This article will compare the mental characteristics of the inhabitants of Russia and Europe, help to understand their main differences and similarities, and also see which peoples are closer to Russians in terms of mentality.

At present, the Russian mentality is arousing a lot of interest and often becomes the subject of discussion. Many rightly point out that it differs significantly from the way of thinking of Europeans. This article will compare the mental characteristics of the inhabitants of Russia and Europe, help to understand their main differences and similarities, and also see which peoples are closer to Russians in terms of mentality.

Черты Русского Менталитета

The main features of the Russian mentality

Mentality is a set of values, subconscious attitudes, as well as psychological, mental and cultural traits of a particular people. This concept means the way of thinking of a group of people united by territorial or any other basis.

Sociological studies have shown that the mentality of the Russian people has the following features:

  • a tendency to mercy;
  • the desire to put the interests of society above individual desires and aspirations;
  • the predominance of feelings over reason in the perception of the surrounding world;
  • negative attitude towards formalities;
  • sincerity;
  • the tendency to arrange disputes;
  • openness;
  • Russians prefer to solve all problems and important issues in an informal setting;
  • lack of vigilant control over the state of their health;
  • dislike for people who stand out strongly and demand more than others;
  • a positive attitude towards free products and objects;
  • bias towards others;
  • the ability to easily share your experiences and problems with others;
  • tendency to laziness;
  • lack of punctuality.

Как Иностранцы Относятся к Русским

How foreigners relate to the Russian mentality

Greeks, Serbs, Spaniards, Portuguese, residents of Slovenia, Malta have a positive attitude to the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. They will warmly welcome a Russian in their country as a guest or an immigrant. The residents of Russia did not have acute political conflicts with the peoples of these countries, so a negative attitude towards the Russian tourist is unlikely.

Hungarians, French, Dutch, Austrians, and British residents are distinguished by their tolerant attitude to the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. A significant proportion of the inhabitants of these countries previously lived in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Therefore, the Russian will be well received here.

For immigration or visiting Russian tourists are recommended Spain, Greece, Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Malta, France, Holland, Austria and Great Britain. In these countries, it will be easier for a Russian to get used to the locals.

But, nevertheless, some European countries still remember the activities of the USSR government and the events with the participation of Russians during the Second World War. Therefore, Russians are treated coldly there. This is observed in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland.

Ошибки Имигрантов

What is a common mistake immigrants make?

When planning to visit another state, many people mistakenly believe that they have all the reliable information about the mentality of the inhabitants of this country. Often novice tourists forget to compare the mental traits of their people and the population of the state they wish to visit. And, arriving at their destination, they see that in fact they are completely unclear about the behavior, manner of communication and habits of the inhabitants of this country. Because of this, newly minted tourists cannot understand the local people, they hardly adapt to an unusual environment and feel extremely uncomfortable in a new place. As a result, a visit or relocation event brings only negative experience and great disappointment.

Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly study the mentality of your people and residents of the state being considered for moving or traveling. Then determine the similarities and differences between the mental characteristics of the two countries. This will help to understand whether it will be possible to take root in the new environment and how comfortable it will be to communicate with residents.

Русские и Европейцы

Russians and Western Europeans

Many people believe that the Russian mentality and the European one are completely different from each other. It may seem that there is a great chasm between them. But in fact, this is a false statement.

One immigrant who moved to the UK says that the British, like Russians, are prone to self-criticism and praise of their own strengths. They always strictly plan their business, pay great attention to their success in the field of business. The British, like the Russians, feel their defeat very deeply. In addition, our compatriot was amazed at their self-confidence and dedication. He also noticed that the inhabitants of this country, along with the Russians, tend to dismiss conventions and formalities. For them, as well as for the mentality of the Russian people, a slightly rude manner of communicating with others is characteristic. British women, like Russians, face the problem of being overweight. Both of these peoples show hospitality when meeting foreigners. And before moving to the UK, this tourist, like most people, was convinced that the Russians and the British are completely different, and there can be nothing in common between them.

It has been noticed that a large number of Russian residents who immigrated to Europe find a useful example for themselves in the local mentality. Many wanted to introduce into their lives the habit of Europeans to plan their future and set aside a strictly defined time for rest.

Another immigrant who moved from Russia to Austria says that its inhabitants live according to a clear schedule. But unlike the Russians, they have strictly allotted hours for rest and entertainment. This Russian tourist intends to follow the example of the Austrian mentality and get into the habit of making a clear plan for his future. This resident of Russia managed to easily fit into the conditions of the new country. But he notes that most of the Muscovites he knows would have a hard time adjusting to life in Austria. After all, the peculiarities of the Russian mentality are in no way combined with a strict and clear way of life.

There is an opinion that the Russian mentality is very similar to the Irish one. Indeed, many tourists have noticed that the mentality of both peoples tends to work less and rest more. In the mentality of both the Russian and the Irish people there is a love for alcoholic beverages and holidays. In Ireland, as in Russian society, matriarchy reigns supreme. In the mentality of Russia and the Irish, common interests are above their own priorities.

Русские и Западная Европа

Russians and peoples of southern Europe

If Western countries are characterized by severity, restraint, scrupulousness, punctuality, then the southern peoples are their direct opposite. They are characterized by a hot temperament, emotionality, spontaneity. Therefore, the mentality of Russia also has a lot in common with the inhabitants of southern countries.

A Russian man who moved to Barcelona says he quickly adapted to local customs. After all, the Spaniards, like the Russians, are very fond of entertainment and holidays. They are ready to arrange them 24 hours a day. This affects their work in a certain way. The same trait is observed among the Russians. Like the Russians, the Spaniards are not punctual. But at the same time they are more emotional and energetic than the inhabitants of Russia.

The people of Spain are very similar to the Russians in their lack of organization and inclination to spontaneity. They are also brought closer to the mentality of the Russian people by simplicity, hospitality, sincerity.

Greeks very much resemble Russians in their lack of punctuality, poor organization, respect for social values, and striving for unification. Among the Greeks, like among the Russians, it is not customary to stand out too much.

The inhabitants of Hungary are similar to the Russians in that they also combine both eastern and western features. They combine western stinginess and eastern hospitality. But the Hungarians are more reasonable and calm than the inhabitants of Russia.

The Magyars are also very good friends. If they decide to make friends with someone, then this friendly union will be very strong. Friendship is one of the main values ​​for them.

Русский и Западный Менталитет

Russian and Western mentality

Experts in the field of psychology have found out the following differences between the mentality of the Russian person and the inhabitants of the West:

Russians are very quick-witted and are able to forget a big quarrel after reconciliation. And the inhabitants of Western countries, after a difficult conflict, sever relations forever. But at the same time, they are not inclined to take revenge on their offenders;
the inhabitants of Russia are quite conservative, they take a long time to adapt to the new way of life, for a long time they master new technologies. But the inhabitants of Europe, on the contrary, accept any innovations with interest. This applies even to older Westerners. They are convinced that new inventions will make their life better;
Russians love heart-to-heart conversations and easily share intimate things, while Europeans, even with close people, do not allow themselves to talk about personal things;
Russians are rarely inclined to plan their spending and plans for life. But in Europe, people paint their plans for a month in advance and strictly follow it;
Russians are used to relying on feelings and emotions. Western people, on the other hand, are always guided by reason;
Russians like to have an unplanned holiday or holiday. And in Europe they rest and celebrate holidays only on certain calendar days;
Russians are very sentimental people. They are prone to empathy, quickly become imbued with the problems of other people. And Europeans, especially Italians and French, consider it bad form to tell unfamiliar people about personal troubles;
Russians are interested in social conformism. They don't want anyone to think of them in a negative way. For Russians, public interests are prioritized over individual interests. But in the West, personal aspirations are the priority.
There are indeed many differences between the mentality of a Russian and a Westerner. But with skillful interaction and a good understanding of the mentality of another people, it is quite possible to establish harmonious interaction with each other and avoid unpleasant situations and conflicts.

The Russian mentality integrates the features of both European and Asian countries. The Russians have the most similar moments with the Spaniards, Hungarians, and Irish. There is also a lot in common with the British. The similarity of the Russian mentality with the inhabitants of southern countries lies in emotionality, love for the holidays, openness, and Russians are related to the West in their self-criticism and in a long, deep experience of failure.

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