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Getting a second passport is a urgent issue for many Russian citizens. Most often, residents of the post-Soviet space choose Caribbean states and, in particular, Antigua and Barbuda, as a country for issuing a second citizenship. We understand what advantages the citizenship of this state gives to Russians.


Among such offers, the program under consideration favorably differs both in optimal conditions and in the many advantages of the passport itself. In particular, the citizenship of this state provides the following opportunities for its owner.
  • Reduced tax burden. The tax legislation of the country guarantees a considerable amount of tax benefits. In particular, citizens are exempted from such tax payments as capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and some others. A feature of the program is the ability to quickly provide tax resident status to persons who received a passport for investments (status is granted when the investor fulfills a number of requirements). As a result, the country has created favorable conditions for entrepreneurs;     
  • Ensuring the smooth entry into the territory of more than one hundred states. Citizens are not required to issue visas to visit the Schengen countries, Singapore and many other countries; 
  • Excellent conditions for living and recreation of the whole family. The islands are rightfully considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet: everyone who comes to this country cannot remain indifferent to the amazing nature, excellent climate and magnificent beaches. In addition, the country is known for its well-developed infrastructure and social stability, which make it possible to make living on the islands pleasant and safe.
The undoubted advantage of a passport is the fact that the country recognizes dual citizenship. Another plus is the guarantee of confidentiality of information on the acquisition by a person of a new status (information will not be communicated to third parties). It is important that moving to the country after issuing a passport is not required: the only duty that appears for new citizens is to visit it for at least 5 days in 5 years.


Getting a passport becomes possible on the basis of one of several options: the purchase of real estate, investment in the National Development Fund of the country or the creation of a business in its territory. In addition to investments (their size varies depending on the chosen option), the applicant must pay the fees and passing the test.
The procedure for obtaining a passport is carried out through an accredited agent and includes several steps:
  • Stage I Preparation of a package of documents according to the established list (it includes a foreign and internal passport, a medical certificate, an extract from the account, a letter of recommendation from the bank, confirmation of the legal origin of the invested funds, etc.);
  • Stage II. Crediting of the invested amount to the escrow agent account;
  • Stage III. Filing of documents;
  • Stage IV. Passage of Due Diligence (check on reliability) and decision making; Stage V Obtaining a Certificate of Naturalization and a citizen passport.
The whole process takes from two to four months. Potential citizens are not required by level of education, proficiency in English and management experience.
Thus, the program of this Caribbean state can be called one of the best offers for Russians to get a second passport. The country provides a number of unique advantages for its citizens and at the same time provide the opportunity to issue a passport on the most favorable terms.

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