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Vanuatu is a small Pacific state consisting of 83 islands and located between New Zealand and Australia. The country's unique location far from world capitals makes it independent of from the main players in the political arena (Vanuatu gained independence in 1980). The undoubted advantages of the state are economic and political stability, a well-developed banking sector and a warm climate. Often, the country is called the “untouched paradise” of Oceania: here you can find many magnificent beaches, amazing scenery and interesting sights. Thanks to the optimal conditions for issuing a second passport, the program of acquiring the citizenship of this country for investments is becoming more and more popular.


Advantages citizenship Vanuatu:

  • favorable tax policy;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • the possibility of granting citizenship to persons who have been denied passports in other member States of the Caribbean region;
  • no need to visit the country for registration of citizenship;
  • provision of perpetual citizenship and the possibility of transmission by inheritance;
  • the inclusion of the passport in the list of 50 powerful passports in the world;
  • there is no requirement to reside in the country;
  • the minimum terms of consideration of the application;
  • the possibility of visa-free visits to many countries;
  • access opening accounts in international banks.


Options for obtaining citizenship Vanuatu:

Investment in National Development Fund

  • from $130 000 – a single applicant;
  • from $150 000 – two applicants;
  • from $165 000 - three applicants;
  • from $180 000 - four applicants.


The pros' citizenship Vanuatu:

The advantages of Vanuatu citizenship: 

Vanuatu is becoming increasingly popular as a country for obtaining a second passport, and for this, there are quite objective reasons. The main advantages of the program of this state include:

  • The optimal tax burden. The tax legislation of the state is notable for its loyalty: there is no corporate tax, no tax on capital gains or on income received outside the country. Also, not subject to tax inheritance. In addition, the country has low VAT rates;
  • The possibility of registration of passports for the whole family. Registration of a second passport is available not only for the main applicant, but also for members of his family, including his spouse; children who are not married, are on the support of parents and whose age does not exceed 25 years; parents (it is allowed to include in the application the parents of the main applicant and his spouse). Parents must be at least 65 years old;
  • Excellent conditions for permanent residence. A few years ago, Vanuatu became the leader of the world happiness rating, and today continues to be among the top five. In addition, the country is known for its favorable climate, good environmental conditions, low crime rates and comfortable social environment;
  • Guarantees of confidentiality. The country guarantees complete confidentiality when you make a second passport. The authorities of Vanuatu do not provide information about the persons who were granted the citizenship of this state to the relevant authorities of the country of the citizenship of the applicant;
  • No requirements for living in the country. Unlike many similar programs, obtaining a Vanuatu passport does not entail the need to reside in the country;
  • Favorable opportunities for entrepreneurs. The country has created favorable conditions for opening and running a business. If you want, you can even open your own bank. Good prospects for offshore business;
  • Record low terms of obtaining citizenship. The program of Vanuatu is characterized by minimal terms of granting citizenship compared to other similar programs. You can become holders of the passport of this country in 1-2 months. Thus, Vanuatu is an ideal option for those who urgently need to issue a second passport;
  • Unlimited citizenship. Granting the status of a citizen of this Pacific state has no expiration date: citizenship is indefinite. Only a passport will need to be renewed (this procedure must be completed every five years);
  • The possibility of visa-free visits to a numerous country. Holders of a Vanuatu passport can easily visit dozens of countries. In particular, visas will not be required for entry into the countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom, etc. For visiting the USA and Canada, passport holders can apply for long-term visas;
  • Loyalty check on reliability. The undoubted advantage of the Vanuatu program is the possibility of obtaining citizenship even in cases where the applicant was denied a passport in other countries of the Caribbean region. In matters of granting citizenship, the official authorities of this country consider only their own conclusions, and not information obtained from external sources (including from the authorities of other states);
  • Granting citizenship for bitcoins. The ability to get a second passport for bitcoins is a distinctive feature of the Vanuatu program. This country accepts cryptocurrency as an investment for citizenship (Vanuatu was the first state to offer such conditions to investors). According to the authorities, this measure will be able to increase the demand for the migration program.

Cons of citizenship of Vanuatu:

The Vanuatu program has virtually no flaws: it is not by chance that today it is considered the most optimal option for obtaining a second passport. The disadvantages include the need to confirm the legality of the origin of the invested funds (for this the applicant must prove that he has a business, confirm employment, etc.) and take the oath. However, to take the oath to come to the country is not necessary: this procedure can be passed at the consulates of the state, which are located in Brussels, Hong Kong, Lebanon.

The process of obtaining citizenship of Vanuatu:

So, the granting of citizenship of Vanuatu because of investment in the economy. For registration of the passport the applicant must pass several stages.

Important information for applicants

Submission of documents to the Committee for citizenship by accredited agents. When applying to a specialized company the process of registration of the passport for the applicant is simple.
Main stages of registration of citizenship

The process of obtaining a passport includes the following steps:

Step 1. Assessing the possibility of granting citizenship. Before applying for a passport applicant it is reported that he has or is not entitled to grant citizenship. To become a citizen of Vanuatu on an investment program, a person must be able to contribute the necessary funds to the country's economy and meet the established requirements.

Step 2. Preparation of a package of documents. Documents are submitted in accordance with the established requirements.

Step 3. Filling and filing the application. The application takes place with a package of documents. Submission of the application involves the application fee.

Step 4. Analysis of the application for the provision of a passport by state officials. Applications submitted are analyzed by representatives of the relevant government authorities of Vanuatu. Based on the results of the study, conclusions are made that applicants have the right to citizenship, filed a full package of documents and correctly filled out the application form.

Step 5. Evaluation of the investor's application. The assessment of applicants is handled by the Internal Citizenship Screening Committee. During this procedure, it is determined whether the applicant and the documents submitted correspond to the established requirements, after which the documents are transmitted for further consideration.

Step 6. Deciding on the application. The consideration and approval of applications for the granting of citizenship is carried out by the relevant Commission, to which documents are transferred from the Internal Screening Commission. If the applicant meets the established requirements, the ability to confirm the legality of the invested funds and the submission of a full package of documents, the Citizenship Commission decides whether the applicant should be granted this status.

Step 7. Issue to the applicant of the letter of the Commission on the decision. The letter is sent to the applicant within a week after the decision is taken. Also, the applicant is informed of the conditions for issuing a certificate of citizenship (the need to provide the correct data for inclusion in the Certificate, questions on the completion of the oath and the payment of the fee).

Step 8. Completion of the oath.

Step 9. Payment of the fee.

Step 10. The issuance of a Certificate of naturalization and passport. Passport production is carried out within two to four weeks.

The list of required documents

To apply for citizenship, the applicant must prepare the documents. In the set list includes:

  • passport of the applicant for participation in the program;
  • internal passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • photo: certificate of no criminal record (this document is for all adult applicants);
  • medical report;
  • certificate of registration of marriage (if necessary).

For dependent on the main applicant applicants are required to provide proof of financial dependence.


Legislative Framework for Vanuatu Citizenship:




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