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Vanuatu is a small Pacific state consisting of 83 islands and located between New Zealand and Australia. The country's unique location far from world capitals makes it independent of from the main players in the political arena (Vanuatu gained independence in 1980). The undoubted advantages of the state are economic and political stability, a well-developed banking sector and a warm climate. Often, the country is called the “untouched paradise” of Oceania: here you can find many magnificent beaches, amazing scenery and interesting sights. Thanks to the optimal conditions for issuing a second passport, the program of acquiring the citizenship of this country for investments is becoming more and more popular.

Advantages citizenship Vanuatu:

Options for obtaining citizenship Vanuatu:

Investment in National Development Fund

The cost citizenship of Vanuatu:

The pros' citizenship Vanuatu:

The advantages of Vanuatu citizenship: 

Vanuatu is becoming increasingly popular as a country for obtaining a second passport, and for this, there are quite objective reasons. The main advantages of the program of this state include:

Cons of citizenship of Vanuatu:

The Vanuatu program has virtually no flaws: it is not by chance that today it is considered the most optimal option for obtaining a second passport. The disadvantages include the need to confirm the legality of the origin of the invested funds (for this the applicant must prove that he has a business, confirm employment, etc.) and take the oath. However, to take the oath to come to the country is not necessary: this procedure can be passed at the consulates of the state, which are located in Brussels, Hong Kong, Lebanon.

The process of obtaining citizenship of Vanuatu:

So, the granting of citizenship of Vanuatu because of investment in the economy. For registration of the passport the applicant must pass several stages.

Important information for applicants

Submission of documents to the Committee for citizenship by accredited agents. When applying to a specialized company the process of registration of the passport for the applicant is simple.
Main stages of registration of citizenship

The process of obtaining a passport includes the following steps:

Step 1. Assessing the possibility of granting citizenship. Before applying for a passport applicant it is reported that he has or is not entitled to grant citizenship. To become a citizen of Vanuatu on an investment program, a person must be able to contribute the necessary funds to the country's economy and meet the established requirements.

Step 2. Preparation of a package of documents. Documents are submitted in accordance with the established requirements.

Step 3. Filling and filing the application. The application takes place with a package of documents. Submission of the application involves the application fee.

Step 4. Analysis of the application for the provision of a passport by state officials. Applications submitted are analyzed by representatives of the relevant government authorities of Vanuatu. Based on the results of the study, conclusions are made that applicants have the right to citizenship, filed a full package of documents and correctly filled out the application form.

Step 5. Evaluation of the investor's application. The assessment of applicants is handled by the Internal Citizenship Screening Committee. During this procedure, it is determined whether the applicant and the documents submitted correspond to the established requirements, after which the documents are transmitted for further consideration.

Step 6. Deciding on the application. The consideration and approval of applications for the granting of citizenship is carried out by the relevant Commission, to which documents are transferred from the Internal Screening Commission. If the applicant meets the established requirements, the ability to confirm the legality of the invested funds and the submission of a full package of documents, the Citizenship Commission decides whether the applicant should be granted this status.

Step 7. Issue to the applicant of the letter of the Commission on the decision. The letter is sent to the applicant within a week after the decision is taken. Also, the applicant is informed of the conditions for issuing a certificate of citizenship (the need to provide the correct data for inclusion in the Certificate, questions on the completion of the oath and the payment of the fee).

Step 8. Completion of the oath.

Step 9. Payment of the fee.

Step 10. The issuance of a Certificate of naturalization and passport. Passport production is carried out within two to four weeks.

The list of required documents

To apply for citizenship, the applicant must prepare the documents. In the set list includes:

For dependent on the main applicant applicants are required to provide proof of financial dependence.

Legislative Framework for Vanuatu Citizenship:


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Without official income, can you count on obtaining citizenship of the island?

Yes, you can get status even without official income.

Can I change my last name when I get Vanuatu citizenship?

This is possible after obtaining citizenship, we can organize this procedure for you.

After obtaining the status of a local resident, will you help to obtain a residence permit in Europe?

Of course, now we are helping everyone to solve this issue.

We are thinking about obtaining citizenship of the island, can we get the actual address and tax residency?

Yes, when fixing the status of a citizen of Vanuatu, you will have the opportunity to obtain the actual address and tax residency.

If you have a criminal record, can you become a citizen?

In order to meet the requirements of the Vanuatu Passport Program, we ask for a certificate stating that you have not been previously convicted. Please note that the existence of entries in the certificate is not an automatic reason for refusing to issue you a Vanuatu passport.

How much does it cost to obtain Vanuatu citizenship?

One of the important requirements is a one-time contribution of $130,000. However, there are other costs to consider, including tax liabilities.
The cost of applying for a family may vary. If you are planning to become a citizen for a family of 4, the investment starts at $180,000. To get a detailed calculation of all costs, it is recommended to fill out the form on our official website.
We strive to provide transparent cost information and help our clients plan their investment budget.

How to become a citizen of Vanuatu?

To obtain a Vanuatu citizen passport, you do not need to be physically in this country. Our company will help you to issue a complete package of all documents without leaving. Here is a list of required documents that will need to be submitted to the national, civil Committee:
1. Passport of the country where you currently live and your international passport.
2. Certificate of registration of marriage and documents on the birth of a child.
3. The results of a medical examination for a married couple and a certificate of no previous conviction.
4. Documents confirming financial dependence on the applicant for each child and their parents (if we are talking about group applications).
After providing a package of necessary documents, it is required to make a one-time contribution to the Vanuatu Island Management Fund. With us, you will get a quick way to become a Vanuatu citizen without spending too much.

What are the main benefits of owning a Vanuatu Island Passport?

One of the main ones is the acquisition of a 2nd passport and residence on the island of Vanuatu, the investor will receive a set of undeniable advantages, both personal and business.
1. Expansion of financial features: Opening accounts in international banks.
2. Citizenship for the whole family: The Vanuatu Investment Program allows the investor and his family to obtain citizenship. This means that spouse, children and even parents can become citizens of Vanuatu.
3. Visa-free visits to more than 100 countries: The Vanuatu passport provides its holder with access to more than 100 countries without a visa.
4. Heritability of Citizenship: Citizenship status can be inherited, which creates stability and long-term opportunities for the family and future generations.
5. Living flexibility: It is not necessary to live in Vanuatu and know the local language. It will be necessary to renew the passport every 10 years, which allows the investor to choose how often to visit the island and keep in touch with it.

Who is eligible to become a Vanuatu Citizen?

The proposed investment system provides an opportunity for all interested parties to obtain a Vanuatu citizen passport in a short time. To do this, you will need to collect a small list of documents, subject to certain requirements:
1. The age of the investor must be at least 18 years old.
2. No criminal convictions and undesirable presence on the international or national wanted list is required. The competent authorities of Vanuatu are checking on these issues.
3. Requires a legitimate source of income to be used as an investment contribution.
4. The Vanuatu Passport Program also includes the spouse of the applicant, children under the age of twenty-five, children with a disability status of any age, and parents over 50 years of age.

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