Hungary is a country where there is almost no crime, mild climate, excellent health care and education.

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The residence permit for the seconded employee is done by the opening of the branch of the Russian company in Hungary and by the employment of an employee in this Department. This residence permit gives the right to work in the office and issued for 1 year firstly.

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Obtaining of a European residency is an urgent aim for almost every person who seeks to ensure the availability of safe alternative accommodation for themselves and their families. Usually, the first step to permanent residency in Europe is the registration permit. Among the European Union countries, Hungary tops a leading position among the most popular countries for registration of a residence permit because to obtain permanent residence after the residence permit will be possible within three years. Due to the presence of several ways to obtain this status, you can always choose the best option.

The pros and cons of obtaining a residence permit in Hungary:

Business immigration is one of the best ways to obtain a residence permit in almost any country, and Hungary is not an exception. Registration of the status in this country provides many advantages, not only respecting doing business in the EU, but also provides a unique opportunity to travel to Europe and residence in a stable and safe country with a mild climate. So, the advantages of the Hungarian residence permit are:

Hungary is a country that can offer comfortable conditions for permanent residence. This country is characterized by a Central European level of quality of life, which provides good medicine, a high level of quality of education (including higher education), and a generally favorable social climate. The undoubted advantage is the low crime rate, as well as political stability, which distinguishes this state. Excellent ecology and many thermal spas make Hungary an ideal place for permanent residence for all family members. Due to the successful location of the country, as well as visa-free entry into the Schengen countries, the holders of the residence permit status offer broad opportunities for traveling and exploring the culture of European countries. In addition, Hungary is characterized by democratic real estate prices, due to which the acquisition of real estate in this country is considered an economically viable investment. Property rental is also quite profitable.

The main disadvantage of obtaining a residence permit in Hungary because of registration is some bureaucracy procedures, but it should be noted that the opening of business anywhere (even your native country) – not a quick process and hard enough. As a result, certain difficulties of the status registration procedure are fully compensated by the unconditional advantages of this option.


The procedure of registration status consists of several stages and begins with the establishment of the representative offices of the company. So, to get a residence permit, you must:

Thus, business immigration to Hungary is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to obtain a residence permit status. Although the procedure for registering a representative office is not somewhat bureaucratic, this process as a whole does not cause any particular difficulties and, if initially executed, all documents are properly executed quickly and smoothly. As a result, the applicant and his family members have the right to reside in a safe European country and many other advantages, including visa-free travel in the Schengen zone and the possibility of becoming a full citizen of this state in a few years.

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

How long does it take for me to apply for permanent residence in Hungary?

Permanent residence is issued in this case after three years of residence in the country.

Do I need to buy housing when applying for a residence permit in Hungary?

It is enough to rent an apartment and provide an appropriate agreement. It is important that the living space is at least eighteen square meters per person. At the same time, if desired, it will be easy to acquire an apartment in ownership.

Is insurance required to obtain a residence permit in Hungary?

Yes, in order to live in Hungary, the applicant must pay for insurance for the duration of the stay.

When do I need to renew my Hungarian residence permit?

The application for the extension of the residence permit is submitted thirty days before its expiration.

When is Hungarian citizenship issued?

Citizenship of this country can be obtained after eight years of permanent residence in Hungary.

Is it possible not to stay in the country after obtaining a Hungarian residence permit?

To obtain permanent residence in the future, you must permanently reside in the country. It is allowed to leave for a period of no more than forty-five days once a year.

For how long is a Hungarian residence permit issued?

Residence permit in Hungary for registration of a representative office is issued initially for one year, and then it is possible to extend it for two years at once.

Can my family members get a Hungarian residence permit?

Yes, your wife or husband, as well as children, can get a residence permit with you. Previously, they will need to apply for a visa to enter the country, and then they will need to submit all documents directly in Hungary.

Can children study with a Hungarian residence permit?

Yes, the applicant's children get this opportunity. Having a residence permit, they will be able to successfully study in local institutions.

Will I get access to medical facilities in the country after obtaining a residence permit in Hungary?

Yes, with a residence permit, a foreigner gets the opportunity to receive medical assistance.

Can I open a local bank account with this type of Hungarian residence permit?

Yes, the holder of a residence permit also gets such an opportunity.

Is it possible to obtain a mortgage with a Hungarian residence permit of this category?

Yes, if you have a residence permit, a foreigner can get a mortgage.

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