There are many options for obtaining a residence permit in Europe. Some are complex, others are simpler. It all depends on the migration rules of a particular state, the applicant's life circumstances and the motives for moving. Therefore, there is no universal recipe for how to get a residence permit in Europe faster and easier. In some states, this procedure will be relatively simple for Russians, in others it will be complicated by various additional conditions. After analyzing the migration laws of four dozen European countries and the experience of our compatriots moving there, we made a thorough review. After reading it, readers will be able to find out where it is easiest to get a residence permit and permanent residence in Europe. Possible reasons for issuing a residence permit by the migration authorities of a particular state and the total cost of the procedure are also presented

Residence permit in European countries

There are many options for obtaining a residence permit in Europe. Some are complex, others are simpler. It all depends on the migration rules of a particular state, the applicant's life circumstances and the motives for moving. Therefore, there is no universal recipe for how to get a residence permit in Europe faster and easier. In some states, this procedure will be relatively simple for Russians, in others it will be complicated by various additional conditions. After analyzing the migration laws of four dozen European countries and the experience of our compatriots moving there, we made a thorough review. After reading it, readers will be able to find out where it is easiest to get a residence permit and permanent residence in Europe. Possible reasons for issuing a residence permit by the migration authorities of a particular state and the total cost of the procedure are also presented.

Advantages of a residence permit in Europe

There are many reasons for Russians to obtain a residence permit in the European Union. Here are the main ones:

  • High standard and quality of accommodation.
  • Stable economy, positively affecting the formation and development of business.
  • Possibility of obtaining credit loans at low bank interest rates.
  • The ability to open deposits in European banks with a high reliability rating.
  • Guaranteed inviolability of personal savings, deposits, investments and private property.
  • Free visa-free travel in the EU states and many countries of the world that have concluded relevant agreements with the European Union.
  • Access to quality education and healthcare, high-paying jobs.
  • For many people, an EU residence permit is just the first step towards acquiring European citizenship.

Where is the easiest place and how to get a residence permit

The question of where is the easiest way to obtain a residence permit is rather controversial. It is necessary to take into account the level of well-being of the migrant, age, education, social status and other additional nuances. In general, more stringent selection and, accordingly, more bureaucratic barriers exist in economically prosperous countries that do not need to attract migrants. These include the United Kingdom, Sweden, Luxembourg, Holland. At the same time, a European residence permit can be issued according to special programs operating in a number of states. The purpose of such programs is to attract qualified specialists to the domestic market. Also, a residence permit in Europe is often provided to wealthy investors who are able to invest a certain amount in the state economy. On average, its size starts from 350 thousand €, and the form of investment is different. Among the main options for obtaining a residence permit in Europe, you need to indicate:

Purchase of immovable property in the EU for a value not less than a fixed amount. This is one of the most common ways to get an EU residence permit. Suitable for many wealthy Russians who want to move to the European Union.
Investment in the local economy. Allows, in addition to obtaining a residence permit, it is profitable to invest your savings in European stocks or in a stable profitable business.
Registration of your own company and creation of jobs for residents. The main advantage of this option is the opportunity for an entrepreneur to develop his own business in favorable conditions of economic stability, absence of corruption and bureaucratic obstacles.
Marriage and a citizen or citizen of a European country.
Obtaining a residence permit in Europe through employment under a special program that provides for the conclusion of an open-ended contract with a local employer. Seasonal workers who are employed for a fixed period do not qualify for this criterion.
Family reunification. This opportunity can be used by close relatives of an EU citizen - spouses and children, and sometimes parents (pensioners, the poor, the disabled).
Education in an educational institution that has state accreditation. In some states, a residence permit in the EU is also provided for taking courses to study and improve the local language.
Scientific work under a contract with an educational or research organization.
Work related to staying on the territory of a European country. Employees of diplomatic departments and official representations (scientific, business, cultural) fall under this category.
Long-term treatment and rehabilitation course.
Residence permit in the EU for special merit. It is provided on an individual basis, usually by personal decree of the head of state or by decree of parliament.
Volunteer activity.
National residence permit - to preserve national or cultural identity.
After obtaining a residence permit, a foreigner receives the right to subsequently grant permanent residence in Europe, as well as a number of other additional preferences. For example, such a person can acquire land plots in private ownership and perform other legally significant actions that are inaccessible to other foreigners. Next, we will consider the nuances of obtaining a residence permit in Europe, where it is easier and cheaper to do this.



The most preferred option for acquiring an Austrian residence permit is RWR-Karte. This is the so-called “red-white-red card” issued to qualified specialists. Applicants for an RWR-Karte must pass a check with government agencies for compliance with established professional standards, which includes a number of different criteria.

Cost. Registration of a residence permit with a red-white-red card will cost from € 30,000 to € 100,000.

Conditions. Most often, businessmen apply for this method of naturalization in Austria. They are required to obtain an opinion from the state labor department on the benefits of business activities for the country's economy.

Other options:

For high-net-worth individuals - the status does not allow them to work and do business in Austria. Issued according to strictly limited quotas of each of the federal states. The applicant will be required to provide documentary evidence of an average monthly income of at least 2000 € for each of his family members. In one of the banks operating in Austria, there must be at least 20 thousand € for an adult and 10 thousand for a minor child.
Blue card. Hired specialists can be obtained if they have an official invitation from an Austrian employer, in the employment contract with which the amount of monthly income is not less than 4100 €.

The likelihood of extending the obtained residence permit depends on the degree of integration of the foreign citizen into the life of the local society. You should constantly improve your language skills, assign children to local educational institutions, issue medical and social insurance policies.



The most common ways to obtain a residence permit in the Kingdom of Belgium are:

Employment contract with a Belgian employer.
Purchase of a commercial company already registered in Belgium.
Opening your own business here, subject to annual tax deductions of at least € 90,000. That is, so that the company is not fictitious, but actively functioning.
Registration costs - starting from 30 thousand €.

Conditions. The issuance of work permits in the Kingdom of Belgium is strictly limited. More quotas are allocated to qualified specialists working in the field of IT-technologies, healthcare, people with engineering education. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit for students who enrolled in Belgian universities.



It is somewhat easier to obtain a residence permit here than in Western Europe. The main reasons for providing it here are:

Investment projects.
Availability of retirement benefits.
Purchase of real estate.
Registration of a representative office of a commercial company with obligatory registration with the tax authorities.
Starting a business with the creation of more than a dozen positions for Bulgarian citizens
Conclusion of a marriage union with a citizen / civil Bulgaria or any EU country.
Presence of Bulgarian ethnic roots.
Conditions. The applicant is obliged to meet the requirements, depending on the motives of migration. To have housing in Bulgaria - either owned or in a long-term lease, and the means to live. Document the level of your income and apply for an insurance medical policy. The terms of consideration of the submitted application do not exceed 1 month.

Costs. If the motive for granting a residence permit is the purchase of real estate, then its value must exceed 300 thousand €. For investors, the lower investment threshold is € 125,000, and these should be underdeveloped areas, not the capital and large centers. The acquisition of real estate or investment can be carried out not only by individuals, but also by legal entities. Then the rights to a residence permit are acquired by the owners of this commercial structure, who own more than 50% of its authorized capital. For foreigners applying for it for other reasons, it is necessary to have more than 2 thousand euros on the deposit.

Great Britain


Obtaining UK citizenship is difficult. The best way to get a residence permit here is to use the VIP offer. This simplified way is to obtain a status within eight weeks in exchange for a significant investment. The following investment options are possible:

Purchase of government securities.
Purchase of shares in local investment funds.
Acquisition of interests in firms registered on the island and are UK tax residents.
Conditions. When investing, you can use only your own capital, and not borrowed funds. The origin of the money invested must be documented. When a married couple obtains a residence permit in the UK, their total investment assets are taken into account.

Costs. To obtain a British residence permit under a simplified VIP offer, you will need to invest at least £ 2 million in the country's economic development. The speed of granting the subsequent permanent residence status is directly proportional to the size of the invested assets:

2 to 5 million pounds - 5 years.
5 to 10 million - 3 years,
Over 10 million - 2 years.



Perhaps this country is the best option for Russians wondering about a residence permit in Europe: where it is easier and cheaper to get it. In Hungary, it is possible to issue it as quickly as possible than in other EU states - in just three weeks. These preferences are given to people who have a certain amount of money.

Costs. The amount of investment must exceed 300 thousand € per family of the applicant. Plus, a one-time fee of 60 thousand € is paid.

Conditions. The economic migration program provides for a direct investment of funds in government bonds with a guaranteed return within a five-year period. After granting a residence permit within three weeks, the investor can apply for permanent residence after six months. Other options include:

Opening a commercial company with an authorized capital of at least 10 thousand euros. She must conduct an active commercial activity and pay taxes to the budget. A residence permit is provided not only to the business owner, but also to his entire family.
Purchase of real estate that meets certain requirements. The minimum price threshold is not set here, but the average cost of apartments in the Hungarian outback does not exceed 25 thousand €. In addition, the account of the applicant and each of his next of kin must have more than 6,000 €.
In the above cases, obtaining permanent residence is possible only after three years, and Hungarian citizenship - after another 5 years. This gives a total of eight years.



Germany is distinguished by a very high standard of living of the population and, accordingly, a large number of people who want to move here for permanent residence. Therefore, it is rather difficult to obtain a residence permit in Germany, especially in light of recent events - an uncontrolled influx of migrants from the Middle East and African region. The most affordable option for obtaining a residence permit in Europe through the German migration services is an investment in the German economy of at least half a million €. So, you can open a company with five German citizens employed in it. One more condition: a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany or a person with permanent residence status can become the general director.

Other possible options:

Financial solvency. The minimum amount of the applicant's account is set independently by each of the FRG lands.
Blue Card. Issued only to highly qualified professionals invited from abroad by a local employer.
Investing in a business in a specific region. The applicant must be financially sound, have entrepreneurial experience, and provide a detailed business plan. Since 2012 the minimum investment threshold for this situation has been canceled.
You can also get a residence permit here for the following reasons:

Refugee status.
Study at a local educational institution.
Official employment.
Family reunification.
Granting political asylum.



Against the background of other EU countries, the migration offer of the Greek authorities looks very tempting. It is possible to obtain a residence permit in the European Union within a month. This will require investing a certain amount in real estate or the Greek economy. This could be:

Creation of a new business enterprise or purchase of an existing one. The amount of expenses must exceed 300 thousand €.
Acquisition of real estate for 250 thousand € per applicant, or 500 thousand per family.
Conditions. The investor is provided with the maximum number of benefits. The requirement for compulsory residence in Greece for 183 days annually is canceled. Such an option with almost 100% probability guarantees the provision of a residence permit.

Other options. Financially wealthy migrants can deposit at least 24 thousand euros into their accounts in any of the Greek banks. If the move is planned with the whole family, then it will be exciting to invest 20% for a spouse and another 15% for a minor child. You should also have documents confirming an average monthly income of over 2 thousand €.



In terms of migration policy, this Scandinavian kingdom is considered the most conservative and closed EU state. The provision of a residence permit here is associated with strict quotas. The easiest way to obtain a Danish residence permit is business investment: opening your own business here, buying an existing commercial company or part of its shares.

Costs. The minimum investment must exceed 50 thousand €.

Conditions. The company being opened must have Danish nationals in the state, and also comply with all the requirements of the tax, labor and other laws of the country. Residence permit in case of business investment is given for 12 months, and it will have to be renewed annually for 3 years.



According to Irish law, in order to obtain a residence permit, combined investment is allowed: investment in the economy and the acquisition of real estate.

Costs. The minimum costs are at least one million €. Of these, no more than 50% is allowed to be spent on real estate, and the rest must go in the form of investments in the island's economy. This can be the purchase of public or private commercial securities, the purchase of a stake in a business, or an entire operating company.

Conditions. Investments should be made without the use of borrowed funds. The investor must present documents confirming the investment of his own, not bank funds. For members of his family, a residence permit is provided without other payments and investments.



For the purchase of real estate for a certain amount in Spain, it is possible to obtain a "golden residence permit". You can buy residential, commercial real estate, or land.

Costs. The minimum investment for obtaining a "golden residence permit" is 500 thousand €.

Conditions. The duration of the procedure does not exceed a month. After obtaining this status, it is enough for a foreigner to stay in Spain for no more than 1 day annually. The obtained status does not give an opportunity to engage in any work activity. This will require a separate permit. After 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence, and if you have lived in the kingdom for 10 years, you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

Other options:

Purchase of government bonds worth € 2 million.
Investing over € 1 million in shares of Spanish companies or acquiring a share in the authorized capital.
Opening a deposit in one of the banks of the kingdom for 1 million €.
Establishing a business in the kingdom with job creation for Spanish nationals. The migration legislation does not determine the size of the investment project in monetary terms, but the company must act actively, providing tax revenues to the budget. It is also mandatory to comply with the labor code and other requirements of local legislation.



According to Italian migration laws, the provision of a residence permit here is a purely individual approach, taking into account several factors. Therefore, the applicant is not guaranteed a 100% positive decision on the submitted application. Based on the experience of obtaining an Italian residence permit, we can say that the most realistic way is to find a job in a local organization. An employment contract with a foreigner provides for: the provision of medical care, the provision of housing and social protection. You can conclude an agreement both before entering Italy and after arriving at the place.

Other options. Opening your own commercial enterprise. The initial investment in the business must exceed 10 thousand euros. You will also need to obtain permission from local authorities to open a business and licensing this type of activity. Sometimes these two stages are the most troublesome.



Cyprus also has its own investment program, which allows you to issue a residence permit here in exchange for the acquisition of real estate.

Costs. Preferences in obtaining a residence permit are provided upon the conclusion of a deed of purchase with a housing in the amount of 300 thousand € or more. An additional condition is documentary evidence of an annual income of over 15 thousand €, plus another 5 thousand € per one family member of the applicant.

Conditions. If the established requirements are met, a positive decision on the submitted application is made within three months. Acquisition of real estate at a price of up to 300 thousand also provides for obtaining a residence permit, but with a lower guarantee and with a long period of consideration. Also, the status can be issued only for a year, with the need for subsequent renewal.



In this Baltic republic, when buying real estate in the amount of 250 thousand €, it is allowed to obtain a "golden residence permit". Additional conditions:

Only one real estate object is bought for this price.
It is forbidden to buy an empty, undeveloped land plot.
The cadastral price of the purchased property must exceed 80 thousand €.
Costs. When purchasing an immovable object into ownership, an applicant for a residence permit in Latvia must pay a fee of 5% of its price. That is, with the minimum allowable price of 250 thousand, it will be 12.5 thousand €.

Other possibilities. Investment in a local business in the amount of at least 35 thousand €. In this case, the following additional conditions must also be met:

The staff of the company exceeds 50 people.
The company's annual turnover is at least € 10 million.
Annual tax revenues to the budget - from 40 thousand €.
When investing in business more than 150 thousand euros, the applicant will be able to obtain a Latvian residence permit without additional conditions.



Here it is allowed to apply for a residence permit when opening a commercial organization with three jobs for Lithuanian citizens. At the same time, it will take about 4 months to register the status.

Costs. The size of the initial investment in the business must exceed 28 thousand €.

Conditions. A foreigner has the right to apply for a residence permit six months after opening his business in Lithuania. His share in the capital of the company must exceed 1/3, while he himself is a member of the board or director.

Other options. You can also purchase a ready-made business in Lithuania, or open a local representative office of your company registered in another country. In these cases, the requirements remain the same - the creation of 3 positions in the staff for Lithuanian citizens.



For wealthy foreigners in Luxembourg, it is provided for the provision of a residence permit without the right to work and do business. The applicant will have to document his financial situation and buy a home in this duchy.

Costs. An applicant for a Luxembourg residence permit must have more than 25 thousand € on his account.

Other options. It is permissible for a foreigner to obtain a residence permit with the right to work, upon concluding an employment contract with one of the local organizations. The migrant must act as an employee.



In Malta, a residence permit is provided not only for the purchase, but even when renting a home.

Costs. For different cities and regions of the country, there are different investment thresholds for buying real estate. They range from 220 to 275 thousand euros. When renting real estate, the amount of annual rental payments must exceed 9.6 thousand € in the largest cities, and 8.7 thousand in rural areas. According to Maltese law, a tenant who has received a residence permit will also have to pay a tax fee of 15 thousand euros for the whole family every year.

Conditions. Registration of a residence permit is allowed prior to the purchase or lease transaction. In this case, the application is considered by the migration authorities within 8 months. If approved, the foreigner must, within the next year, purchase real estate here for personal ownership or for rent. Otherwise, its status will be canceled.

Other options. A permanent resident of the country with a certain level of well-being can also receive a Maltese residence permit. The minimum threshold for annual income must not be lower than 25 thousand €. Also, alternatively, the applicant may have a personal savings amount of more than half a million euros. If you plan to move to Malta with your family, then this is another plus 150 thousand for each of its members. Recently, a migration program "Residence permit for investment" has been introduced on the island.



There are EU standard opportunities for obtaining a residence permit - employment, study at a local educational institution, family reunification, etc. Among the special offers is a residence permit for foreign businessmen who wish to open their own business in this kingdom. The most popular form of doing business here is LLC. On average, it takes up to four months to open a society.

Costs. The capitalization of a commercial company at its opening must exceed 18 thousand €.



The immigration laws of Poland allow the granting of a residence permit to a foreign entrepreneur if he acts as the owner or manager of the company.

Costs. The capitalization level of a company registered in Poland must exceed 1300 €, and the average annual turnover is 13 thousand €.

Conditions. The staff of a foreign company must be at least two Polish citizens. After 5 years, a foreign businessman has the right to apply for permanent residence.

Other options. Another way is to open a commercial company, where a Polish citizen, or any of the EU countries, will be appointed as a director or chairman of the board. The terms of registration remain the same.



There is a migration program for obtaining a residence permit in Europe in a very short time. So, when purchasing real estate, a foreigner will be able to obtain a residence permit within two months. Moreover, this applies not only to the applicant himself, but immediately to his entire family without any additional costs.

Costs. You can buy one or several objects at once. The condition is that the total purchase price must exceed 250 thousand €. Additional costs for registration of the status are another 10 thousand euros.

Conditions. It is necessary to make a purchase before submitting an application to the migration services. The application for granting the status must be submitted before the expiration of 90 days from the date of entry into the country.

Other options:

The preferential provision of a Portuguese residence permit is also provided for investors who have invested at least a million euros in the country's economy. The form of investment can be any - the purchase of shares or other securities, a stake in a Portuguese commercial firm.
Opening a business in Portugal providing over 10 positions for Portuguese citizens. The predominant form of doing business here is a closed joint-stock company.



Obtaining a Romanian residence permit is a very difficult procedure. Foreign investors here are run by a special government service ARIS. Its employees carefully check every investment project proposed by foreign entrepreneurs.

Costs. To open a business or invest money, Romanian companies will need to spend at least € 100,000.

Conditions. A detailed business project is submitted to the ARIS authorities, which provides for 15 places for Romanian citizens. A residence permit for foreign businessmen is issued for a year, after which it is required to renew it annually for 5 years. At the end of this period, it is allowed to apply for permanent residence.



Obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia is not carried out for some reason, but for the accomplishment of certain goals by the migrant:

Starting your own business.
Scientific and educational activities.
It is also possible to get a Slovak residence permit, if you have a blue card of the European Union, on the basis of family reunification, being an ethnic Slovak. The easiest option for Russians is to open and run their own business in Slovakia. The preferred form of entrepreneurial activity is LLC. Registration usually takes no more than 4-5 months.

Costs. An applicant for a Slovak residence permit must have at least 23 thousand € in a bank account. The authorized capital of the company being opened exceeds 5 thousand €.

Conditions. The applicant should document his financial viability, submit a business plan to the migration services, purchase or rent living space in the country, and issue a medical insurance policy. A residence permit can be granted for a period of six months to two years, after which it must be renewed.



The easiest and fastest way to get a residence permit in Slovenia is to register your company here or invest in an existing local company. Two persons can apply for this status at once: the owner of the company, having at least 51% of the authorized capital, and its director. The term for consideration of an application for granting status takes approx. 1 month.

Costs. Business investment must amount to € 50.0 thousand.

Conditions. A person opening or acquiring a company in Slovenia must also buy or rent a living space here. Obtaining a residence permit is possible only after the official registration of the company with the tax authorities. This procedure can take 3 to 5 months. Plus the status - it gives a foreigner the right to work in the EU.



Two types of residence permit are provided here:

Categories "A" - continuous, issued for 4 years. Convenient for starting and doing business in Finland.
Category "B" - temporary, for the period of training or work on a fixed-term contract.
Finnish immigration legislation is especially loyal to foreign investors. The number of refusals to grant a residence permit for such persons is traditionally minimal, and the procedure for obtaining a status does not exceed six months in duration.

Costs. The authorized capital of a company opened by a foreigner in Finland must exceed € 2.5 thousand, and the applicant's personal income must exceed € 1.5 thousand.

Conditions. At least half of the board members of a commercial enterprise must be citizens of the European Union. A foreign entrepreneur must also provide a detailed business project. Otherwise, Finnish legislation is quite loyal to foreign business investors:

There are no requirements for the size of the company's turnover.
There is no precondition in the form of job creation for Finnish citizens.
There is no lower threshold for the investment amount.
It is enough for the company to function, taxes go to the budget, and wages are paid to employees.



For financially wealthy individuals in France, there is a program for granting a preferential residence permit. True, it does not provide for permission to conduct private business or employment. The registration procedure takes up to six months.

Costs. In any of the French banks, the applicant must have at least 30 thousand €. Plus the same amount for each of his family members applying for a residence permit.

Conditions. To confirm the financial viability, you need to provide the employees of the migration institution with documents on the level of income, an invoice and an agreement for the purchase or rent of living space in France.

Other options:

Investment. To get a preferential residence permit, you need to invest at least € 10 million in the French economy. The investor must acquire at least 30% of the shares or shares of a commercial organization. If a new company is created, its staff should consist of more than 50 employees.
Commercial status. Provided by the company manager and his immediate family.
Seconded workers. Issued to employees of foreign firms, branches and representative offices registered in France.



Here, a well-to-do foreign citizen can easily obtain a residence permit when he registers a commercial company in Croatia.

Costs. The minimum amount of the authorized capital is not less than 2.7 thousand €.

Conditions. The residence permit applicant has a share of at least 51% in a company registered in Croatia. If this condition is met, the foreigner receives a license that permits the conduct of production and trading activities. At the same time, it is not prohibited if the company has a 100 percent share of foreign capital.

Other options. It is permissible to apply for a residence permit for foreigners holding a managerial position in a company registered in Croatia. The size of the salary should be at the level of the national average, that is, about 1.1 thousand €. The capitalization of an organization opened by a foreigner must exceed 13 thousand €, and its staff consists of three Croatian citizens.

Czech Republic


It is easier to apply for a residence permit for a business investor in the Czech Republic than for other applicants. The most common form of entrepreneurial activity here is LLC, since individual entrepreneurs pay large tax contributions. Registration takes up to a month, plus another couple of months you will have to wait for a residence permit. The entire family of a migrant can obtain this status.

Costs. Total cost:

Registration of a residence permit from 1 thousand €.
Registration of LLC - 3 thousand, with a capitalization of 7.5 thousand €.
Registration of JSC - 5 thousand, with a capitalization of 140 thousand €.
The applicant must have more than € 3,700 in the account.

Conditions. You need to register a company before applying for a Czech residence permit. The applicant can be a founder of a company or a director, with a corresponding license.



This Scandinavian kingdom is one of the most closed states for migrants in Europe. To obtain a residence permit here, a businessman must register a JSC here.

Costs. To register a company in Sweden will cost from 10 thousand, to obtain a residence permit - another 2,250 €. For family members, you will also need to pay another 1250 €. The applicant must have an amount of more than 21 thousand € on the account, and another 10.5 thousand for the spouse and 5.5 thousand for each of the children.

Conditions. Only a citizen of the European Union has the right to be listed as the manager of the company.



Persons who decide to obtain a residence permit in Estonia are given such an opportunity to invest in the state economy.

Costs. The minimum investment amount is from 66,500 €, in the form of such types of assets:

Personal funds of a business investor.
Subordinated lending.
The cost of the main property of the newly opened company.
Conditions. A company registered but not generating income is immediately subject to control as potentially fictitious. Therefore, an open company must generate income, otherwise its owner may lose the status of a residence permit. Employees must have Estonian citizens. To register a company, a foreign businessman must present a detailed business plan, documents on the origin of the initial capital and an agreement for the purchase or lease of living space in Estonia.


Residence permit in European countries outside the EU





In Albania, it is permissible to obtain a residence permit on a “D” visa for persons who have their own home here. Since this Adriatic country is very popular with lovers of seaside holidays, this option is in great demand.

Costs. In the center of the capital of the country, the price per square meter of residential real estate is from 800 €, and in the suburbs of Tirana - 350. In resort centers, the cost of housing can rise to 1200 € per square meter.

Conditions. Together with the application, you will need to provide a certificate of the ownership of the living space and the amount of money for living. Initially, the status is granted for a year, after renewal - twice more for a couple of years. Then you can apply for permanent residence.

Other options. The simplified scheme for obtaining an Albanian residence permit also applies to business investors. Registration of a new company here takes no longer than 1-5 days, and its cost is about 250-400 €. The amount of capitalization is not legally defined. Investors who have invested more than € 100,000 in the country's economy are immediately granted Albanian citizenship.



In this small Pyrenean principality, there are a number of options for obtaining a residence permit:

Purchase of housing.
Investment in Andorran business.
Purchase of government bonds.
In the above cases, the minimum investment amount starts from 350 thousand €. Also, the applicant must have a personal or rented dwelling here, and live in the principality for at least 90 days annually.

Costs. To the depository account in the local financial fund INAF, you need to transfer 50 thousand € for the applicant himself, plus another 10 thousand for each of his family members. There is a requirement for the average annual income: 36 thousand for the applicant and 12 thousand for his dependents.

Conditions. Since Andorra is not part of the EU, the residence permit does not automatically give the right to reside in the European Union. To do this, you will have to apply for a Schengen visa separately.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


The easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to register your own commercial enterprise. The requests presented here to business investors are minimal.

Costs. The applicant must have more than 1.5 thousand € in the deposit account.

Conditions. Registration events usually take from 2 to 4 weeks, plus the same amount will take the issuance of a residence permit. It is provided for three years, if you have your own home or a lease for a period of six months or more.

Other options. Buying real estate at any price. You will need to pay a tax fee of 2% of the purchase price and up to a thousand euros for the work of specialists.



It is very difficult to obtain a residence permit in Iceland, even when buying real estate on the island and opening your own company. The country has strict restrictions in the field of migration, and there are exceptions only for those contributing to the development of the Icelandic macroeconomy. In other cases, more that a business investor can count on is the provision of a multiple entry visa.



In an alpine micro-state, the easiest option for obtaining a residence permit is official employment in a local company. But there is one obstacle: only persons who already have a local residence permit or in any EU state are accepted to work in the principality. Also, the applicant needs to have a unique specialty that is in demand in Liechtenstein.



You can get a residence permit here when registering a new company.

Conditions. The applicant must be the owner of commercial real estate in the territory of Macedonia - a point of sale, office, production workshop. Macedonian migration regulations do not accept dual citizenship. Therefore, Russians who decide to settle in this former Yugoslav republic will have to give up their existing Russian passport.



The Principality of Monaco is one of the world's centers for seaside recreation and gambling. Accordingly, the cost of living is very high here, even in comparison with neighboring France and Italy. Therefore, very wealthy people will be able to settle here. As a confirmation of their financial independence, the migrant must have a bank account for 250 thousand €. Consideration of the submitted application takes about 5 weeks.

Condition. To open a business in Monaco, you need special permission from the authorities and the purchase of an office or commercial real estate in the territory of the principality. The minimum capitalization of a newly opened company is from 15 thousand €. Initially, the status is granted for a year, then consecutively for 2 and 3 years. At the end of this period, the migrant receives a Monegasque Preferred Resident Visa, which is valid for 10 years. It can be extended any number of times, without any restrictions.



The easiest way to get a Norwegian residence permit is to open your own business here.

Costs. Registration costs will amount to 13 thousand € - this is how much the authorized capital of the company to be opened should be.

Conditions. The applicant must have experience in the field of entrepreneurship and must submit a detailed business project for consideration by Norwegian officials. Only a Norwegian national can be appointed to the position of director or company manager.

San Marino


In the small state of San Marino, surrounded on all sides by the territory of Italy, the easiest way to get a residence permit for wealthy people. To do this, you will need to prove the presence of at least 500 thousand €, or buy real estate here for the same amount. After obtaining a residence permit, in order to apply for citizenship of San Marino, you will need to wait another 30 years.



To provide a Serbian residence permit, it is enough to buy an already operating company here, or by starting your own business.

Costs. The minimum authorized capital must be at least 500 euros, and the registration procedure costs 1200 €. For joint stock companies, the amount of the authorized capital is higher:

JSC - 10 thousand.
CJSC - 25 thousand.
The businessman's account must have more than 3.5 thousand €.

Conditions. Among the additional requirements: the presence of a business project and personal or rented housing in Serbia.

Other options. Upon proof of his solvency and the availability of housing, the foreigner receives a residence permit for a period of three years. The amount of real estate purchases is not established by law, although such projects are already being considered by Serbian officials.



The easiest way to obtain a Turkish residence permit is a short-term status - no more than 1 year. They issue him for the following reasons:

Marriage with a Turkish citizen.
Buying a property.
Starting your own business.
Costs. To obtain the status, a foreigner must have at least 5.5 thousand € on his personal account. The purchase price of real estate is not limited in any way. For the registration procedure, you will have to pay about 2 thousand €.



Currently, a program is being introduced in Montenegro that allows you to provide a local residence permit to all owners of housing in the country. To do this, you need to provide evidence of the presence of 3.65 thousand euros on the applicant's account. Another option is to open your own business enterprise in this country.

Costs. Local immigration laws are very loyal to business investors. To open your own company, here it is enough to have capital of 1 €, and in the bank account - 300 €.

Conditions. The applicant must have medical insurance, money in the account and no criminal record.



The easiest way to settle in Switzerland is for especially wealthy foreigners. For representatives of VIP migration, the registration of residence permit status takes no more than six months. The amount of investment in this case should be very significant. But the advantages of living in Switzerland are much more - ranging from a high standard of living and security, to free movement in the Schengen area.

Costs. There are two ways to invest in total:

Passive, in the form of a lump-sum tax paid to the Swiss state treasury. Its size is 100 thousand euros annually.
Investments in an operating business - from 1 million €.
The registration procedure will cost CHF 50,000.

Conditions. Every businessman wishing to register his business in Switzerland will face a serious selection process. There are a lot of applicants, and the authorities select the most worthy from among them. Therefore, paying the lump-sum tax is a more realistic way of acquiring a Swiss residence permit.


Obtaining a residence permit in Europe


As you can see, each European state offers its own preferential options. Therefore, every Russian who wants to move there must proceed from a number of subjective criteria. For wealthy citizens, the most profitable option is to invest in real estate. If you want to move freely throughout the European Union, then choose a residence permit in the Schengen countries.

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