How can obtain the citizenship of Grenada
In modern conditions, many citizens are thinking about getting a second passport. It is an open secret that having a second citizenship allows you to be confident in the future and to be able at any time to change the country of residence if such a need arises.
In addition, the migration programs of many states provide citizenship, which will provide a number of other, equally significant benefits. To date, the programs of countries belonging to the Caribbean region are the most popular. In our article we will figure out how to get the citizenship of Grenada to a Russian citizen.


Passport registration of this island state allows us to solve several problems at once: first, to optimize the tax burden, secondly, to provide ourselves and our loved ones with a safe place to stay and, finally, thirdly, to have the opportunity to freely enter a huge number of countries. So, let’s consider the privileges provided by the Grenada passport in more detail:
  • Ideal conditions for the investor and his family. Grenada is rightly considered one of the most interesting places on the planet: the island is known for its natural beauty and excellent beaches. It is no coincidence that the country is the largest tourist center: every year the island attracts a fairly large number of tourists from around the world. A well-developed infrastructure and a comfortable social environment make it a great place to live for the whole family;
  • Visa-free visits to more than 100 countries. The citizens of Grenada get almost unlimited opportunities for travel and business trips: the passport of this country allows you to visit a large number of countries without a visa or provides a visa upon arrival;
  • Profitable taxation system. The tax system of the country guarantees a number of tax privileges for its citizens. In particular, inheritance, capital gains and donations are not subject to taxes. In addition, a comfortable business environment has been created;
  • The possibility of applying for a business visa in the United States. Citizens of Grenada are given a unique advantage - access to the visa in the form of E-2, which provides an opportunity to develop business, work and study in the United States.
The program provides for the recognition of dual citizenship and guarantees confidentiality (you can not be afraid that third parties will know about getting a passport).


Registration of the passport of this state is possible in one of two options provided by the program. Thus, in order to grant citizenship, the applicant must make investments in the National Transformation Fund (the investment is made on a non-refundable basis) or purchase real estate in the country. As a rule, the whole process takes about four months and consists of the following steps:
  • Stage I Selection of the best investment option and preparation of a package of documents according to the established list;
  • Stage II. Submission of documents for consideration and passing a test of reliability;
  • Stage III. Crediting of the invested amount to the escrow agent account;
  • Stage IV. Consideration of the application by the competent authorities and decision making;
  • Stage V Payment of established fees (in the case of a positive decision);
  • Stage VI. Issuance of a passport of a citizen of the country.
As a result, with a rather small amount of investment (compared to other countries implementing similar programs), this Caribbean state allows Russian citizens to get a second passport in the least amount of time and enjoy all the benefits that are available to its citizens.

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