Citizenship of Cyprus and Cyprus Passports*

by acquiring real estate

An important hub in the heart of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and traveling within and beyond the European Union. The economy is rapidly recovering from recent recession through significant activities in the shipping, tourism, the legal and financial services sectors, and has also seen a surge in foreign investments and developments, property and investment values.


Why choose Cyprus?

Cyprus boasts a rich and diverse culture, mild Mediterranean climate, a safe and stable setting which is ideal for raising families, and the perfect location for business and traveling. Investors also look at Cyprus for business and investment purposes, recognizing numerous investment opportunities.



Advantages of citizenship of Cyprus:



Investment criteria

Offered in accordance with the Civil Registry Laws 2002-2013, the Naturalization of Investors by Exception Scheme, the program is one of the fastest to lead to residence and citizenship in Europe. To qualify for application, you will need to meet one of the requirements outlined in the “Investment Options” section.

Application criteria

In addition to making a financial investment, applicants must also meet the following requirements:


Options for obtaining Cyprus citizenship:

By law, investors who want to obtain citizenship in Cyprus through investments must meet the following requirements:



  1. Government bonds. Applicants must make an investment of at least €5 million in Cypriot government bonds. Investors need to maintain the purchased bonds for a period of three years;
  2. Financial assets of Cypriot companies or organizations. Applicants must make an investment of at least €5 million in qualified financial assets (bonds, securities, debentures, etc.) registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus of Cypriot companies or organizations. Investors need to maintain the purchased assets for a period of three years;
  3. Real estate, land development and infrastructure projects. Applicants  must make an investment of at least €5 million in the purchase or construction of buildings, land development projects (residential or commercial) or infrastructure projects;
  4. Purchase, creation, or participation in Cypriot businesses or companies. Applicants must make an investment of at least €5 million in the purchase, creation or participation in businesses or companies that are based and operating in the Republic. These businesses or companies should evidently have a tangible presence in Cyprus and employ at least five Cypriot citizens. It is noted that the mandatory conversion of deposits into shares is included in this criterion;
  5.  Deposit in a Cypriot bank. Applicants choosing this option must have a fixed term deposit of at least €5 million for three years in a Cypriot bank;
  6. Mixed investments. Applicants must make an investment of at least €5 million in a combination of the aforementioned options 1-5.

Collective investments

The Council of Ministers shall have the right on special occasions, to reduce the investment requirement to €2.5 million for investors, who demonstrably participate in a special collective investment scheme, provided that the combined total value of the investment is at least €12.5 million.


Cost of registration of Cyprus citizenship: 


Advantages of citizenship in Cyprus:




Options to obtain Cyprus citizenship:

Citizenship in Cyprus in the case of investments in real estate, financial assets or other economic sectors of the country, provided for by the laws of the state, takes place in several stages. To begin with, future applicants need to decide on the investment option. The best option is the acquisition of real estate, as in the future property can be used for permanent residence or a temporary stay during the visit to rest or to do business.


Although, the deposit for three years is also considered as a profitable business. Cypriot banks have fairly good interest rates; therefore a tidy sum will run up over a similar period, which will significantly increase the investment.



* The program is currently suspended

How to obtain Cyprus citizenship

Stages of obtaining Cyprus citizenship
Duration 7 months
Cost 60 000 EUR
  1. 1. Preparatory stage

    10 days

    Regardless of which option you choose, you need to take care to collect documents confirming an investment in one of the structures of the country. These may be documents:

    • on the ownership of government bonds;
    • the ownership of financial assets of a certain company in Cyprus;
    • agreement of sale and purchase;
    • a statement from the bank about the presence of a deposit in your name and its size;
    • about opening of own enterprise, the value of which is not less than 5 000 000 euros, etc.

    In order to receive them, it is not enough just to pay. For example, if you chose to invest in real estate, then you need to take care of its re-registration in your name and confirm the ownership. It is necessary to do all this within 3 months from the date of signing the agreement of sale and purchase . But sometimes the government makes concessions to applicants and accepts documents on citizenship even if there is a certificate stating that the contract has been submitted for registration to the Department.

    With such documents, you can begin to collect the rest of the documentation. Its list is quite large and may differ in each case. That is why it is better to clarify all the details with specialists. But still there is a basic standard to be followed.

  2. 2. The second stage: the collection and submission of documents

    20 days

    To begin with, the applicant fills in the questionnaire of the M127 form and must be in English. Attached to it are:

    • certificate confirming that you were not prosecuted;
    • purchase agreement, bank statement or other document confirming the investment;
    • title deed or certificate from the Department;
    • statement confirming the stay in Cyprus the required number of days;
    • receipt of payment of state duty;
    • two postage stamps.

    You will also need a standard set of documents: a passport and a photocopy of its pages, two photos, permission to enter and stay in Cyprus, a marriage certificate, a birth certificate of children. In the case of a property purchase, a payment order confirming the fact of full payment and a property valuation certificate from an independent appraiser, which will confirm the value of the apartment or house purchased, may be required from you.

    A full package of documents is sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. These bodies inspect the residents and all of its documentation, after which they give preliminary approval.

    At this stage it is very important to enlist the support of a lawyer. It is the specialist who will help you to correctly assemble the package of documents and fill in the questionnaires in an appropriate manner, since even minor errors, in your opinion, can because of failure. You may also need the services of a translator and a notary, since all documents must be translated into English. Copies are notarized.

  3. 3. The third stage: submission of documents for citizenship

    10 days

    The applicant may submit the documents personally or through his guarantor, who can be a qualified lawyer from a company specializing in obtaining Cypriot citizenship. In the latter case, you will need to write out a power of attorney from a notary, which confirms that you trust the submission of documents on your behalf. In the future, he can also act on your behalf and resolve all issues and nuances. If this is a reliable specialist, he will always keep you up to date and act only after having discussed all the details with you and having received your consent.

  4. 4. Stage Four: Waiting for Results

    4 months

    Usually The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs examine the documents of the applicant within three to four months. However, sometimes this process can take up to six months. Such a delay may be due to the lack of the necessary documents, the need to re-register any document, incorrect filling in of the form or the requirement of the authorities to submit additional documents for stronger verification. Nevertheless, any problem is solved easily if a qualified lawyer leads the case. With it, you can avoid red tape with documents.

  5. 5. Fifth stage: obtaining a passport of a citizen of Cyprus

    1 month

    After receiving a positive response, the applicant must come to Cyprus within 3 months. This period is given for the applicant to register a certificate of naturalization issued by government services and receive an identity document. After that, he can apply for the naturalization of minor children. It will be reviewed within three weeks. But you can bring them to issue an identity document at any time. There is no time limit in this case. With adult children, the situation is different. An application for their naturalization is accepted only after payment of state duty in the amount of about 2 thousand euros. It is considered for two months. After receiving a positive decision, the recently minted citizen of Cyprus will have to pay about 5 thousand euros of state duty. Next, adult children will have to visit the country within three months and receive a certificate of naturalization and a passport.






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