How to obtain the reisdence permit in Portugal?
With a good standard of living in general, Portugal inferiors to other EU members, therefore there are significantly fewer immigrants here than in Germany or France. However, this sunny country remains a great place to relax, attracting pop stars, politicians, businessmen.
Many guests are so fascinated by this place that they want to stay here forever. They face the question of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal. For the sake of Portugal, foreigner citizens who plan to move to this country usually explain their desire for the following reasons:
  • Wonderful conditions for living – sun, sea and clear beaches;
  • relatively affordable prices for real estate;
  • moderate requirements for new residents compared to many other EU countries;
  • agreements with many countries on the prevention of double taxation;
  • EU membership - the ability to travel freely around the Schengen countries without wasting time on obtaining visas; a completely stable economic situation;
  • relatively low prices for food and consumer goods; security; low crime rates.


A residence permit is necessary if the guest of the country seriously intends to live here, at least for several months a year. The first residence permit can be obtained 4 months after entering on a visa. Its validity period is a year, then 2 extensions for 2 years are possible.
After 5 years, a resident can apply for permanent residence status, a year later - for Portuguese citizenship. To maintain and extend a one-year residence permit, a resident should not leave the country for more than 6 months in a row. Several long departures per year are permissible, but they cannot last more than 8 months in total.
The owner of a two-year residence permit is obliged to reside in the country for at least 8 months a year. If these rules are violated, the residence permit is canceled.
For holders of Golden Residence Permit (such a visa is issued to businessmen and investors) this restriction does not apply; A 7-day stay is enough for a one-year residence permit and a 14-day stay is for a two-year one.
Receipt of a residence permit in Portugal For a guest to enter and stay in Portugal a Residence Visa or residence visa is required. The validity of this document is 4-6 months, and if a migrant intends to stay in the country for a longer period, he needs to apply for a residence permit during this period.
A visa is a prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit, but it does not guarantee success. Turning to the new document, the migrant confirms that he fulfills the goals for which he entered the country. It is these goals that determine the type of immigrant visa.

For those who enter Portugal for several months, the following options are available:

  1. labor visa;
  2. visa of an independent worker or entrepreneur;
  3. student visa;
  4. visa for scientific activities, teaching, employment for highly qualified specializations;
  5. visa missionary or a member of a religious organization.
The document must be obtained in your own country, an application for a resident visa after entry into Portugal on a tourist visa of another Schengen state is fraught with trouble.
In addition to passports and applications, confirmation of intentions is required (for example, a labor contract or certificate from a university), financial solvency, housing availability. A residence permit is issued by the Immigration and Border Control Department (SEF). Unlike the processing of an application for a visa, which takes up to several weeks or even months, the procedure for a residence permit is within 7 to 14 days.

To obtain it, the following documents are required:

  • current, non-expiring passport;
  • 2 color photos;
  • a document confirming the existence of valid reasons for long-term residence in the country (for example, a copy of the contract with the employer, marriage certificate, certificate of enrollment at the university, certificate of registration of the company, etc.);
  • confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds, documents confirming the existence of a permanent place of residence - purchased or leased real estate;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • additional documents upon request - the agency may request registration from social security authorities, medical insurance, tax papers, etc.;
  • application for a residence permit.


Residence permit for the purpose of studying

A student enrolled in a Portuguese university provides a certificate of enrollment and a document confirming the availability of sufficient funds to pay for studies and accommodation. This can be your own money in the account, as well as scholarships and grants.
The minimum cost of education corresponds to 1.3 minimum wages, a year at a university costs, on average, 900 - 1300 euros.

Residence permit for the purpose of work

To obtain such a residence permit, employment is required in a Portuguese company, and the vacancy must be confirmed by the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training.
The migrant also needs to obtain a work permit (initially issued for six months with the right to renew), a tax code and a social security number. It is important to note that the unemployment rate in Portugal is quite high - more than 8%; among some groups of the population - over 25%.
In this case, the visitor will have to compete with local citizens and representatives of other EU countries.
The best prospects are for foreigners conducting research in state institutions, as well as for highly skilled workers and Blue Card EU holders.

Residence permit for the purpose of business

To start a business in Portugal, an entrepreneur must register the name of the company, get a temporary identification card. Next, the notary registers the act of incorporation of the company.
Within 3 months after the issuance of the identification card, you must notify the tax office of the start of the enterprise. Also within a month, you are required to receive accident insurance and register with the branch of the Ministry of Economy of Portugal or the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE).

Residence permit for the purpose of family reunification

The concept of family in this case is interpreted narrowly. Spouses and minor children of a Portuguese resident can apply for a residence permit; as well as adult children, parents over 65, brothers and sisters, if they are his dependents.
For a positive decision, it is necessary to confirm the availability of sufficient funds and living space for all family members.

Golden visa – residence permit for investments

This option is for the most secured guests of Portugal. The advantage of such a residence permit is the absolutely minimum requirements for the residence time in the country (from 7 days in the first year, from 14 - with a two-year extension).
The amount of investment - from 250 000 euros (for contributions to the development of the arts). 350 000 euros - the minimum amount for investment in science, 500 000- for the purchase of shares of local funds. For investments, in excess of 1 million euros there are no restrictions.
Another option for obtaining a residence permit - the purchase of real estate in the amount of 350 000 euros (subject to certain conditions). If the object is worth 500 000 euros or more, there are no restrictions.

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