Tourist attraction – castle «Grand Vinica» - ВНЖ, ПМЖ и Второе Гражданство

Prepared investment object:

Tourist attraction – castle “Grand Vinica” for €7,0 million 

Object represents a unique monument of Medieval architecture on the border with Croatia. The castle was reconstructed using the most advanced and qualitative materials. It was officially brought into production and HASAP license was obtained. 

Core activity - rent and restaurant on the territory of the object. 

Object’s principal features

The main building of complex, reconstructed old castle of 10 century with total area 1100 m2.

  • Winter hall with veranda looking out over the river
  • 3 luxury apartments with capacity up to 10 people
  • Full galley dining kitchen for serving up to 200 visitors.
  • Spa-complex with sauna, massage parlour and hot tab

Additional building with total area of 150 m2.

  • Check-out desk
  • Storage
  • Bar

Summer restaurant with capacity up to 200 visitors.

4500 m2 of territory, which you can use for celebrations, weddings, fests or you can arrange park for visitors. 

Object is located on the southeast of Slovenia in touristic region “Dolenska”. The castle represents the monument of architecture, even in Wikipedia there is the information of this castle. 

Thermal resort “Dolenske Toplitce” is located in 30 minutes away from the object. Professional golf course for 18 holes, ski resort SC Bela. The castle is located in 100 meters away from border crossing with Croatia, where from April till October about 450000 cars get trough (data of Border Police).  Two touristic camping grounds with capacity of 50 000 people per year are located in 500 meters away from object. Thus on the assumption of 500000 tourists in summer, visiting Vinica region you can estimate potential audience of visitors without including of additional customer capture advertisement from the capital of Slovenia and guests from other European countries. On the assumption of overall average, supposed visitor’s numbers of object will:

  • Summer restaurant – 50000 people per tourist season
  • Tourist activity – 2500 people

Object’s core activity 

  • Rent
  • Restaurant
  • Celebrations and weddings arrangement
  • River and cycling tours arrangement
  •  Wine tasting

Slovenian standard of living is high, and taking it into account, the following estimated data can be predicted:

  • Average bill in restaurant – €30 
  • Cost of customer’s overnight stop without additional supplements – 350 euro24-hour period
  • Restaurant profit – 3000-4000 euro/ 24-hour period
  • Additional tourist services – 150000 euro/year

The Vinica castle is located in unique place

  • 113 km up to Ljubljana
  • 84 km up to Zagreb
  • 140 km up to Ljubljana’s airport
  • 167 km up to Italy seaside 
  • 98 km up to Croatia seaside
  • 50 km thermal resort “Dolenska”
  • 28 km up to ski resort SC Bela
  • 334 km up to Venice
  • 253 km up to Graz (city in Austria)

Peculiarities of Vinica region

  • Winemaking region
  • Thermal resorts
  • Golf courses
  • Opportunity for horse ride
  • Rafting and river tourism
  • Bicycle routes