Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Why choose a country to live and get a residence permit in Portugal?

Many citizens of other countries wish to obtain a residence permit in Portugal. Portugal is a popular sunny state. There are not too high costs for a comfortable life here. The opportunity to constantly admire various wonderful sunsets is not excluded. The view of the magnificent Atlantic Ocean is also very popular. There is also a real opportunity to implement such an action as the optimization of taxation itself.

What are the advantages of a Portuguese residence permit?

A residence permit in a country like Portugal has many undeniable advantages. Initially, we are talking about the following advantages:

  • After 5 years of residence in the state, you can obtain the necessary citizenship;
  • Upon receipt of exactly the golden residence permit, stay in the country is required only for at least 7 days within two years. And in the future, this is 14 days any next year;
  • Highest passport rating;
  • The possibility of living, doing business, as well as organizing various travels in Portugal. All this also applies to states in the Schengen area;
  • The local taxation system is interesting enough for the citizens of other countries;
  • The cost of living is not too high.

How quickly can I get a residence permit in Portugal?

To date, if it is necessary to execute a residence permit, it is allowed to use more than one method. And, first of all, we are talking about the following most common options:

  1. Financially independent citizens;
  2. Golden Visa;
  3. Residence permit presented to retirees.

How much will the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal cost?

The cost can be at different levels. If we are talking about obtaining a residence permit for people of retirement age completely for their entire family, then the price starts from 3 thousand euros. But registration in connection with investing in real estate will cost 25 thousand euros. This does not include the cost of the renewal procedure after the next 5 years.

How can you get a residence permit in Portugal when it comes to citizens who are financially independent?

When there is a passive source of income under the guise of rent, as well as the most diverse dividends, then the applicant has every right to submit his own documents for a residence permit. The source of income itself must be documented. You simply cannot do without it.

Do you want to move to a beautiful and amazing area? Then you should definitely consider such an option as Portugal. For relocation, you must apply for a residence permit

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