Grenada, like other Caribbean countries, provides citizenship for sale, you only need to invest in the economy of this country a certain amount of money.


It is an amazing and exotic state consisting of 3 islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petit-Martinique. In 1498, these islands were discovered by Columbus, and the Spaniards became the first European settlers, then the French and the British. Until 1974, Grenada was ruled by the British, but declared its independence. Today, the country has a fairly stable environment in all areas necessary for a prosperous life. This confirms the high standard of living of people in this state.
Every year, tourists from all over the world come to the resorts of Grenada. After all, there are many beautiful sandy beaches, tropical forests and mountains. Some foreign wealthy citizens want to obtain citizenship, which gives certain advantages. Already, many citizens of different countries took the opportunity and received a second citizenship by investing in the development of the economy of Grenada. It became possible to buy citizenship after 2013, after we launched a program that was quite popular due to its reliability and availability among citizens of various countries.
Today there are no special difficulties with how to get to this exotic island. The country has three airports, the largest one is named after Maurice Bishop. Flights from the USA, Canada arrive here. England and Venezuela. Also in the country there is a fairly large port - Port Louis, which accepts both small and large yachts, as well as ferry services with other countries in the Caribbean. The port has a migration service and customs.


Grenada, according to Wikipedia, provides citizenship in several cases:
  1. A child is born on the territory of the state, regardless of what citizenship the parents have. The exception is only if the child is born from some diplomatic representatives.
  2. A child born of a parent who is a citizen of Grenada. And it does not matter in which country the child was born.
  3. Marriage to a citizen or citizen of Grenada.
  4. Through naturalization. For this, it is necessary for citizens of non-Caribbean countries to live in the country for more than 8 years, and for citizens of the Caribbean countries, 4 years.
  5. Getting a passport by investing in the economy of the country. It became possible to renew the program of economic citizenship in 2013; almost any foreign citizen can apply for Grenada citizenship under certain conditions.
Citizenship of Grenada is governed by the 1973 Constitutional Decree of Grenada. There are also grounds for loss of citizenship. The first option implies a voluntary refusal, the second implies deprivation of citizenship, but only of individuals naturalized or received citizenship by registration.
If you want to get Grenada citizenship, our company will help you to issue a second passport quickly and securely. How much is the citizenship of Grenada and other, interesting questions will be answered by our experts.
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