Yachting in the Caribbean is absolute freedom, romance of piracy and unique nature. Traveling on a yacht will allow you to see the forgotten white beaches and beautiful tropical landscapes, to get acquainted with the colonial past of the islands and the original locals.
The Caribbean can offer a huge number of routes: in this region there are many inhabited and uninhabited islands, so everyone can find the perfect direction. The advantage of yachting in the Caribbean is the ability to combine it with other types of recreation and numerous entertainments - diving, sea fishing, acquaintance with local cuisine, etc.
A mild and comfortable climate provides conditions for year-round yachting, however, you must take into account the season of tropical cyclones (the probability of their occurrence is high from June to November). The best and safest period for traveling on a yacht lasts from November to May, and the peak season is during the New Year holidays. Thus, the Caribbean is the ideal destination for yachting after the end of the European season (it is the Caribbean that the megayachts go to spend the winter). As a rule, the marina is on every large island, but, with the exception of large bases, moorings for yachts are rare. The Caribbean is a tidal area, so most of the marinas are in the muring.



About sixty islands belong to the archipelago, so the British Virgin Islands are traditionally considered to be one of the most popular places for yachting in the Caribbean. The islands are characterized by steady breezes, calm crystal clear waters and sandy beaches: it is not by chance that the archipelago is called “a paradise for sailors”. The British Virgin Islands allow you to explore the underwater world with its corals and reefs, admire the beautiful sunsets, discover uncharted coves and enjoy exotic cuisine.
High season falls in December-April. In May and June, the influx of travelers subsides, and the conditions for yachting remain ideal. The greatest likelihood of occurrence of hurricanes exists in September and October.


Saint Martin, which is often called the “Friendly Island”, combines two different cultures, since the island unites two different nations - the Dutch and the French. Thanks to this every yachtsman will find suitable entertainment for himself. The French side is elegant restaurants, luxury hotels and a relaxed atmosphere, and the Dutch side - many nightclubs and casinos. The island has more than three dozen beaches, and there are all possibilities for hiking and scuba diving. Saint-Martin is perfect for beginners as well as experienced sailors.


Martinique combines one large island and many small ones. Here, travelers expect magnificent beaches, unique tropical nature and one active volcano. Choosing Martinique as a starting point for a trip on a yacht, you can sail both in the Caribbean and in the Atlantic. Novice sailors are advised to give preference to the Caribbean Sea, but care must be taken: there are many coral reefs in its waters.
The ideal time for yachting is from December to April, but interesting events for lovers of yachting and sea travel take place all year round.


Antigua and Barbuda belong to the Southern Caribbean. The islands are a great place for those travelers who love adventure. A trip on a yacht along the coast can be varied with a helicopter tour and a jeep safari, as well as an excursion to the caves. In addition, the islands can offer year-round recreation on superb beaches.


Cuba has always been associated with palm trees, rum and cigars, but the magnificent coastline of this island creates excellent conditions for yachting. Like other Caribbean islands, Cuba can offer yachtsmen not only amazing landscapes, magnificent beaches, opportunities for windsurfing and scuba diving, but also a rich culture that rarely leaves anyone indifferent.
The island offers yachtsmen services of numerous marinas. Trade winds blow in Cuba all year round, so traveling on a yacht is possible almost throughout the year.



This area is traditionally considered one of the most popular places among sailing fans. Saint Vincent can be the starting point of the trip: it is he who is the largest island of this group. Saint Vincent is known for its unique botanical gardens and active volcano, which is certainly worth seeing. The required point of the route are Tobago Reefs, which are a group of 5 uninhabited islands. Reefs invariably attract snorkeling fans. Quiet beaches and beautiful landscapes can be found on the islands of Union and Mustique.
The best period to visit the islands lasts from December to April: at this particular time the weather conditions are most favorable for traveling on a yacht.


Grenada is located close to the equator and almost all year round is dominated by cooling trade winds, so the island is ideal for traveling on a yacht. It is often called the "Land of Spices": Grenada is indeed one of the largest producers of nutmeg, cocoa, ginger, etc. Exploring the island on a yacht guarantees unforgettable emotions: Grenada has amazing landscapes, volcanic beaches, sunken ships and tropical forests. Do not ignore the Underwater Sculpture Park, in which scuba diving can be one of the most vivid impressions.
The end of January - the beginning of February is the time of the Sailing Festival, which is worth a visit for every yachting fan.


Saint-Barth has consistently attracted wealthy travelers. This island is known for luxury hotels, great restaurants and great villas. The size of the port on St. Barts does not allow to take megayachts, however, most yachtsmen are not confused: they drop anchor in the bay. The coast can be reached by tenders.



The Bahamas are an archipelago of over 700 islands. Despite the fact that the Bahamas are located in the Atlantic Ocean, they are traditionally referred to as the Eastern Caribbean. The ideal starting point for a trip on a yacht is Abaco Island, which attracts yachtsmen with excellent anchorages and gentle trade winds. In addition, Abaco is known for its magnificent beaches.
The Bahamas can offer an incredible amount of entertainment - from water sports adventures to gastronomic tourism and historical sights. Fans of fishing should not be overlooked the islands of Bimini and Andros, and those who like to watch the life of animals should definitely visit Inagua. The best islands for diving are Eleuthera and Abacos.
Thus, yachting in the Caribbean will allow you to experience the delight of the explorers of uncharted islands and get an unforgettable experience: the Caribbean can amaze even the most sophisticated sailors with its beauty and originality. Mountains and tropical forests, waterfalls and volcanoes, pristine beaches and Caribbean national cuisine - a trip on a yacht makes it possible to visit the most interesting and unexplored places of the Caribbean islands.


If you are going to be in the Caribbean, then you need to think in advance about having a visa to stay in the ports and territorial waters. If you plan to stay more than 90 days or even permanently - you should become a citizen so that you do not have problems about the duration of your stay in certain waters or in the ports for the winter.
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