Lithuania is among the most accessible for relocation countries of the European Union. Having a residence permit for this small country makes it possible to enjoy all the advantages of European residency, including unhindered entry into the Schengen countries, doing business in favorable conditions, purchasing real estate in Europe, etc.
In the context of tougher requirements for migrants in European countries that are popular for relocation (including Germany and France), the Republic of Lithuania may become a promising destination for representatives from different countries.


The residence permit in Lithuania

The possibility of obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit exists for various categories of foreign citizens. You can apply for this status if you have one of the following reasons:
  • run business in the country;
  • employment;
  • family reunification or marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • education;
  • repatriation;
  • long-term treatment;
  • research activities;
  • custody of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania; political refugee.
Consider the features of obtaining a residence permit for various reasons.


Business implementation is considered the most affordable way to get a residence permit. To be granted this status, you will need to register a company and prepare a series of documents. The condition for issuing a residence permit is the work of the company for six months, as well as the employment of at least 3 local residents. It should be noted that the Lithuanian authorities have a positive attitude to the development of business by foreign entrepreneurs and help attract foreign investment. Popular areas include agriculture, industry and information technology.


In general, a residence permit on the basis of employment is one of the most simple options for obtaining this status, but problems may arise with finding a job. According to the existing system, a foreigner may be employed in a vacant place if a candidate from among citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and representatives from other EU countries was not found within a month after placing a vacancy. To obtain a residence permit you will need to provide proof of employment with the employer. Among the most sought-after employees are engineers, representatives from the medical and agricultural fields, builders and drivers.


The higher education received in Lithuanian educational institutions allows to find a job not only in Lithuania, but also in other EU countries. For admission to the university will require a certificate of secondary education. In some educational institutions there are programs that are taught in English or Russian. As confirmation for the provision of a residence permit are the documents from the school, indicating the enrollment of the applicant on the course.


Reception of status on the basis of kinship is available for the spouse of an alien living in Lithuania, as well as for children and parents. Foreigners who have entered into a formal marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania can also issue a residence permit. The relocation of pensioners to the Republic of Lithuania and the granting of a residence permit to them is possible if there is a financial opportunity to provide accommodation in the country.


The residence permit in Lithuania

One of the options for obtaining a residence permit is repatriation. In accordance with this program, the applicant must document his ethnic affiliation with the Republic of Lithuania. If there is documentary evidence, the process of issuing a residence permit is practically no problem.
Another way to obtain a residence permit is to undergo treatment in a Lithuanian medical institution. It should be noted that a residence permit is provided if necessary, long-term treatment. As evidence, the applicant must provide medical records.
Also, the providing of a Lithuanian residence permit is available to foreign scientists and researchers who are planning to work in Lithuanian scientific organizations. It is possible to obtain a residence permit if there are documents from a scientific institution that attracts a foreign citizen to research activities.
Among the grounds for issuing a residence permit is the execution of guardianship for a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania. In this case, the foreign citizen must confirm that he has the authority for guardianship by an appropriate court decision or provide proof of kinship ties.
The basis for granting a residence permit is also a political refugee. As in a number of other countries, in Lithuania there is the possibility of obtaining refugee status in case of persecution in the home country.


To obtain a residence permit will need to prepare the necessary documents. The mandatory list includes:
  • application filed by the applicant;
  • passport and its copies;
  • photo;
  • receipt confirming payment of state duty;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • documents confirming the applicant's compliance with one of the categories of foreigners for whom a residence permit is available (certificate from educational institution, labor contract, etc.).
As a rule, documents for obtaining a residence permit are submitted to the consulate located in the applicant's home country. The decision is made by the Department of Migration. In accordance with the current rules, the procedure for a residence permit takes from 2-3 months to six months.


Refusal to issue a residence permit is possible in case of a violation by a foreign citizen of the current legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as customs and immigration rules. In addition, the reason for refusal may be the presence of tax arrears.


The duration of the first residence permit is one year. In the future, its extension is allowed (up to five years). After the expiration of the five-year period, the alien has the right to apply for permanent residence. Citizenship becomes possible after ten years of residence in the country. An important point: the applicant for citizenship should be no violation of the law. In addition, the condition for granting citizenship is the passing of the exam on the knowledge of the language and history of the country.
So, obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania is an excellent opportunity for a legal move to Europe for representatives of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Despite the fact that today the Republic of Lithuania is not among the leaders among European countries in terms of the standard of living, in Lithuania optimal conditions have been created for the stable development of the state and economic growth. Obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit will provide the opportunity to live in a country within the European Union and the Schengen zone.
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