Economic citizenship of Grenada - testimonials, the process
The program of obtaining citizenship for investment offered by Grenada is by far one of the most sought after options among Caribbean countries.


Loyal tax policy, visa-free travel, a comfortable climate and the most favorable conditions for investors - this is an incomplete list of advantages that distinguish the migration program of this island nation. Information on how to get Grenada citizenship, what it gives, as well as feedback on this program, you can find below.


The popularity of the migration program of this Caribbean country is explained not only by its availability to investors, but also by the undoubted advantages provided by the island’s passport for its owners:
  • unhindered entry into the territory of more than 100 countries (these include Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, China and the Schengen countries);
  • loyal tax system (citizens are exempt from a number of significant taxes);
  • attractive conditions for entrepreneurs; recognition of dual citizenship;
  • confidentiality guarantees;
  • lack of requirements for permanent residence on the island (neither before the granting of citizenship, nor after).


The current Grenada program provides several investment options. So, the applicant can use one of the following suggestions:
  • To invest in the Development Fund of the state (a contribution is irretrievable);
  • To acquire a real estate in the island.
Making a Grenada passport does not pose a problem for the applicant: due to the fact that all issues are handled by an accredited agent, it does not need to waste time on bureaucratic procedures. It should be noted that one of the merits of the program is the fact that the applicant does not need to personally visit the country to submit documents. In addition, applicants are not required to pass an interview and take an exam on language skills. The process of obtaining citizenship consists of several stages:
  • preparation of documents;
  • submission of a package of documents for consideration;
  • transfer of the investment amount to an escrow account;
  • consideration of the investor's application;
  • the decision to grant citizenship;
  • issuance of a passport (personal presence is not required).
As a rule, the passage of all stages takes about 4-5 months. An important point: citizenship is granted indefinitely and can be inherited (every five years the passport must be renewed). Heirs receive status in automatic mode.


The program of Grenada attracts quite a large number of applicants who want to get a passport in one of the countries of the Caribbean region. Investors who have already issued a passport for this program, note its availability (the optimal amount of investment, loyal requirements for applicants, etc.) and efficiency (in terms of the granting of citizenship, the state occupies a leading position among the Caribbean countries). Some foreign investors have chosen Grenada as their place of permanent residence: the country is known for its warm climate, friendly population and low crime rate. In addition, one of the advantages of living in the country is called by many excellent conditions for yachting, diving and beach holidays.
Thus, after updating the program conditions in 2013, Grenada can be called the most promising and attractive option for obtaining a second passport. This safe and beautiful island offers optimal conditions for tax and other benefits, as well as for living and rest.

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