Slovenia is one of the wealthiest countries of the former communist block, due to become a magnet for investments from around the world. Famous for its thermal springs, Slovenia is located in the heart of Europe. The mild climate, intact nature and the combination of mountain and seaside landscapes contribute to the fact that people from all over the world choose this country for living and business.

Advantages of residence permit in Slovenia:

Options of residence permit in Slovenia:

Residence permit is issued by the registration to the applicant company in Slovenia and the employment in that firm.

Cost of obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia:

Turnkey service cost - €10000

This service includes:

Company registration *
obtaining a residence permit for all family members **
* To register the Company, it is necessary to deposit the authorized capital of at least €7.5 thousand. The authorized capital can be contributed in three ways:

Depositing funds into a bank account. The service of assistance in opening an account for depositing the Authorized Capital is included in the price;
depositing property acquired on the territory of Slovenia. The service includes an official appraisal of the property contributed to the company.
Payment by purchased Slovenian government bonds. The service includes assistance in opening a special account with a broker to purchase these bonds.
** To apply for a residence permit, your company must fulfill one of the conditions:

make an investment of at least €50 thousand in fixed assets
show a turnover of €10 thousand within six months

Monthly expenses to maintain a residence permit:

The time for obtaining a residence permit:

Documents for obtaining a residence permit:

The pros and cons of obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia:

Residence permit in Slovenia because of employment in their company has several disadvantages and, in turn, opens up new opportunities and prospects for the migrant.

Disadvantages of a residence permit

The disadvantages of a residence permit in Slovenia are the following facts:

Advantages of residence permit

Slovenian residence permit expands the horizons of opportunities, which, of course, covers all existing disadvantages. The presence of a residence permit in Slovenia provides a foreigner:

The process of obtaining residence permit in Slovenia:

Despite the high standard of living, mild climate and other advantages of the country, Slovenia is currently poorly developed by our compatriots and therefore receives few residents of the former Soviet Union, however, the procedure for obtaining a Slovenian residence permit is relatively simple and transparent.

The first step is to register the company.

Any foreigner can register a company in Slovenia and work in it. The most optimal and economically safe option is considered a limited liability company (LLC), which in the local language has the abbreviation d.o.o.

The Slovenian market is relatively young, so many niches are not fully covered, which gives prospects for opening and developing your own company. Segments such as freight transportation, rental of sports equipment, trade in electronic equipment, mobile phones and accessories are attractive.

  1. For registration, co-founders come to Slovenia. If one person arrives, the preparation of a power of attorney from the rest of the company is required. Each document must have a Slovenian legal translation.
  2. Then the Slovenian TIN is drawn up for each co-founder.
  3. Next comes the preparation and signing of primary documents on the registration of a company with a Slovenian notary.
  4. Then an account is opened in the bank to which at least seven and a half thousand euros is deposited. This amount will form the authorized capital, which can be spent solely on the needs of the company and the issuance of wages.
  5. The company is entered into the electronic register of economic entities of Slovenia. Registration procedure lasts from 5 to 15 days.

The second step is to obtain the right to registration of the Slovenian residence permit.

To qualify for a residence permit in the business immigration process, after registering a company, either of two conditions must be met: to acquire fixed assets (real and movable property, equipment, etc.) to the company in cash equivalent of at least 50 thousand euros, or to have turnover of at least 60 thousand euros.

The third step is applying for a residence permit.

After the registration of the company and executing a condition for active management of the business is supplied a package of documentation for a residence permit, which will require:

At this stage of business immigration, a package of documents is submitted to the Consulate of Slovenia, while the fee is paid. The waiting time for a reply on extradition is thirty days. Then, having received a plastic card, in two weeks it is necessary to have time to register, so it is advisable in advance to register the address of residence in Slovenia, which can be obtained when renting accommodation for a contract or buying real estate.

Do not forget that after the acquisition of a residence permit in a year, it is necessary to extend it. The renewal process is actually the same as the procedure for registering a residence permit: the same set of documents is provided as during the initial registration. If a citizen is in the territory of Slovenia, and the expiry date of a residence permit is on the way, then the residency should be requested at the district administration.

Thus, after five years of residence because of a residence permit, you can apply for permanent residence in Slovenia and issue an EU resident card. Then all the doors will open to the foreigner.

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

How long does it take to obtain permanent residence in Slovenia?

Having issued a residence permit in the specified country, after five years, you can apply for permanent residence.

How long does it take to obtain Slovenian citizenship?

Slovenian citizenship can be obtained after ten years of residence.

Is it possible to get access to local medicine on the basis of this type of Slovenian residence permit?

Yes, a resident of the country gets the opportunity to contact local medical institutions.

As a resident of the country, is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia for the whole family?

Yes, the holder of a residence permit has the right to issue cards for his wife, children and parents if they are over 65 years old.

Will my children and me have the right to education in the country after obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia?

Yes, having issued a residence permit in Slovenia, you can study at local educational institutions.

How long is the residence permit issued in Slovenia?

The document is issued for one year, then it is renewed every year, after 5 years you can get permanent residence.

Is it possible not to stay in the country after obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia?

The minimum length of stay, which is established by law, is at least 180 days a year. However, the absence due to the need for work is an exception and allows, if necessary, not to reside in the country.

Is it possible to move freely within the European Union, having a residence permit in Slovenia?

Yes, all holders of a residence permit of a given state have such an opportunity.

Can I buy real estate in Slovenia for myself as an individual after obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia?

Russian citizens can purchase real estate in Slovenia only with their own company. Citizens of the European Union, USA and Great Britain can purchase real estate in the country for an individual.

What are the requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Slovenia in the future?

The main thing is, of course, not to break the laws of Slovenia and pay taxes regularly. Also, in order to apply for permanent residence status, it is necessary to extend the residence permit status without interruption.

What rights does the holder of a residence permit in Slovenia have?

The holder of a residence permit in Slovenia has no right to vote, participate in elections and work in government structures. Also, the owner of such a residence permit will not be able to purchase real estate as an individual.

Why can a residence permit in Slovenia be refused?

Due to the incompleteness of the documents provided, the presence of a criminal record and the lack of grounds for obtaining a residence permit.

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