How to determine the best place to live on planet Earth? - from my own experience, with the help of feedback from other cosmopolitans and specialized organizations.

Every year, thousands of people flock to other countries in search of a better life. This is due to the desire to increase their well-being and provide children with a dignified future. Sometimes the reason lies in the cosmopolitan desire of emigrants who choose a particular country based on their own tastes and preferences. And, of course, one of the most common reasons is an official marriage, study and work. How to determine the best place to live on planet Earth? - from my own experience, with the help of feedback from other cosmopolitans and specialized organizations.

Consulting company Resonanse Consultancy presented to the general public an analytical study and assessment of the best cities to live in 2021. The list includes nominees with comfortable living and working conditions.

The selection criteria for the most attractive megacities for life included the following points:

Geographical location and epidemiological situation (weather conditions, security, the number of people with coronavirus).
The mentality of the local population: customs, attitudes towards immigrants, as well as the number of people with university education.
The presence of a developed infrastructure (museums, theaters, stadiums, universities, etc.).
Living standards: unemployment, income of the population, gross urban product (gross urban product).
Cultural and entertainment opportunities: restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, etc.
Frequency of searches in search engines, travel reviews and hashtags on social networks.
The most popular, taking the first three places of honor, were in Great Britain - London, in the USA - New York and in France - Paris. The top ten includes megacities in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Best Place to Live

Top 10 by Resonanse Consultancy:


London, Great Britain). "Foggy Albion" has been holding a leading position in the title of the best city for life for 6 years in a row. London is in 16th place for the presence of green areas for recreation: stately parks, former royal hunting estates, etc. The Covid epidemic has made its own changes in the way of the old metropolis: residents began to value more what they have. But be that as it may, the gap between rich and poor is growing catastrophically.
New York, USA). One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The city of skyscrapers and the embodiment of America's spirit of freedom. A favorite destination for many tourists and expats from all over the planet - the "American Dream" in reality. The Russian community, which has settled here since the 70s of the last century and leads an active way of social life, is annually replenished with newcomers for permanent residence. Despite the current unfavorable epidemiological situation in America, the standard of living remains high. According to estimates, in March 2021, the average salary of Americans was almost $ 5,000 (about 300,000 rubles).
Paris, France). To paraphrase the famous phrase: "See Paris and die", many tourists say with confidence: "See and stay." The terrorist attacks did not break the French capital: it recovered and flourished and remained for many the best city to live in. Paris was ranked 5th in terms of the number of museums and 7th in cult tourism destinations. With the permission of the authorities to swim in the Seine, the Parisians themselves do not want to leave Paris for the summer.
Moscow, Russia). The Russian capital is a tasty morsel for foreigners. They are quite satisfied with both the standard of living and the salary. They easily find communication and are accepted in Russian society. Moscow is a multinational capital, with a developed infrastructure, picturesque places for recreation, ancient history and many attractions. For many foreigners, it is the best city in the world. The 2018 football championship amazed the whole world with its scale and enchanting nature, opened up a completely different Russia for many residents of the countries and increased their interest in the country's culture. Also, the renovated subway cannot but rejoice - a domestic pride that can easily compete with the western metro.
Tokyo, Japan). The futuristic metropolis, despite the frequent natural disasters that occur in it, is considered one of the safest. Tokyo ranks third in the world parade of cities for prosperity: 11th in the number of unemployed, a silver pedestal in the number of Global 500 headquarters, and 2nd in the availability of restaurants. Tokyo impresses with its culinary and cultural life.
Dubai, UAE). Arabian luxury amid the golden sands and the Gulf of the Indian Ocean. International Business and Tourism Center - Dubai. A city in which oriental traditions are closely intertwined with ultramodernity. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tourist flow has sharply decreased. This fact affected the country's economy, but not critically. Dubai continues to be the best place to live for many migrants.
Singapore. The Asian island state-megalopolis has achieved very great success in 50 years - from a financially poor and undeveloped polis, it has turned into an eastern power. Famous for its designer airport and, of course, the Rain Whirlwind, the world's tallest indoor waterfall.
Barcelona, ​​Spain). The architectural, creative and beachside Catalan capital is a magnet for tourists as it is going through hard times during the pandemic. Many bars, which have closed along the numerous coastline due to the lack of visiting guests, may never open.
Los Angeles, USA). The tourist and culinary City of Angels is gradually beginning to come to its senses after Covid-19, but this does not prevent it from remaining one of the excellent megacities in the world.
Madrid, Spain). The Spanish capital is a newcomer in the top ten, but it has long been something to see for tourists. The capital's economy is quite developed and does not stop striving for progress. The city has a wonderful climate for health, and almost always good weather, which is good news for visitors. Nightlife is recovering after the pandemic (6th place in the rating for entertainment), urban planning continues to develop.

Hospitality and attitude towards emigrants

Where is the best place to live for tourists and those wishing to stay on a permanent basis? In many countries, they show a friendly attitude towards guests and those who came to permanent residence. Before the pandemic, these cities included: Alicante, Malaga, Lisbon, Valencia, Buenos Aires and others. The most loyal according to the Expat Insider rating of 2020 is the Iberian Peninsula.

Spanish Alicante and Portuguese Lisbon are very friendly: visitors are satisfied with the standard of living, cultural entertainment and the ability to quickly learn the language.

Moving to another country is sometimes very difficult: the authorities of the countries are strict with those who travel the world in search of the best cities to live. It is often necessary to have good reasons for moving: an official marriage, a job, or the presence of fabulous capital.

The opportunity to obtain a residence permit or become a citizen increases among investors. To participate in the program of monetary investments, they contribute a certain amount to the economic development of the state in which they are going to settle. Immigrating foreigners can open a business, buy a house / apartment or deposit funds.

Investment programs are actively working in Spain, Portugal, Greece. America is also happy to provide shelter to financially secure citizens of other countries who are ready to invest in it. The declared applicant for residence can move for permanent residence in a foreign metropolis through a large investment in the host country.

Comfort and cleanliness

Vienna is ranked 32nd in the top ten, and is considered one of the best places to live for a reason. This is a stunningly beautiful city with a historical face, developed economy, architectural monuments, and culture. In the city's developed infrastructure, a significant place is allocated for green recreation areas, parks, coffee houses. Residents of Vienna are fans of public transport, so they do not move much in private cars, thereby preserving the cleanliness of the streets and fresh air to a greater extent. In 2021, Vienna was recognized as the best city to live in ecology.

Austria willingly allows emigrants to settle permanently with the latter's financial solvency. Moreover, capital investment is not required, but applicants for a residence permit or citizenship are required to provide evidence of their financial capabilities. This requirement is based on another condition: to be in the country for almost 6 months a year.

The level and quality of life

Zurich is the economic center and the largest city in Switzerland (despite its small population - 428,000 people) it ranks 36th in the top 100 ranking. According to many migrants, the best city in the world in terms of well-being and prosperity. Cozy, well-groomed, bourgeois discreet and extremely businesslike, Zurich attracts wallets from all over the world. Equally good for both life and business. The number of unemployed citizens ranks 9th. The city is in the top ten of the Global 500 company.

Switzerland invites wealthy and independent immigrants for permanent residence, but subject to payment of an annual lump-sum tax of 450,000 francs. To obtain a residence permit, you must reside in Zurich for almost 200 days a year - this is a necessary requirement of the Swiss authorities.


For many, the best country to live and do business is the United States of America. According to Startup Genome, New York, San Francisco and London are included in the list of the most respectable cities for creating a startup.

The Heart of America is firmly ranked second in the list of the most-most, not only in terms of cultural events and centers, but also in terms of job search and the implementation of all kinds of business ideas. New York is in fourth place in terms of the number of Global Offices.

San Francisco made this list thanks to the presence of a whole region of technology organizations - Silicon Valley. This metropolis is home to many smart people with a university education, and the percentage of foreigners among them is rather big. In which city it is better to live - New York or San Francisco - everyone determines for himself, but the requirements of the US migration company are the same for everyone.

To obtain the right to live in America, migrants must obtain visas: EB5 (with an investment of $ 900,000) or E2 ($ 100,000). EB5 assumes a passive investment, in which there is no need to participate in the work of the company. E2 means opening a business in the United States. Only the first option is available to the Russians, which is not very convenient and profitable for many for the reason that they will have to wait another 2 years. In addition, the amount is very large. But you can go the other way: first obtain the citizenship of Grenada (the country with which an agreement has been signed with the Americans), while paying $ 15,000 for a passport. And after that, apply for an American E2 visa. To immediately apply for citizenship of Grenada and E2 in the United States, they invest 250,000%.

London has been holding the leading position in terms of living standards in the world chart of million-plus cities for several years. High incomes of the population, the presence of a developed infrastructure: architectural monuments, the best museums in the world, universities, etc. help him to be the first. The United Kingdom issues a permit - Investor visa for three years to all wealthy foreigners who wish to invest more than 2 million sterling in the development of the English-speaking state. Rich migrants, after the UK subsidy, can live, work and study in it.


Lisbon can rightfully be considered the best city in the world for recreation. It is the oldest and largest city in the world, Western Europe and the main port of Portugal. Thanks to its pleasant Mediterranean climate, Lisbon has the warmest European winters and many sunny days a year. It is a resort and safe town with a population of over 500 thousand people. Portugal is the best country to live for those who love a warm climate and water space: the Atlantic Ocean is located nearby. In 2020, the southern country was assigned the first number in European travel.

Cosmopolitans obtain a residence permit in Portugal also with the help of investments: at least 250,000 euros. A popular action among those wishing to settle for permanent residence is the purchase of real estate: a house or apartment from 900,000 euros.


In the ranking of the most delicious city food, London is often ranked first, with more than 70 Michelin-starred restaurants. London culinary establishments offer their guests and residents original and excellent dishes of meat, fish, vegetables. The capital of England continues to be the best city to live in, both culturally and culinary.

A gastronomic center like Tokyo (5th in the Resonanse list) cannot be ignored. 230 restaurants are Michelin stars. Several hundreds of various delicious dishes with mostly natural ingredients amaze tourists with their originality and unique taste. Chahan, imoni, wagashi, sushi - make gourmets fall in love and stay in a Japanese city in order to often enjoy Japanese cuisine.

It is very difficult to get a residence permit in Japan, as it is a closed small country with a dense population. You can get a Japanese passport under the following conditions:

legal marriage with a Japanese citizen / citizen;
residence for at least 5 years in the territory of the state (a requirement for all applicants).
good command of both spoken and written Japanese;
conducting official activities in Japan, subject to the high professionalism of the employee;
the applicant must have an amount of at least $ 25,000.
You can persuade the Japanese authorities to issue a residence permit if you invest $ 50,000 in the Capital of the Rising Sun. To do this, they open their own business, which they support and develop all the time, providing jobs for the townspeople. At the same time, the volume of investment must be constantly increased.

Tokyo will become the best city in the world for permanent residence if you adhere to all requirements, respect the country and its customs, and make a sufficient contribution to its economy.

The property

Buying real estate is profitable in those places where it is best to live, for example - in Barcelona. It is a Spanish city on the Mediterranean coast with a developed industry and trade, and an important point of the tourist route. This beautiful place every year before the pandemic attracted thousands of tourists, and during the epidemic it was closed for access, which could not but negatively affect the Portuguese economy, and in particular, the real estate market. It is now possible to purchase housing in Spain with a 30% discount, and the cost per square meter by the end of 2020 amounted to 1391 euros. When tourists return to Barcelona, ​​prices will go up. Those who invest in real estate at the moment can receive income from rent or sale after the borders are opened.

Barcelona also has an investment program for cosmopolitans: the contribution to the city's finances will amount to 500,000 euros.

Future development

One of the best places to live in the future could be Athens. They are on the 29th place in the list of profitable megacities. The capital of Greece is a cultural, historical and economic center with excellent weather conditions for life. The cost of living in it is much lower in comparison with other rated cities, which is good news for tourists. The potential of the Greek capital is growing every year, as its government is seriously engaged in economic reforms, the main of which is the fight against corruption.

Those wishing to come to Athens to live must invest in it from 250,000 euros.

In which city it is better to live - the person himself decides. It so happens that having visited a metropolis, a tourist falls in love with it so much that he dreams of an early move. It is realistic to implement our plans, but we must remember that resettlement to another country does not happen without adaptation and stress, and it is practically impossible without financial contributions.

AAAA ADVISER will help you become a participant in investment projects in countries that are interested in accessing financially independent persons. AAAA ADVISER is a licensed agent for official citizenship programs based on investment by migrants. Here you will receive help and expert advice on all issues of obtaining a residence permit or Citizenship by Investment.

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