Citizenship of Saint Lucia and Passport of Saint Lucia

Through investment

Saint Lucia has inherited decades of experience from its Caribbean neighbors. By hand-picking only the best practices, the Citizenship by Investment Board is committed to making the program the most efficient for investors, while providing unmatched benefits for the country and its people.

Advantages of citizenship of Saint Lucia

Advantages of citizenship of Saint Lucia:

  • perhaps dual citizenship;
  • do not need to reside in the country;
  • there is no tax on global income;
  • no need to go to the country to apply;
  • no need to go through an interview;
  • there is no requirement to education;
  • visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.
  • Request processed within 3 months, even if there are dependent children under 25 years of age;
  • you can include dependent parents who are over 65 years of age;
  • you can include physically or mentally disputed children/parents;
  • passport issued within 2 months;
  • great country for permanent residence.

Options citizenship of Saint Lucia

Options citizenship of Saint Lucia:

  1. A non-refundable contribution to the Fund for the development of state Saint Lucia:
  • $100 thousand - the main applicant;
  • $140 thousand-the main applicant and wife/husband;
  • $150 thousand-principal applicant with my wife and two children;
  • $25 thousand-each additional dependent.

     2.  Investing in real estate:

Purchase of property for $200 thousand or more in approved real estate development projects. Purchase must be owned by at least 5 years. Registration, processing fees and taxes are paid separately.

    3. Investments in business:

The applicant must invest at least $3.5 million in an approved business project and create three jobs at a minimum. Two applicants are entitled to divide a contribution of $6 million and organize six jobs. Approved business projects should fall into the following categories: restaurants, cruise docks and ports, agricultural factories, pharmaceutical companies, bridges, highways and roads, research organizations and facilities, marine universities.

     4. Government Bond Option
Introduction of the Government National Action Bond (“NAB”) Option as a qualifying investment option for the grant of Saint Lucia citizenship.

An applicant and qualifying dependants of any number may opt for the Government Bond option at US $300,000. The bond is non-interest bearing with a holding period of five (5) years.

A one-time administrative fee is payable upon the grant of citizenship is applicable - US $50,000.

The cost of checking for a criminal past

The cost of checking for a criminal past:

  • $7.5 thousand-the main applicant;
  • $5 thousand - children from 16 years.


Contributing to the National Development Fund and government bonds:

  • $2 thousand, the main applicant;
  • $1 thousand each additional dependent.

Investing in real estate:

  • $50 thousand, the main applicant;
  • $35thousand the wife/husband and adult children;
  • $25 thousand minors.


The pros and cons of acquiring the citizenship of Saint Lucia:

The passport of Saint Lucia gives the right to its immediate holder, who obtained citizenship through investment, as well as to financially dependent members of his family under the age of 25, and parents who have crossed the age limit at 65, all the advantages enjoyed by born citizens of the country.

It is worth to note that the undoubted advantage is the fact that obtaining citizenship of this country does not imply a compulsory procedure for an interview and an exam for proficiency in the state language. In addition, it is not necessary to live there permanently, and it is possible in parallel to retain the previous citizenship. Citizenship status can be inherited by children. Saint Lucia's passport exempts from tax on foreign income, inheritance, and donation, allows visa-free entry to 130 states, and allows you to receive income from rent and capital gains.

The process of obtaining citizenship in St Lucia:

The process of obtaining citizenship in Saint Lucia is one of the fastest and easiest options. As a rule, the approval procedure takes no more than 2-3 months, and the applicants for obtaining a passport are not required to undergo an interview. In addition, it is possible to become a citizen of this island state without knowing the state language.

The main stages of obtaining citizenship:

The preparation of the documents.

To apply for citizenship, you will need to fill out official forms (they are filled out by the main applicant and dependents), and also receive a certificate of no criminal record and a number of other supporting documents. All documents must be properly executed. In addition, to file an application, the applicant and the dependents must undergo a medical examination and obtain a medical opinion. All documents are submitted in English.

Filing of documents.

A package of documents is submitted to the Citizenship Division for investment. Currently, the interview requirement has been canceled. At this stage, there is a payment of the administrative fee, as well as a fee for checking for reliability.


After the submission of documents, the official authorities of Saint Lucia conduct a thorough check, during which they examine the accuracy of the information provided and the credibility of the applicant. In general, the verification procedure includes three components. Thus, a preliminary check is first conducted, which involves an analysis of the risks of granting citizenship to the applicant. During the preliminary check, the guarantee is provided for the integrity of the applicant. Then held due diligence. Due diligence is to conduct external and internal reliability checks. In the Due Diligence process, the official authorities of Saint Lucia interact with experts from non-state independent companies, in particular, with detectives who check the sanctions lists and study the information obtained through various channels. It also analyzes the documents confirming the legal origin of the invested funds. The third component of the test is the study of the applicant's biography, which is performed to determine the accuracy of the information provided about the identity of the applicant for citizenship of Saint Lucia. The Minister makes the final decision on the results of the audit. Information about the decision is sent to the applicant.

The implementation of the investment.

The investment takes place after successfully passing the test. The investment is made in accordance with the selected option. It is necessary to make investments within 60 days from the moment of approval of the application.

Taking the oath. Since January 2017, the procedure has been simplified: successful applicants are no longer required to personally attend the taking of the oath in the country, the embassy or consulate of St. Lucia, and also in the office of the high commissioner. Taking the oath may occur in the framework of the procedure, which is carried out with the participation of a lawyer or a notary (they must be accredited in Saint Lucia) or with the participation of an honorary consul or consular officer. After taking the oath, the applicant receives a certificate of registration (this document acts as proof of receipt of citizenship).

Obtaining of passport.

The applicant and dependents submit applying for a passport after granting citizenship. Citizenship guarantees the possession of all the rights of a citizen of Saint Lucia and obliges to obey the laws of this state.


Legislative Framework for Citizenship of Saint Lucia:


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Can I count on any advantages when applying for a visa to the United States after obtaining the citizenship of Saint Lucia?

Citizens of Saint Lucia are issued long-term visas to the United States and Canada (a visa is issued for ten years).

According to information from the Internet, you must take an oath to obtain the citizenship of Saint Lucia. Does this mean that you still have to visit the country?

No, according to the current rules, there is no need to visit the country to take the oath. This procedure can be carried out with the participation of a consular officer, notary, lawyer or honorary consul outside Saint Lucia.

Is buying real estate in Saint Lucia the only option for obtaining citizenship?

The Saint Lucia Program provides several options for obtaining citizenship, and investing in buying real estate is just one of them. To obtain a passport of this state, it is also possible to make a contribution to the state development fund (the contribution is irrevocable), to invest in a business project or in government bonds.

To obtain citizenship of some countries, you need to know the state language. Does this requirement apply to Saint Lucia as well?

No, the applicant is not required to confirm the knowledge of the state language of the country. The absence of requirements for knowledge of the state language is another advantage of the program.

What are the conditions for entry to Switzerland for Saint Lucia passport holders?

Since Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Agreement, citizens of Saint Lucia can visit the country without a visa.

Will the process of obtaining a second Saint Lucia passport take a long time? And how is citizenship obtained in general?

Obtaining the citizenship of Saint Lucia is one of the fastest options: as a rule, the whole process takes no more than two to three months. To obtain a second passport, you need to prepare the necessary documents (fill out official forms, get a certificate of no criminal record, etc.). Also, both the main applicant and dependents must provide a medical certificate (to obtain one, you will need to undergo a medical examination). Then the documents are submitted to the appropriate department. Next, the applicant is verified (it includes three components preliminary verification, Due Diligence and biography research). In case of a positive passing of the verification, the applicant must make an investment and take an oath. After taking the oath, the Certificate of Registration and Passport are issued (the application for its issuance is submitted by the main applicant and dependents).

We plan to obtain the citizenship of Saint Lucia by investing in the purchase of real estate. Will it be possible to sell this property in the future?

One of the conditions for the issuance of citizenship is the ownership of the acquired real estate for a specified period of 5 years.

What are the most attractive areas for investment in Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia can offer a fairly wide range of investment options. The most promising areas include the construction of roads, bridges and ports, the agricultural industry (agricultural processing), the entertainment industry and scientific research.

Does obtaining the citizenship of Saint Lucia impose the obligation of permanent residence in the country?

The conditions of the program do not oblige the passport holder to reside or stay in the country for any period. If there is a desire or need, stay in the country is possible for an unlimited time.

Is Saint Lucia suitable for permanent residence for the whole family after obtaining citizenship? Or is this option only for those who want to get a second passport and do not plan to move?

Saint Lucia can offer excellent living conditions for the whole family: the country is known for a favorable climate and a comfortable social environment. Saint Lucia has all the necessary infrastructure and a high level of security for citizens.

One of the advantages of a Saint Lucia passport is the ability to freely visit numerous countries. And under what conditions can you enter the Schengen countries, for example, Greece?

You do not need a visa to visit the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement. Their territory can be entered for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This rule applies to both Greece and other Schengen countries.

Are there any tax benefits for entrepreneurs after acquiring Saint Lucia citizenship?

Saint Lucia generally has a favorable tax policy for both entrepreneurs and individuals: tax incentives provide an effective optimization of the tax burden. The VAT rate is 15%. Separate benefits are provided for the hotel business: the VAT rate for this type of business is 8%.

What about confidentiality when getting a second Saint Lucia passport? Do you need to be afraid of information disclosure?

Information on the registration of citizenship is not subject to disclosure: the new citizens of Saint Lucia are guaranteed complete confidentiality of information.

In addition to the funds for the purchase of real estate to obtain the citizenship of Saint Lucia (when choosing this investment option), will there be any other costs to be paid?

Acquisition of real estate involves the payment of a state fee: its amount is 50 thousand US dollars for the main applicant and 35 thousand US dollars for the spouse and children who have reached the age of majority. For minor children, the amount of the state duty is slightly lower USD 25 thousand. A criminal background check is also paid.

Does the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program allow entrepreneurs to get a second passport?

One of the options for obtaining citizenship is investing in business. However, it should be noted that investments should be made only in those business projects that are included in the list approved by the government. The amount of investment is at least 3.5 million US dollars. Also, the applicant must create at least three jobs.

Does the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program provide for dual citizenship?

Yes, obtaining the citizenship of Saint Lucia does not oblige you to renounce your existing citizenship (in particular, from the citizenship of your home country).

The procedure for obtaining citizenship of Saint Lucia involves Due Diligence. Can you learn more about how this check is carried out?

Due Diligence (or due diligence) includes internal and external due diligence activities. During the verification, information obtained from various sources is studied, as well as documents are analyzed that allow assessing the legality of the origin of funds that the applicant plans to invest in the country's economy. During this review, government officials work in conjunction with representatives of independent companies.

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