How to obtain the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
The program of granting citizenship to Antigua and Barbuda for investments began to operate relatively recently, but during its existence, it could become a rather popular option for obtaining a second passport.
The demand for this proposal is due both to the availability of citizenship (a small amount of investment compared to other similar programs and a simple registration process) and the value of the passport itself, which provides the solution to current problems - from reducing the tax burden to visa-free travel around the world.


The presence of a passport of this Caribbean state allows you to enjoy a number of unconditional advantages that are not available to citizens of countries of the former Soviet Union. The main advantages of citizenship include:
  • loyalty of tax legislation (tax privileges are provided for citizens of the state);
  • almost unlimited opportunities for travel and business travel (passport holders do not need to apply for visas to enter more than a hundred countries);
  • optimal conditions for doing business;
  • no need to renounce existing citizenship (the country recognizes dual citizenship);
  • ensuring the confidentiality of information on the granting of citizenship to the applicant and his family members;
  • there is no need to change the usual living conditions and move into the country (the only condition is to be on its territory for at least five days in five years).


Obtaining the citizenship is possible on the basis of one of the following investment options:
  • Establishing business in the territory of the country;
  • A contribution in National Development Fund (a fee is irretrievable);
  • An investment in purchase of real estate.
Attention should be paid to the fact that the procedure for obtaining a passport takes place with the participation of an accredited agent, so that the applicant himself does not face any bureaucratic difficulties.
It is important for an investor to meet a number of requirements that apply to applicants. In particular, the applicant for the status of a citizen must have no criminal record, reach the age of eighteen, successfully pass a security test and be able to confirm the legality of the origin of the invested funds. If the listed requirements are met and the program conditions are met, problems in the granting of citizenship usually do not arise. The procedure for obtaining a passport consists of the following steps:
  • preparation of documents for submission to the competent authorities;
  • crediting the amount of investment to the escrow agent account;
  • submission of documents for consideration;
  • verification of the applicant and the origin of the invested funds;
  • a message to the applicant of the decision; issuance of a certificate of naturalization;
  • registration and issue of a passport.
The passage of all procedures in most cases takes from two to five months. The applicant will not be required to visit the country in person.


The possibility of obtaining a passport annually uses a sufficiently large number of applicants. Applicants who have already become holders of the passport of this Caribbean state positively assess both the conditions of the program and the opportunities offered by citizenship. A lot of positive feedback is received by the tax system of the country, which allows to really reduce the tax burden. Many investors actively use the possibility of visa-free travel, including in the countries of the European Union.
Some investors have gradually made the islands their place of residence: the luxury-real estate market is well developed in the country, allowing you to find the perfect object. The undoubted advantages of life in the country are a comfortable climate and a favorable social environment. An important advantage of many citizens who have received this status for investment, called the excellent conditions for yachting. The presence of an international airport on the island provides the opportunity to travel almost anywhere in the world without problems.

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