Realty Slovenia #57

Vineyard + 5% Annual Income for 10 Years | Price: 50 000 EUR

Size: 3600 m2

Vineyard + 5% Annual Income for 10 Years

A Unique Vineyard For Sale With Its Subsequent Lease.

Vineyard Locations: Slovenia, Vinski Vrh

Vineyard area: 3600 sq.m.

Total number of vines: 880 pcs.

Distribution of Vine Varieties: 800 pcs. Tramini + 80 pcs. Muscat

When the Vineyard is sold, a contract is signed for its lease for a period of 10 years. The buyer will receive 5% of the value of the Vineyard annually once a year, that is, in this case, 2500 Euros per year. Payments are made annually, after the expiration of each calendar year.

To purchase a vineyard, you must have: a company in Slovenia or any other country of the European Union or Citizenship of one of the countries of the European Union. If necessary, we are ready to help register a new company in Slovenia and by investing 50,000 Euros in the Vineyard we will help to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) in the Country.

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Programs of residence permit, permanent residence and second citizenship

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  • Prealpine part of the Balkan Peninsula


  • Ljubljana


  • UTC +1

Total area

  • 20273 sq. km


  • Slovenian (official), Italian, Hungarian


  • Secular state

Goverment type

  • Parliamentary republic


  • Euro (EUR)