizens who have enough money to buy a house, villa or apartment in any part of the country, including islands. It is necessary to pay attention to one important point - the cost of the acquired property should not be lower than 250 thousand euros. The advantages of this option include the automatic provision of a residence permit to the owner of the property and members of his family, and the presence of real estate and status does not impose obligations for permanent residence in the country.


A residence permit is available to all foreign students who have been enrolled in Greek schools. For its registration you will need to confirm the existence of this basis by a letter from the educational organization. The basis for issuing a residence permit can be not only a full course of study in any specialty, but also enrollment in the national language courses accredited by the Ministry of Education (as a rule, they are one year).


The program is suitable for applicants with relatives (parents, spouse, children) who live in Greece and are citizens of this country (or possess permanent residence). On this basis, a residence permit is obtained by persons who have officially entered into marriage with a citizen of the Hellenic Republic (a certificate of marriage will be required to be submitted to the appropriate authority). The application for citizenship of the spouse / spouse of a citizen of the country becomes possible after three years of living together.


The procedure for obtaining a residence permit on the basis of employment is one of the most complex. Difficulties often arise in finding a job: employers are obliged to employ, first of all, citizens of their country, then workers from the EU, and only after that - applicants from other states. The reason for issuing a residence permit is an invitation from the employer, but the process of hiring foreigners is very bureaucratic. However, this option has an advantage: the applicant does not need to have significant financial resources.


Investments in the Greek economy allow you to get a residence permit for a period of two years, after which it can be extended. It should be noted that the design of a residence permit on this basis has a number of features: for example, the amount of investments must be at least 300 thousand euros (you can invest in a local business or in the development of a project), and the decision on granting the status is carried out by two departments - The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


The residence permit in Greece

A residence permit on this basis will suit almost any category of citizens (including families with children and pensioners) who can confirm the existence of a stable income sufficient to live in the Hellenic Republic. As a source of income can be business activities in another country, interest on bank deposits, rental of real estate, etc. Acquiring your own home is not obligatory: a rented apartment, a house, etc. can act as a place of residence in the territory of the Hellenic Republic.


Greece is known for its fairly loyal attitude towards refugees who live on its territory legally. The condition for granting a residence permit is persecution of a person in his / her home country for political or religious reasons, as well as due to race. Submission of documents to the Police of foreigners is carried out after crossing the Greek border. After verifying the authenticity of the documents provided, they are handed over to the authorized Ministry, which makes a decision on issuing a residence permit. The residence permit for refugees is 6 months, after which it can be extended. In addition to the status itself, refugees can count on benefits, as well as assistance in finding housing and work.


The package of documents that must be provided by a foreign citizen applying for a residence permit varies depending on the method of obtaining it. However, as a rule, regardless of the basis, the list of necessary documents includes:
  • questionnaire;
  • photo;
  • original and copy of passport;
  • medical insurance;
  • certificate confirming the availability of sufficient financial resources;
  • conclusion of the medical commission;
  • certificate of no criminal record.
In most cases, the design of a residence permit involves two stages. On the first, the above-mentioned package of documents, together with confirmation of the presence of one of the grounds for granting the status, is submitted to the local consulate. At the second stage (after receiving a Greek visa) the applicant must visit Greece to obtain a residence permit. Previously, you also need to re-prepare the necessary documents, including a copy of a passport, income certificate, duplicate health insurance policy, photo and receipt of payment of state duty. Also, the applicant must pass the Greek Medical Commission and provide her opinion.


Living legally in the Hellenic Republic allows you to apply for permanent residence after five years. The applicant must attach proof of his stay in the country during the specified period to the written application, as well as report on the nature of his activity. It is possible to apply for citizenship after five years in the country on the basis of permanent residence, however, there are exceptions: for example, the period can be reduced for prominent artists, sports, etc., refugees and some other categories of applicants.
Thus, Greece can offer several options for obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens who have chosen this country as their place of permanent residence. The granting of this status ensures visa-free entry into the countries of the Schengen zone, access to quality medicine and education, favorable conditions for the whole family, as well as ample opportunities for the implementation of business projects.
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