The country is also known as Spice Island. There are very picturesque embankments, mountains and hills. These are just one of the many temptations to visit the main three beautiful islands. Diving, sailing, excellent restaurants, clean beaches and unforgettable celebrations all year round are some reasons why many wealthy investors prefer Grenada.

Advantages and peculiarities of the program for obtaining citizenship of Grenada:

Options citizenship of Grenada:

  1. Investment in real estate. The minimum deposit is 350 thousand dollars. For each kept man, add 25 thousand dollars;
  2. Irrevocable contribution to the state development fund:

Check for criminal past:


Cost citizenship of Grenada:

Program maintenance, 25 000 dollars.

Citizenship of Grenada minuses and pluses:

The popularity of the migration program of Grenada is increasing: citizenship of this island nation is an attractive option for those who are interested in obtaining a second passport on favorable terms. The citizenship of Grenada provides exceptional opportunities for business development at the international level, optimization of the tax burden, visa-free travel, as well as for living the whole family in a comfortable and safe environment.

Let us take a closer look at what the pros and cons of obtaining Grenada citizenship are.



Along with the undoubted advantages of the Grenada migration program, some disadvantages of this option should be noted. So, the disadvantages of obtaining citizenship include:

Therefore, the listed advantages of the Grenada migration program are in many ways superior to some disadvantages of this option. Thus, the registration of citizenship of Grenada is an excellent opportunity to get a second passport on attractive terms.

The process of obtaining the citizenship of Grenada:

The process of obtaining citizenship of Grenada is carried out in two ways: through direct investment and thanks to a non-refundable contribution to the State Fund for National Transformation. Consider the second method in more detail. It is called the “CIP Program”, allowing, in the case of obtaining a Grenada passport, to visit 135 states without a visa.

In short: history and facts:

The government of Grenada has started to cooperate with investors since about 2013. It was then that the state fund was created that promotes the economic growth of the island through the development of the tourist sector, energy, and, of course, economic citizenship for foreigners. The fee for citizenship through the CIP program is set at 200 thousand US dollars for 1 applicant (or a family of up to 4 people). For any subsequent secondary applicant, additional payment of $25 thousand is required.

Staged process of registration:

Let’s consider the process of obtaining citizenship of Grenada.

First step.  First, you need to find an authorized agency accredited by the government of Grenada to conduct such transactions. This agency, as a rule, is international, must operate in the country where the candidate lives. In Russia, our company LLC ADVISER is this authorized agency.

Second step. Work with the agent. This is necessary not only to fulfill the requirements of the government to obtain Grenada citizenship, but also for a number of nuances in the paperwork. The agent will help you correctly prepare a petition for citizenship, as well as familiarize you with the current tariffs and auxiliary fees. At the same time, a bank escrow account is opened to transfer funds.

The third step. Drawing up a citizenship application that enters the Grenada CBI (Committee for the Consideration of Applications for Investment Citizenship).

Fourth step. Payment of required fees. The receipts are attached to the copy of the petition:

Fifth step. Waiting for a response. For certain procedures, the law gives specific deadlines. For example, to check the reliability of 2 months is enough. If the application is satisfied, the applicant is notified in writing, then proceed to the next stage.

The sixth step. Payment of the balance on a specially opened escrow account. This account does not allow the holder to dispose of funds until the fulfillment of specified obligations. After payment, CBI employees issue a certificate of citizenship, draw up a passport.

The last stage. Obtaining documents of citizenship. They are issued to the agent or the applicant personally (sent through courier services), if agreed in advance.

Experience shows that the process of obtaining citizenship of Grenada thanks to CIP lasts up to 6 months. We help to speed up these deadlines whenever possible by optimizing some procedures. The applicants' heirs with citizenship automatically receive citizenship of Grenada.

Legislative Framework for Citizenship of Grenada:


Realty Grenada

Government approved objects

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Гренада признает двойное гражданство? Или от гражданства страны, паспорт которой у меня сейчас, придется отказаться?

Thanks to the recognition of dual citizenship by Grenada, there is no need to renounce your existing citizenship..

My business is connected with China, so I have to visit this country quite often. Will a Grenada passport free me from the need to apply for a visa?

Citizens of the country are given a unique advantage they do not need a visa to enter more than a hundred countries. Among these countries is the People's Republic of China, as Grenada was one of the first in the Caribbean region to provide its citizens with visa-free entry to this country.

The country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. What are the benefits of being a Grenadian passport holder?

The Commonwealth of Nations is ruled by the Queen of Great Britain, thanks to which the citizens of the countries that are part of this Commonwealth have the opportunity to enjoy preferential conditions when moving to countries such as Australia and Canada, while studying in British educational institutions and in a number of other cases.

We have heard many times that Grenada has a fairly loyal tax policy in relation to entrepreneurs implementing business projects in the country. Can you find out more about this?

Citizens of Grenada are exempted from paying a number of taxes, including capital gains tax, etc. In order to develop entrepreneurial activity, citizens developing business in the country are provided with tax incentives.

How long will it take to get a second Grenada passport? And how does this process take place?

As a rule, citizenship is obtained in about four months, i.e. Grenada is one of the fastest options for obtaining a second passport. The procedure involves filing an application for citizenship, choosing the preferred investment method and passing verification measures. The applicant is then required to transfer the invested funds to the escrow agent's account. After a decision is made to issue a passport of a citizen of Grenada, the applicant pays the established fees and receives a passport.

What options for obtaining a passport can the Grenada migration program offer?

Granting citizenship is possible on one of two grounds: investment in real estate or a contribution to the state development fund (when choosing the second option, funds are invested irrevocably). The cost of purchasing real estate in the country is at least $350,000 (if there are dependents, $25,000 is contributed for each of them). The development fund investment is US $150,000 for the main applicant, and if there are two dependents, US $200,000 is required. Also, the applicant will need to pay the established fees and charges.

After receiving the Grenada passport, will I need to move to the country for permanent residence?

Grenada does not impose requirements on citizens both in terms of permanent residence in the country, and in terms of staying for a certain period. Thus, after receiving a passport, a citizen is not obliged to move to the country and visit it periodically.

Is there a risk of denial of Grenadian citizenship?

The issuance of citizenship may be refused if false information is provided, if there is a criminal record or health problems, as well as if the granting of the status of a citizen entails a threat to the country's security. Another possible reason is the refusal of the applicant to issue a visa to visit those states with which Grenada has a visa-free regime.

Will there be any additional fees to be paid when applying for citizenship of Grenada based on real estate investments?

In addition to real estate investments, the applicant must pay a background check (this payment is $5,000 for the main applicant and adult dependents and $2,000 for children aged 12 to adulthood). There is also a payment of a state fee of US $3,000 for the main applicant and adult dependents and US $2,000 for children under the age of eighteen.

It is important for our family to be able to freely visit European countries. Can Grenada's passport provide visa-free travel to Schengen countries and the United Kingdom?

Passport holders have the opportunity to freely enter more than a hundred countries (i.e. without a visa), including the Schengen countries and the UK. It is the unhindered entry into a huge number of states that is one of the main advantages of this migration program.

Do I need to visit the country to get a Grenada passport?

No, you do not need to visit Grenada to obtain a passport. Documents for the main applicant and dependents are sent by courier mail.

I am planning to issue a passport of Grenada. Can I count on any tax breaks?

The tax policy of the state allows you to optimize the tax burden. Holders of a Grenadian passport are exempt from paying taxes on personal income (this provision applies to income that a citizen receives outside the country), on capital gains, inheritance and gifts. In addition, the country has fairly low tax rates for real estate owners. Property of citizens located outside Grenada is not subject to compulsory payments to the budget.

Can Grenada passport holders apply for an E-2 visa to the United States of America?

Yes, such a possibility really exists thanks to the existence of an agreement between the countries. The E-2 visa allows you to do business in the United States (you can open a representative office of an existing company or start a business in the United States).

We heard that in order to obtain a Grenada passport, it is necessary to provide the results of a medical examination. Can health conditions really influence decision-making in any way? What if there are elderly parents with health problems among family members?

One of the conditions for granting citizenship is the absence of a number of diseases (according to the list) for both the main applicant and dependents. In other cases, there are no obstacles to issuing a passport: the program allows the inclusion of elderly parents over the age of 65 in the application.

Can I apply for Grenadian Citizenship if I have a criminal record?

A criminal record may be a reason for refusal to grant Grenadian citizenship, however, some old convictions or convictions under certain articles may not be a reason for refusal. Contact us and send your certificate to the GIC. We will talk with government agencies about the possibility of filing and processing directly in your situation.

Is it possible to change the Name and Surname upon obtaining the Citizenship of Grenada?

This is possible, but not as fast as in some other countries. Contact us and we will clarify all the details.

After obtaining the Citizenship of Grenada, can you help to obtain a residence permit for it in Europe?

Yes, this is a regular practice. We can offer you a package that includes obtaining the Citizenship of Grenada + residence permit in the European Union.

We want to obtain the Citizenship of Grenada, are interested in the possibility of obtaining a local address and tax residence, is it possible?

Yes, this service is possible for our clients. If necessary, we can arrange for you to obtain a local address and tax residence.

Can I apply for Grenada Citizenship if I have no official income?

Please send us your bank statements, a description of your property and we have considered everything and we will answer this question for you.

Is it possible to apply for the Citizenship of Grenada so that it is not visible on payments?

Yes, if you need it, then there is such an option.

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