Grenada occupies several islands - the same name, Karioku and Petit Martinique and a number of small ones, adjacent to the island of Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
This is one of the most economically competitive Caribbean countries, its tax policy is soft (real estate tax is up to 0.5%, you do not have to pay taxes on income received outside the island). The immigration program for investors, launched in 1997, has undergone 2013 is a very significant change, and now is quick (the solution will take a maximum of 4 months), confidential (the information that you have received dual citizenship is not disclosed) and extensive in terms of visa-free relocated I am the world.
The citizenship of Grenada is indefinite; it is especially convenient for those who care about the future of children: your heirs will be able to automatically receive it in the future, in addition, having a passport from this Caribbean country gives you the right to education in all universities in the UK, including the most high-status ones.


The passport of Grenada

The tropical climate is very gentle here - average temperatures range from 25 ° C to 28 ° C, irregular rains occur from June to November, Grenada, thanks to its location, is protected from typhoons. The relief of the island is hilly - low mountains with numerous waterfalls are covered with exotic vegetation. The legendary beaches of the resort island are the famous “pearl” sand and an abundance of tourist infrastructure.
The capital is St. Georges (the port, near which the famous medical university is accredited by the United States), is dominated by Christianity (Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans). The national currency (the country is a constitutional monarchy under the auspices of the Queen of Britain) is the East Caribbean dollar.
The country's main economic sector is tourism, as well as agriculture: plantations of nutmeg, bananas, avocados, mangoes and citrus fruits, cloves and cocoa trees, cotton. Experts include Grenada as a country that guarantees people with dual citizenship high financial security and banking confidentiality and the prospects for expanding profitable investment in business.
The country's tax policy is very flexible and gentle: individuals who live on the island less than 183 days a year are Grenada tax residents and pay taxes only on income received in the state. For residents, the tax is 30%, for non-residents - 15%. Capital gains, the receipt of property (including real estate) as a gift or by inheritance is not taxable.
For legal entities, the average tax rate on profits is 30%: Grenada is an offshore zone with a wide range of benefits.
The property tax rate varies, not exceeding, as a rule, 0.5%. Here plays the role of the intended use of the property. If you have citizenship of Grenada, the tax on the sale of real estate will be 5% of the cost.


The government offers two schemes for obtaining citizenship based on:
  • investments: an investment in one of the properties from the list approved by the government of the country, starting from 350 thousand US dollars (with the right to withdraw investment no earlier than 4 years, paying another 25 thousand for each dependent family member and paying an additional duty of 50 thousand);
  • a donation (non-refundable contribution) of 150 thousand dollars to the National Fund for the Transformation of Grenada.
An applicant for a Caribbean passport may apply for Grenada citizenship for himself, a husband (wife) and children under 25 years of age, as well as elderly parents over 65 years of age. It also has to pay state fees for reviewing documents ($ 2,000 for children under 18 years of age and 3 thousand dollars for adult applicants from 18 years old) and the procedure for examining security (5 thousand dollars for adult applicants from 18 years old, 2 thousand dollars for dependent family members up to 17 years old).
Please note - the procedure for obtaining a second citizenship of Grenada will not require the applicant to come to the island, to provide a professional or managerial portfolio. After receiving a passport, it is not necessary to reside regularly in the country and take an examination of language proficiency.


The passport of Grenada

The passport holder is entitled to free visits to more than 140 countries, including the UK, China and Singapore, which are usually accompanied by a long, multi-step procedure. The main advantage of obtaining a passport in exchange for an investment in Grenada is the only Caribbean program that gives obtaining a US visa E-2 Treaty Investor Visa ("entrepreneurial" or "investor" visa), which gives the right to open and run its own business in the United States.
Special amenities are opened for those who are interested in China for economic reasons: the Grenada passport allows you to stay in this very closed country for a year every 180 days without additional fees and documentary formalities (only nine countries have free entry to China).
If you have a Grenada passport, you can enter without a visa or with automatic receipt of an electronic visa, as well as a visa upon arrival:
  1. Austria
  2. Anguilla
  3. Argentina
  4. Armenia
  5. Aruba
  6. Bahamas
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Barbados
  9. Belize
  10. Belgium
  11. Bermuda
  12. Bolivia
  13. Bonaire
  14. Botswana
  15. Brazil
  16. British Virgin Islands
  17. Brunei
  18. Vanuatu
  19. Vatican
  20. UK
  21. Hungary
  22. Venezuela (+ margarita)
  23. East Timor
  24. Haiti
  25. Guyana
  26. The Gambia
  27. Ghana
  28. Guadeloupe
  29. Guinea Bissau
  30. Germany
  31. Guernsey
  32. Gibraltar
  33. Hong Kong
  34. Greenland
  35. Greece
  36. Denmark and the Faroe Islands
  37. Darussalam
  38. Jersey
  39. Djibouti
  40. Dominica
  41. Dominican Republic
  42. Egypt
  43. Zambia
  44. Zimbabwe
  45. Israel
  46. Indonesia
  47. Jordan
  48. Iran
  49. Ireland
  50. Iceland
  51. Spain
  52. Italy
  53. Cape Verde
  54. Cayman Islands
  55. Cambodia
  56. Kenya
  57. Kiribati
  58. China
  59. Colombia
  60. Comoros
  61. Kosovo
  62. Costa Rica
  63. Cuba
  64. Curacao
  65. Laos
  66. Latvia
  67. Lesotho
  68. Lithuania
  69. Liechtenstein
  70. Luxembourg
  71. Mauritania
  72. Madagascar
  73. Macau
  74. Malawi
  75. Malaysia
  76. Maldives
  77. Malta
  78. Martinique
  79. Micronesia
  80. Mozambique
  81. Monaco
  82. Monserrat
  83. Namibia
  84. Nepal
  85. Netherlands
  86. Nicaragua
  87. Niue
  88. Norway
  89. Ascension Island
  90. Isle of Man
  91. St. Helena
  92. Cook Islands
  93. Mauritius Island
  94. Pitcairn Islands
  95. Turks and Caicos Islands
  96. Palau
  97. Panama
  98. Papua and New Guinea
  99. Peru
  100. Poland
  101. Portugal
  102. Rwanda
  103. Sabu
  104. Samoa
  105. St. Lucia
  106. Swaziland
  107. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  108. Saint Eustatius
  109. Seychelles
  110. Saint martin
  111. Senegal
  112. St. Barthelme
  113. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  114. Singapore
  115. Slovakia
  116. Slovenia
  117. Solomon Islands
  118. Somalia
  119. Suriname
  120. Tanzania
  121. Togo
  122. Tonga
  123. Trinidad and Tobago
  124. Tristan da cunha
  125. Tuvalu
  126. Turkey
  127. Uganda
  128. Uruguay
  129. Fiji
  130. Philippines
  131. Finland
  132. Falkland Islands
  133. France
  134. Central African Republic
  135. The Czech Republic
  136. Chile
  137. Switzerland
  138. Sweden
  139. Sri lanka
  140. Ecuador
  141. Estonia
  142. South Korea
  143. Jamaica
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