Montenegrin's citizenship and passport by investment

Montenegro or as the poets love to sing it - Montenegro, a country of sea and mountains, which is located under the warm Mediterranean sun. The rich country offers many benefits beyond its healing nature, sea air and ski resorts. Choosing the citizenship of Montenegro - a person gets not only the opportunity to live in a country with one of the best services in the world, but also easily cross the borders of 124 countries without additional documents, enjoy tax and other benefits.

Obtaining a passport of this country is a relatively simple procedure that does not require significant financial investments when compared to other states that offer simple citizenship for sponsorship. Full support in the execution of documents is an opportunity to obtain a passport of Montenegro for investments as quickly and easily as possible, and to use the benefits offered by this country, and there are many of them ...

Benefits of obtaining citizenship in Montenegro

The target program for obtaining citizenship of Montenegro is to attract investments from abroad. Thanks to this, practically all spheres and areas of business and cities are developing rapidly on the territory of the country. Interestingly, the economic program is also designed so that, along with the developed regions, the provinces could offer European comfort to all residents and tourists. The development of the country's economy at the same time guarantees a safe environment for investment, which increases the country's attractiveness several times.

Among the benefits that can be obtained with a Montenegrin passport:


Obtaining Montenegrin citizenship by investment

The government project for obtaining citizenship of Montenegro by investment is the most affordable in Europe. The investment program offers two options for buying real estate:

On the southern coast, in Podgorica and the capital, you can buy real estate at a price of at least 550 thousand euros;
in the northern and central parts (except for the metropolitan area) you need to make a purchase from 450 thousand euros.
At the same time, it will be necessary to pay 200 thousand euros of a charitable state contribution, the money from which will be directed to the development of local government entities.

When buying, it should be borne in mind that only real estate objects that are approved by the government and are suitable as foreign investments fall under the program. This is related to the relative complexity because investments should be directed only to certain objects, which replenish the database every month, but cannot fully satisfy the needs of everyone who wants to obtain Montenegrin citizenship. Therefore, it is important to cooperate with agencies that are constantly monitoring and tracking new investment projects proposed by the government.

Additional requirements for candidates include:

State fees for filing documents for citizenship of Montenegro

Along with the fact that you have to spend to become eligible to become a recipient of a Montenegrin passport, the state fee and notary fees for filing documents is €15,000 for a single main applicant.

All family members are eligible to obtain citizenship because of an investment, but they will need to be paid separately:

No more than 4 people in the application - 10,000 euros for each;
more than 4 people - 50,000 euros each.
A spouse, children under the age of 26, as well as parents can count on obtaining citizenship together with the main applicant.

Verification for applying for citizenship of Montenegro

Due Diligence is a program for checking the conscientiousness of an investor, collecting objective information and expert assessment of possible investment risks. This procedure is mandatory and also costs money. Amounts are not included in state fees and notary fees, are paid separately:

For one applicant - €7,000;
if a family of no more than 4 people obtains citizenship together with him - €10,000;
for each additional person over 4 - €1,500 for each.
The cost of obtaining citizenship of Montenegro

Full support of the program will be - €50,000

The price includes the entire package of documents, filing, full notarization of purchase and sale transactions and other services required until the applicant and family members are presented with biometric passports of Montenegrin citizens.

Pros and cons

The immigration program provides many benefits for Montenegrin passport holders for investment. Opens up new horizons for life, business, travel, education. Among the main advantages:

A citizen of this country can easily open an account in any European bank;
real estate objects do not fall in price, after obtaining a passport, you can dispose of the invested investments according to your decision, including selling, without losing anything;
open an E-2 business visa to the United States /, which is not available to Russians;
after joining the EU, restrictions on movement across the territory of the European Union will be completely removed, it will be possible to conduct business, live or teach children in any country of the European economic zone;
visa-free travel to 125 countries of the world now;
the opportunity to become the owner of a promising business real estate in one of the most developed resorts in Europe;
live in a country with an impeccable climate and beautiful nature.
For immigrants under the investment program, it is not required to reside in the country or additionally take exams in the knowledge of the Montenegrin language.

Cons of obtaining citizenship

Among the negative aspects, one can only name the need to be on the territory of the country during the submission of data to obtain a biometric passport.

Legislative framework on citizenship of Montenegro

The main legislative act that regulates the right of foreign nationals to obtain Montenegrin citizenship by investment is:

Government decision of November 22, 2018:

On the eligibility criteria, method and procedure for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship through admission to citizenship, aimed at implementing a special program that is of particular importance for the commercial and economic interests of Montenegro.


Realty Montenegro

Government approved objects

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Is permanent residence required on the territory of the country after obtaining the citizenship of Montenegro?

No, investors do not need to permanently reside in Montenegro, both before and after obtaining citizenship. The number of days during which you can live within a given country is not limited in any way for those who have citizenship of Montenegro.

Can I be deprived of Montenegrin citizenship if I do not permanently reside in the country?

A passport of a citizen of Montenegro is issued for life, while this state must be visited for at least five days within the first five years from the date of obtaining citizenship

Can my family members obtain Montenegrin citizenship?

Yes, the closest relatives (these include spouse, children, parents and grandparents) are entitled to receive Montenegrin passports if they are financially dependent on the person who obtained citizenship.

How long does the process of obtaining Montenegrin citizenship take?

After the application is submitted, the investor receives a permanent residence card - this happens in three weeks. The applicant receives a Montenegrin passport in six months.

Is it required to somehow confirm the availability of funds when applying for citizenship of Montenegro by investment?

No, you do not need to prove your solvency. You only need to pay money to a government fund, buy the aforementioned property and pay all associated fees.

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