How to obtain the citizenship of Vanuatu for bitcoins or investments
In modern conditions, the registration of a second passport is an urgent task for many citizens. Among the most demanded programs, a special place belongs to the Vanuatu program: this small state belonging to the Pacific region provides favorable conditions for investors.
A distinctive feature of the program is the ability to issue a passport for a minimum period of time. In addition, the country was the first in the world to provide citizen status for cryptocurrency, and not just for the traditional forms of investment. We understand how to get citizenship of Vanuatu for bitcoins or investments.


Improving the competitiveness of the program contributed to both the opportunity to get a passport for Bitcoins, and a number of undoubted advantages that the status of a citizen provides to its holder. In particular, together with the passport of Vanuatu, a citizen receives the following opportunities:
  • unimpeded visits to more than 110 countries;
  • loyal tax system (low tax rates are available for holders of a country's passport, and some taxes are completely absent);
  • unlimited duration of citizenship (status is granted indefinitely);
  • guarantees of bank and commercial secrets;
  • optimal conditions for business activities;
  • granting status not only to the main applicant, but also to members of his family.
Another advantage of the program is the absence of requirements for living in the country, and due to the fact that the state is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, guarantees of political and social security apply to its citizens.


The program provides that the interaction of the investor with the official bodies is carried out only through an accredited agent who deals with all issues. The procedure itself consists of several stages:
  • submission of documents for consideration;
  • payment of application fee;
  • research of the submitted documents and passage of verification procedures;
  • informing the agent of the Commission’s decision (this occurs no later than two weeks from the date of the decision)
  • taking the oath;
  • making investments;
  • granting the naturalization certificate to the applicant; issuance of a passport.
An investor applying for the status of a citizen of a country must meet a number of requirements. Thus, persons who have a criminal record cannot take part in the program. In addition, the applicant must confirm the state of his health with the results of a medical examination (a certificate of HIV test results is provided).
Regarding the payment of citizenship by bitcoins, you should pay attention to the fact that this process has a number of features. It is necessary to take into account that the depositing of funds is carried out with ordinary money; however, the source of their origin may be the cryptocurrency that the investor bought or earned. It is Vanuatu that is the country that provides the opportunity to use such funds to make investments: other countries (including the states of the Caribbean region) do not consider cryptocurrency the legal source of the invested funds.
Thus, the Vanuatu program will interest applicants who wish to become holders of a second passport for a minimum of time (the process takes about 2 months). The indisputable advantages of a passport in combination with the optimal conditions for its execution contribute to the constant growth of the competitiveness of the program: this option is popular both with citizenship for cryptocurrency and with traditional funds.

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