Estate from old mill by the side of the Krupa river - ВНЖ, ПМЖ и Второе Гражданство

Investment object:

Estate from old mill by the side of the Krupa river for €350 000 

Estate includes:

  • Spacious house of 368.7 m2 by the side of the river
  • Land along the river of 27021 m2
  • Right for construction of 3 objects near the river proximately
  • Right for construction of one object remote from the river
  • Right for construction of open bar and swimming pool with hot tub

Estate is in the private ownership. It has not any burdens and credits. All planning documentation is done for reconstruction. All project documentation is also done for construction of 3 additional objects near the river. All adjustments are officially obtained from all authorities. There is a building permission.

How you can use this estate

  • Hunting sector
  • For horse breeding, (there is opportunity to build stables)
  • House of fisherman
  • Exclusive residence object
  • Object for rent (all additional buildings – bungalow, which you can rent as eco-tourism, if there is a desire)

History of object

Old mill was built in 1890, then the house on the base of mill was built with last reconstruction in 1989, when it was renovated, but it is necessary to make a repair now. Number of floors: cellar + first floor+ mansard. Building has area of 225 m2, according to the data of cadastral agency its area is 368.7 m2, land under the building is 226 m2. There are electricity, communal water supply in the house.

Location of the object

Estate is located near border with Croatia, it is about an hour's drive from the sea. Thanks to its location by the side of Krupa river this place is unbelievable, at the very heart of silence and peace. It offer you exceptional opportunities for business in tourism sphere, agriculture and craftsmanship. There was an old mill here in the past.

Shop, post office, bank and all necessary infrastructure are located in 2 kilometers away from estate.