The citizenship for investments
If you have the funds, you can get a second citizenship without registering a company, residence and knowledge of the language. There are enough countries in the world that provide permanent residence status and citizenship for investments. This is not about the "direct sale" of citizenship: the amount can be returned.
About the most interesting programs - in this article.
Bulgaria: Permanent residence and citizenship for a million euros
In Bulgaria, it is not necessary to live, to know the language and to renounce the first citizenship. To obtain the status of permanent residence, it is enough to buy government bonds worth 511,292 euros (1 million Bulgarian levs). Bonds must be held for 5 years, after which the state is obliged to return the full amount. True, without interest.
If you want to get citizenship, the amount of investment will have to be doubled.
Citizenship of Cyprus for 5 million euros
A citizen of Cyprus has the opportunity to live in a sunny country near the Mediterranean Sea, to study, work, conduct business throughout Europe, to enjoy tax breaks. You can get citizenship under two conditions. The first condition is possession of a property in Cyprus, the value of which is at least 500,000 euros. The second condition is an investment of 5 million euros.
Investments can be made in any way: by purchasing government bonds, shares and other securities of various companies registered in Cyprus, to purchase a property or investing in an infrastructure facility, buying or creating a company on the island. You can also put the amount in one of the banks on the term deposit. Possible mixed method. Investments must remain in Cyprus for three years.
You can get citizenship within 3-4 months after investing.
Citizenship of the State of Antigua and Barbuda
On the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, there is a very democratic citizenship program. To become a citizen of this Caribbean state, it is enough to give 100,000 US dollars and 125,000 for a family of 5 people, including the applicant. The contribution is irrevocable, but it allows you to get a passport after 3 months without a personal presence in the country and the need to visit it. There is only one condition: every 5 years you need to come to the islands and stay there for at least 5 days.
For those who do not want to part with the money, there are other options:
  • the purchase of real estate in pre-approved objects - from 400 000 dollars;
  • creating a business and investing in it from 1 500 000 dollars.
Antigua and Barbuda will attract businessmen by the lack of taxes on world incomes. This is an offshore, where you can start a large company on the most favorable terms. The holder of the passport of Antigua and Barbuda will be able to visit almost all countries of the world without a visa.
Dominica citizenship
Another Caribbean country where citizens can be obtained without spending too much. The peculiarity of local programs is a closer examination of future citizens. For example, citizenship is not issued to citizens of Afghanistan, North Korea and some other countries, as well as to residents of Chechnya. However, the applicant may receive passports for the whole family, including daughters under 25 who are not married and who have HIV. It is almost impossible to get permanent residency and citizenship in other countries with HIV.
To get a passport, you need to invest $ 100,000 in the National Development Fund. The applicant with his wife and one dependent must invest $ 175,000. For each additional dependent paid 25 000 dollars.
It is also possible to purchase real estate in the amount of 200 000 dollars. The state fee will be 50 000 dollars. The property must be owned by at least 5 years.
Grenada Citizenship
Grenada is a good option for a person who wants to live and conduct business in the United States. The citizens of Grenada have the right to do this.
To obtain citizenship of this island nation, you need:
Make a non-refundable investment in a development fund in the amount of 150,000 euros.
Buy one of the approved properties in the amount of 350,000 euros and own it for at least five years.
With each new dependent the amount will increase. Passport will be issued within 3 months. Visit the country will not have to.
Citizenship of Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia is comfortable for those who want to get a passport quickly and, if necessary, move to a prosperous country.
Four options:
  1. Irrevocable investment - 100 000 dollars.
  2. Purchase of real estate - 300 000 dollars.
  3. Purchase of government bonds - 500,000 dollars.
  4. The contribution to the investment project (business) - from 3.5 million dollars with the creation of three jobs.
Citizenship will be in 2-3 months.
Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis
10 months and some amount as an investment - and the island state passport will be in your pocket. There are two investment options in Saint Kitts and Nevis:
  • irrevocable contribution - from 150 000 dollars;
  • property purchase - from 400 000 dollars.
As you can see, there are options for obtaining citizenship. The most affordable of them involve a non-refundable investment, however, perhaps it is even less risky than the purchase of government bonds or real estate.

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