Ranking of Countries by Living Standards 2020/2021
The United Nations traditionally publishes a rating of the standard of living in different states. Countries of all continents are assessed

The study covered 189 states, from which the top countries in terms of living standards were formed. Who and why took the first places and where the most comfortable country is located - we will tell you about this in detail.

The annual rating of the level of living of the population is compiled by experts within the framework of the United Nations Development Program. In fact, it is a whole international network of social institutions, whose responsibilities include fighting poverty, inequality, implementing measures for economic growth, tracking climate change and helping to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters. The expert community conducts research and analysis of statistical information that can indicate the standard of living in the world.

After careful processing, and this is what always causes a delay in the publication of the rating for a year, all the data obtained form the basis for calculating the human development index. This indicator demonstrates the level of social and financial development of the state, reflecting the state of affairs in the educational sphere, in health care and in the economy. This index was previously referred to as the “living standards index”.

Since 1990, a ranking of countries convenient for living has been compiled. It is worth noting that the reporting list for 2019, published in December 2020, for the first time reflected the indicators of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as the consumption of resources per person.

Let's look at what makes up the human development index, which is taken as the basis for ranking countries in terms of the degree of comfortable living. In the ranking table, this is a numerical value that ranges from 0 to 1. The best countries to live in have an index almost equal to one. A value far from one indicates a low standard of living in countries. The index of the environmental situation was calculated separately, and it did not affect the determination of the top countries in terms of living standards. In the presented rating of living standards in the countries of the world, the first three places were taken by European states: Norway (0.957), Ireland (0.955) and Switzerland (0.955), respectively. Of the countries from other continents, only Hong Kong (4th place) and Australia (8th place) are in the top ten countries for living.

The list of countries by standard of living takes into account the current data in three main areas. Population health statistics that show the average life expectancy. Education statistics that show the length of schooling for children and adults. Financial health statistics that record the distribution of the national product per capita.

In recent years, additional categories have been added to the main parameters, which determine the modern level of comfortable life. For example, already in the new century, statistics showing gender inequality began to be taken into account. Social dimensions have also been added to the big picture, which reveal multidimensional poverty.

The most important modern indicator of comfortable living has become “environmental pressure”. Rapid and significant climate change on the planet could not but affect the formation of factors of well-being. In regions with developed countries, society has to deal with extreme weather events no more than 20 days a year.

At the same time, in poor countries, people practically survive, fighting natural disasters for almost a third of the calendar period: this is from 100 days a year. In such a situation, there is simply no way to improve the standard of living in states that are geographically located at the epicenters of planetary disasters.

Summing up all indicators and all parameters, experts form a list of studied countries, which are divided into four subgroups by the value of the HDI index:

  1. Countries with a very high HDI - from 0.8 and above;
  2. States with a high HDI - from 0.7 to 0.8;
  3. States with an average HDI - 0.55 to 0.7;
  4. Countries with a low HDI up to 0.55.

At the same time, the human development index and the index, taking into account the state of the environment, are not the same for any country. Even the leader of the rating, Norway, which is prosperous in all respects, also has a negative impact on the environment. According to experts, states can improve the situation if they follow the terms of the Paris climate agreement. The UN intends to continue its fight against social inequality, and recommends that countries orient themselves in solving economic problems to innovative projects using modern technologies.

What can help you move to a high HDI country?

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A wide choice for visitors is provided by the Portuguese authorities, where, under the residence permit program, you can become an owner of real estate, invest in a business or fund, open a bank deposit, finance cultural projects or research projects. The minimum investment must not be less than 250 thousand euros.

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