The decision on a possible change of residence by obtaining a passport (second citizenship / dual citizenship) as well as a residence permit / permanent residence of any European or exotic country, the United States and Canada must be made taking into account the so-called “power” of the passport of the selected state.
The “strongest” world passports are the subject of annual monitoring, which is conducted a number of expert bureaus and groups, based on various determining criteria.
To compile an annual world passport rating, the criteria that are directly related to the process of moving and obtaining citizenship (residence permit / permanent residence) are studied: freedom of movement around the world (the number of countries of visa-free entry for a passport holder) and freedom of settlement, giving the right to get a passport in one country, and work and live long lives in another.
The factors of prospects for living are also analyzed:
Another set of indicators that is taken into account when compiling the rating of world passports are the factors of the state’s geopolitical image:
The rating of the world's power passports does not necessarily coincide with the rating of countries with the greatest economic potential.
Experts emphasize that citizens of the most affluent countries are often limited in their abilities, including possibilities of movement, due to the political reputation of the state.
So, the rating of the world's power passports at the beginning of this year, according to the possibilities of visa-free entry into the largest number of countries:
As we see, we are talking mainly about the most developed countries that are closed for migrants sufficiently, who do not have a convincing financial or legal motivation for moving.
For this reason, in the list of countries available for investment migration, a special place is occupied by the states of the Caribbean islands, whose governments successfully build the budget through foreign investment, opening up broad opportunities for obtaining citizenship / passport.
The passport of the Caribbean countries - Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia - provides visa-free access on average to 150-160 countries of the world, and the proposed schemes for financial contributions are competitive in terms of amounts and speedy legal clearance: if for obtaining a passport of Germany it takes years, as well as the availability of a place of residence, legal work, a certificate of passing the language exam, then in the Caribbean countries the procedure is limited to the fact of investing directly.
The rating of states whose possession of a passport gives the right to enter more than one hundred countries of the world is as follows:
There are paradoxes here: as you can see, the passports of Venezuela or Chile open up opportunities to move freely around the world, but the standard of living in these countries, together with remoteness from Europe, does not make them attractive for movement.
Another important position affecting the choice of citizenship of a country is freedom of settlement.
The freedom of settlement means the possibility not only to visit various states without a visa, but also to live in there for a long period of time, including with the right of legal employment and social guarantees.
Here the rating of comfortable socialization is as follows:
In other words, if for the Norwegians 43 countries are open for permanent work and residence, then for Canadians only two, but the French can choose their place of residence throughout the world without restrictions.
To a large extent, the political situation in the world affects the formation of passport rating, for this reason the rating is updated annually. For example, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union introduced changes in the patterns of migration corridors, after which Germany became the obvious leader of the EU.
What are the ways to get the desired passport for Russian citizens?
We mentioned the Caribbean countries, which offer the possibility of obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment, subject to a transparent past, devoid of criminal nuances.
If you want to start the path of an immigrant in a European country, USA, Canada, Australia, the first step should be to obtain a residence permit.
 There are several algorithms here:
The place of the country's passport in the ranking of strong civil documents directly affects the future structure of life in the selected country upon the move.
The taxation system, the level of security and social schemes of healthcare in the country, as well as the perception of migrants by the native population, are factors that we strongly recommend to pay attention first of all.

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