Realty Grenada #35

Part of Silversands Grenada | Price: 350 000 USD

Size: 35 m2

Real estate in Grenada - Investment project

Share Price: $ 350,000

Silversands Grenada is a hotel located in the capital of Grenada, St. George's. The main sights of the city are within walking distance from the object. The place attracts tourists from all over the world with its luxury and elegance.

Real estate in Grenada is very popular. In addition to the opportunity to receive passive income, the owner of the property can obtain the citizenship of the country. The advantages of citizenship of Grenada are the tax system, a simplified system for obtaining a visa to the United States and visa-free access to a number of countries. And the main thing is the fascinating nature and the possibility of a comfortable stay.

Characteristics of the resort

The hotel contains 43 rooms,
4 villas located by the sea,
4 villas on a hillside,
Spa center for hotel guests, fitness center,
Access to various water sports (jet skiing, swimming, diving, etc.),
2 restaurants on site,
Accommodation rates include: breakfast, free Wi-Fi and parking,
Territory security and room service,
Private airport transfers,
Beach lounge.
A true paradise on earth

It may seem to you that there is nothing interesting in the world anymore, but this is not so. Grenada can surprise even the most experienced tourist. This place is unlike any other, its diversity and contrast will enchant anyone.

Grenada is known to many as the "Island of Spices", as the country is engaged in the production of nutmeg. Wild tropics, followed by calm landscapes, sounds of cicadas in complete silence of the night, strong aroma of fruits and flowers ... The rich history of the island affected its people: the colonial past under the rule of France and Britain, the African roots of the first settlers.

Spice Island will surprise you with its varied cuisine. One of the region's traditions is Creole cuisine, a mixture of French, Spanish and Indian dishes. Despite its many ancient traditions, Grenada is rapidly developing and becoming even more attractive for travel.

Here you will find yourself

Absolutely each of us needs a place where he will be pleasant and comfortable. Breathtaking landscapes, scents and endless sandy shores ...

Feature of the object

The main task of the project was to create spacious and comfortable rooms for families or a group of friends. Grenada surprises with its diversity, as does the Silversands Grenada. There is a place for both active and passive recreation of any tourist. But the main thing is calmness and convenience, which will allow you to have a good time and take a break from the bustle of the city.

Lux-rooms of the object

All hotel rooms have their own characteristics: some of the rooms overlook the sea, others - on the magnificent hotel garden. Rooms are over 60 square meters and have a spacious balcony or terrace. The hotel has all the necessary equipment (TV, hairdryer, kitchen appliances, etc.), security and personal room service.

Beachfront villas with sea views
The owner of the villa has a private swimming pool, spacious kitchen and buffet. The terrace has a table and sun loungers to sit and relax in the fresh air.

The room is connected to the smart home system, high-speed Internet is available throughout the territory. The hotel has all the necessary equipment for a wonderful stay, as well as the opportunity to contact the hotel staff for help around the clock.

Suite room with garden view

Room area - 63 sq. m.

A pleasant view from the window from the very morning charges with energy and good mood. View King rooms are built according to the open-plan system: the bedroom and the hall are located on the ground floor, and the area of ​​the room is enough for two adults with a child. The property is located close to various recreational areas where guests can go to have a good time.

Deluxe room with garden view

Room area - 66 sq. m.

One of the advantages of an open-plan room is that the sun's rays reach the entire area. The lush garden next to the hotel is visible from the terrace and other areas of the room. The main thing in the suites is space and comfort. All residents of the room can spend time in silence, going about their business, and in the evening sit together on the terrace with a beautiful view.

Oceanfront King Hotel

Room area - 63 sq. m. Located on the second floor.

The hotel complex is located in a very colorful area of ​​the region. The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens with exotic plants and water. Enchanting landscapes are striking in their diversity, the endless Caribbean Sea calms and sets you on the right wave. The room features a large bed and ocean view. A family with a child can settle here and there is enough space for everyone.

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  • Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago


  • Saint George's


  • UTC -4

Total area

  • 344 sq. km

Age demographics

  • 0-14: 24.5%, 15-24: 16.5%, 25-54: 40.3%, 55-64: 9.2%, 65+: 9.2%


  • English (official), French patois


  • Roman Catholic 53%, Anglican 13.8%, other Protestant 33.2%

Goverment type

  • Parliamentary democracy and Commonwealth realm


  • East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD