A huge number of foreign residents want to obtain citizenship of Malta, since this state is popular for its highly developed economy. The main incentives for people trying to obtain citizenship of Malta and permanently residing in this state are high welfare, excellent quality of health care and English-speaking residents.

Malta Citizenship


A huge number of foreign residents want to obtain citizenship of Malta, since this state is popular for its highly developed economy. The main incentives for people trying to obtain citizenship of Malta and permanently residing in this state are high welfare, excellent quality of health care and English-speaking residents.

Maltese citizenship allows its holder to visit all EU and Schengen states without a visa permit, since it has been in their composition since the beginning of May 2004.

Since the fall of last year, it is allowed to acquire citizenship of Malta from one to 3 years after the adoption of a residence permit.

Investors have the right to acquire Maltese citizenship by applying for Maltese citizenship through an honest investment for personal merit. This method takes into account the Maltese Citizenship Law. The initial investment amount is 690,000 euros.

Immigrants who have undergone comprehensive control and comply with the other requirements set out in the law are eligible to obtain citizenship of Malta.

Malta citizenship

Malta Citizenship by Investment


The current investment passport program in Malta is the second in a row.

According to official information available last February (this is the first version of the program that no longer exists), Malta has attracted approximately 1.23 billion euros since the launch of the Malta citizenship by investment program. The program allows every foreign investor with a clean background and a simple source of wealth to accept a Maltese passport in a relatively short time and become a resident of the European Union.

Freedom of choice of perspective with citizenship of Malta

Free admission to the US, UK and Canada. The Maltese are free to visit 186 countries, and they can also visit Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, which are on this list.

Moving to EU countries is always. The new regulation gives the right to take full advantage and independence of a European citizen together with his indigenous population.

Suitable medicine. The Maltese have health insurance, which allows them to be examined, to undergo treatment in the best medical institutions and to receive medicines without paying for them.

Stay in Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein. The right to live in non-EU Schengen states. Having citizenship of Malta, and without quotas for presence in these states.

Children education. With the citizenship of Malta, studying in EU educational institutions is cheaper. In addition, it is not required to obtain a student residence permit in another country.

International Business. With the citizenship of Malta, it is allowed to open a business in any EU country. This will help you bring your organization to the global marketplace and build strong trust in the financial environment.

Why is a Representative License Needed

Malta Citizenship Law does not allow foreigners to independently apply for Maltese citizenship for personal merit. This legitimacy is exclusively granted to officials with a license granted by the Government of Malta.

When an unlicensed representative submits an application, the foreigner is rejected, which means that they spend a lot of time preparing documents.

Who is eligible to take the citizenship of Malta


1. Investor:

no criminal record or criminal liability;
with no restrictions;
not having visa permits in the states that are with Malta;
free mode;
can confirm the legality of earnings.
2. Minor children: from previous marriages, both from the position of the contributor and from the position of the contributor's spouse.

3. Husband, wife or registered partner, including monogamy.

4. Children under the age of 29, financially dependent on the depositor and without matrimony, even children from past marriages.

5. Parents or ancestors of the depositor who have reached the age of 55, partially or wholly financially dependent on the depositor.

Step-by-step process of registering citizenship of Malta


Taking into account the aggregate investment, the law takes into account the period of introduction of the report on the adoption of the citizenship of Malta: from 1 to 3 years. In two versions, the process is similar - only the conditions for filing documents are highlighted when the investor decides to submit an application in a few years.

Internal control "Due diligence" (24 hours). Due diligence is the main step in applying for citizenship of Malta. This depends on whether the Maltese government authorities confirm the depositor's candidacy as an applicant for Maltese citizenship by investment. Thus, a certified anti-money laundering specialist from Immigrant Invest checks the depositor's documents and notifies about the degree of risk.

If, during the due diligence process, questions arise that will lead to the rejection of the investor's application, we recommend other programs for the adoption of citizenship of Malta by investment.

Certificate of no criminal record (up to 14 days). The police of this state considers applicants for the depositor and his relatives over 12 years old in the bases of the International Criminal Police Organization and the European Police Service.

Registration in this state (21 days). The position is accepted by the depositor and all his relatives who have reached the age of majority. As the licensor, we create a single report for the first degree reliability review. We issue certificates of the submitter and his relatives. Putting together a rented real estate agreement in Malta. We register medical insurance. We fill out and issue an application for a residence permit.

Preparation of documents for the Qualification Test (14 days). Submitting an Application for Comprehensive Review - Proficiency Test. The maximum application period is a year from the receipt of the residence card. All candidates who have reached the age of 12 are checked.

Control and permission (4-5 months). The Minister of Citizenship confirms or denies the requests. If successfully passed the control, interested persons can apply for citizenship 1 or 3 years after receiving a residence permit in Malta.

Submission of a report on the citizenship of Malta (1 or 3 years after the residence permit). If the report is submitted after 1 year, the person concerned proves whether the personal conditions have changed dramatically. For example, in case of severe illness, it is necessary to revise the MRQ form.

If the application is submitted after 3 years, you must certify the address of permanent residence and change the certificate of no criminal record. If other documents have been updated, they also need to be sent again.

Ministerial clearance (2-4 weeks). The decree is drawn up in writing and gives the peculiarity of obtaining citizenship.

Carrying out an investment requirement (up to 4 months). 4 months after the start of the written approval by the minister. In addition, the main applicant must prove consistency with Malta. The living conditions are taken into account by the new law.

A year from the first days of obtaining a residence permit - an investment of 750,000 euros. 3 years from the first days of obtaining a residence permit - an investment of 600,000 euros.

Obtaining a passport of Malta (60 days). Applicants over 6 years old directly purchase a Malta passport from the Maltese Passport Department.

Malta Citizenship


Extension of a Maltese passport. During weekdays in this state in your private presence.
We accept and change your ID card. We will receive it upon your request when you are going to Malta. We replace it when the address changes and at the end of the duration.
We get a residence permit to bring the family closer. For example, if you want to get a residence permit for parents who did not take part in the application.
We approve the tax residence. Taking into account the stay in Malta, the required number of days.
We register the yacht. We carry out the transaction from the beginning of the acquisition to the registration under the Maltese flag.
We will help you to issue a driver's license. The candidate expects to theoretically and practically pass the exam, and we explain it step by step.
Replace Malta passport upon loss. We prepare an application and take it to the passport office. Creation period - 4 hours.
We create a bank account. We prepare the required forms and notifications, in particular the passport of Malta and fill out the forms.
We get an identification number. We submit an application in electronic form to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number.
We will select real estate. First, we will help you find an apartment or other real estate online, and then we will check the property on the spot and send a video. And we will also select objects for investment at the construction stage.

Maltese Citizenship Questions Answered


What are the returnable investments? There are only investments in the acquisition of real estate. When investing in a living space of 750,000 euros, then a few years later it is allowed for sale. The price of real estate in this state is steadily increasing.

Are children under the age of 18 also required to undergo a due diligence check? All applicants 12 years of age and older are required to pass the Aptitude Test, which is a global analogy of due diligence examination.

What is the starting investment amount required? To acquire citizenship of Malta by investment, an investment of 690,000 euros is required.

What obligations arise after the adoption of the citizenship of Malta? Subsequently, the depositor's claimants face the following obligations:

Rent or purchase real estate.
Accept a report from your architect determining the comparative rental or purchase price.
Obtain and extend your health insurance until you receive your Maltese passport.
Sign the Annual Compliance Form every year for 5 years from the beginning of obtaining a Maltese passport. This confirms the fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining a certificate of acceptance of citizenship of Malta.

When providing real estate in Malta, can there be additional costs? The cost of utilities in the country is one of the lowest in the European Union. According to the EU Statistical Service, the year before last, the cost of paying utility bills in Malta fell by half than usually in the European Union.

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