The citizenship of Grenada - only positive testimonials

The main advantage, due to which foreigners want to get a second citizenship, is that the Grenada passport provides visa-free entry to many countries or fast obtaining of visas at the airport of arriv...

The citizenship of Grenada

No doubts, some foreign citizens want to get a second citizenship of Grenada because of the number of advantages that it gives.

How can a russian citizen obtain the citizenship of Grenada

Grenada is the smallest state of the Caribbean countries, which is located on 3 islands. This country is attractive as well for people who wish to luxuriate for a while on soft sand and to swim in warm...

Economic citizenship of Grenada

Neighbors in the region name Grenada spice island, which Columbus opened in 1498. The Spaniards gave this name to this island, because it is consonant with one of the provinces of Andalusia – Granada.

Where can you register the citizenship of Grenada?

Grenada, like other Caribbean countries, provides citizenship for sale, you only need to invest in the economy of this country a certain amount of money.

The second citizenship of Saint Lucia. Immigration in Saint Lucia

Many business and famous people have a second passport of any state for the sake of receiving various bonuses.

The citizenship and passport of Saint Lucia: advantages

During last years, the obtaining of the second citizenship in any country is becoming popular movement among rich and famous people.

The passport of Saint Lucia. What does the citizenship of St Lucia give

Everyone, who once was in paradise island, which is located in the Caribbean, with mountains, long beaches and the most beautiful jungles, wish to comeback there again.

Saint Lucia - the citizenship for investments. Myth or reality?

Almost every country in the world manufactures and exports different products, goods, resources and governments of countries try to attract foreign investments.

How to obtain the citizenship of Saint Lucia for investments?

In the heart of the most picturesque Lesser Antilles, which are washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the small island of Saint Lucia is comfortably situated.

The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for russians

Getting a second passport is a urgent issue for many Russian citizens. Most often, residents of the post-Soviet space choose Caribbean states and, in particular, Antigua and Barbuda, as a country for issuing...

What does the citizenship of Vanuatu give for russians, how to get it

Among the popular citizenship programs for investment, the Vanuatu program rank a special place: in addition to the minimum terms for granting citizen status and the small amount of investments, this small...

The programs of citizenship - understanding of origin tendencies

Caribbean countries together with some European states still are in the first line of economic citizenship.

How to obtain the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

The program of granting citizenship to Antigua and Barbuda for investments began to operate relatively recently, but during its existence, it could become a rather popular option for obtaining a second...

How to obtain the citizenship of Vanuatu for bitcoins or investments

In modern conditions, the registration of a second passport is an urgent task for many citizens. Among the most demanded programs, a special place belongs to the Vanuatu program: this small state belonging...

How can obtain the citizenship of Grenada

In modern conditions, many citizens are thinking about getting a second passport. It is an open secret that having a second citizenship allows you to be confident in the future and to be able at any time...

Economic citizenship of Grenada - testimonials, the process

The program of obtaining citizenship for investment offered by Grenada is by far one of the most sought after options among Caribbean countries.

The citizenship of Dominica: advantages and how to obtain it

Registration of a second passport is a urgent issue for citizens of a large number of countries. The most popular programs of economic citizenship are traditionally considered to be proposals from the...

What does the passport of Dominica give for investments

Among the countries of the Caribbean region, the Commonwealth of Dominica is favorably distinguished by the presence of an attractive citizenship program, which began its operation in the early 1990s....

How to obtain a residence permit in England

England is the perfect country to live in. Residence permit in England gives you the opportunity to live in Europe, travel, use the best medical services. In addition, there are many universities in the...

The program of obtaining the citizenship in Malta

The interest of investors participating in the Individual Investor Program in Malta to buy houses on the island is growing

Why is it favorable to obtain a residence permit of Slovenia?

Slovenia is a country with a mild pleasant climate and investment potential in the heart of Europe. There is no need to live here permanently after obtaining a residence permit in this country (it’s enough...

What countries do give the citizenship when acquiring a real estate?

To obtain a passport of other country – is a dream of majority of people. The conditions of registration of such documents are becoming more attractive every year.

How to obtain the second citizenship?

Second citizenship (second passport), as against dual citizenship, does not release its owner from civil obligations in the territory of your country.

Where is it easy to emigrate? 13 countries of easy immigration

In theory, today, almost all EU countries are open to those who move with the prospect of obtaining permanent residence, and then citizenship.

How to obtain the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda? 3 fast ways

Azure beaches and blue lagoons attract wealthy people from all over the world to the islands.

How to obtain the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis?

What is attractive about living in St. Kitts and Nevis? Pearl of the Caribbean is considered one of the most comfortable places to stay.

How to obtain the citizenship of Grenada? 2 fast ways

The island state of Grenada is located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of South America.

How to obtain the citizenship of Dominica? 2 ways for month

Dominica is a paradise in the Caribbean. Almost virgin nature, mild tropical climate (hurricanes in the country are rare), huge opportunities for investment in the tourism business - it is not all.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus has an extensive coastline of 486 miles. From secluded coves to lively resorts, sandy beaches and rocky caves, the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, famous for their clear waters...

Advantages of obtaining the Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship

Registration of a second citizenship does not lose relevance for foreigners from all over the world. Political and economic instability in some countries makes their citizens look for a “spare airfield”....

How to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus? 7 ways of fast obtaining

Investments in this country are attractive by business resources and favorable conditions: one of the lowest taxes on incomes, a possibility of eliminations of dual taxation.

Advantages of obtaining the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda is a potential earthly paradise for wealthy foreigners who dream of living in the world of the tropics, making forays into virgin forests, enjoying the atmosphere of night resort life,...

How to obtain a permanent residence in America? Getting EB-5

To become a US citizen is not easy. The current EB-5 Emigrant Investor USA program gives the right to obtain a residence permit to foreigners who invest in the country's economy.

Family medieval castle - take or do not take?

Buying real estate in Europe is most often associated with penthouses and villas, but there are also more interesting options, which include medieval castles. As a rule, wealthy people who want to buy...

31 countries where the citizenship is issued by birth

IN WHAT COUNTRIES THE CITIZENSHIP IS ISSUED BY BIRTH. 31countries where the citizenship is issued by birth.

How to obtain the residence permit of Spain?

Spain is a country with a well-developed economy and a fairly high standard of living. In addition, it enters the Schengen zone, which opens up great opportunities for people living here. And this applies...

Change tax residence. Observe options - choose one you need.

Payment of taxes is an important duty that must be performed by citizens of all states and legal entities registered in them.

What countries do give the citizenship when acquiring a real estate?

The number of countries providing a residence permit or permanent residence, subject to the acquisition of real estate, exceeds the number of countries that are ready to provide citizenship directly after...

The passport and the citizenship of Saint Lucia

On the island, located between the straits connecting the Caribbean Sea with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the program entered into force only in 2016, but its advantages are obvious: relatively small...

The citizenship of Cyprus - expensive, but interesting?

Entrepreneurs who have obtained Cyprus citizenship have good prospects due to the possibility of acquiring property in the European Union and low tax rates in Cyprus. Indisputable and the dignity of the...

The residence permit in European Union exchange for investments

The Russians have always shown an active interest in the issue of obtaining a residence permit in Europe.

The residence permit and company in Slovenia - yacht european flag

Today, a residence permit in Slovenia, despite the many advantages of this picturesque country, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, does not receive a very large number of residents of the post-Soviet...

The program of obtaining the citizenship and passport of Malta - 2020

Moving to one country within the European Union for many Russians from an inaccessible dream has long been a real opportunity.

The passport of Grenada is your way to USA + 140 free-visa countries

Grenada occupies several islands - the same name, Karioku and Petit Martinique and a number of small ones, adjacent to the island of Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The passport of the Caribbean state - choose the best for yourself

Caribbean countries annually attract thousands of tourists. This region is deservedly considered an example of heaven on Earth.

In 2017 the passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis rated 1st place in OECS

In 2017, the St. Kitts and Nevis passport took the best places in various ratings among the countries of the Caribbean and around the world.

News of the program of obtaining the citizenship of Dominica

The Dominica passport program is one of the most reliable and profitable: the island provides a lot of advantages both for doing business and for living in this island nation. In addition, of course, one...

Estalishing a company in Slovenia business and the residence permit

Establishing company in Europe is a good oportunity for development of your business. This possibility exists, and now you can register a company without any problems in many countries of the Old Continent....

Changes in the program CBI of Grenada in 2018

Now $ 150,000 is the minimum fee for the main applicant for the CBI program through the NTF fund. The age of dependent children is increased to 30 years, dependent parents are persons from 55 years old,...

How to obtain the reisdence permit in Portugal?

With a good standard of living in general, Portugal inferiors to other EU members, therefore there are significantly fewer immigrants here than in Germany or France. However, this sunny country remains...

The passport of Grenada - E-2 USA citizenship and passport

Thanks to visa-free access to 127 countries of the world, including Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, as well as the E-2 visa agreement with the USA, the Grenada passport is very valuable and promising...

How much did applicants obtain the citizenship of Malta in fact?

Released statistics on the Malta Citizenship in Investment Program. The majority of the main applicants are men, the main stream comes from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. On average, each applicant...

The second or dual citizenship? - How to acquire the citizenship

Russian legislation provides all citizens with the right to get a second citizenship, while leaving them with the opportunity to keep the passport of the Russian Federation. Therefore, this prospect seems...

Questions of obtaining the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis

The St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship program is among the most preferred options for those who plan to become the holder of a second passport in a Caribbean region.

How to obtain the second passport?

Obtaining the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda carries out on the program, which was launched from 2013.

How to obtain the residence permit in the Czech Republic

The issue of moving to Europe is relevant for a significant part of the population of the CIS countries: the opportunity to live in a politically and economically stable country that can offer a high standard...

Yachting in Europe - the best yachting places in Europe

Feel the freedom, take a break from everyday life, see the world in a completely different dimension - yachting can give these and many other opportunities. Yachting traditions evolved over the centuries,...

How to obtain the residence permit of Italy?

Italy is among the most attractive countries for migrants in the European Union for several reasons. First, Italy can offer a fairly high standard of living, stability and security; secondly, the country...

Yachting in the Caribbean - survey of the best places

Yachting in the Caribbean is absolute freedom, romance of piracy and unique nature. Traveling on a yacht will allow you to see the forgotten white beaches and beautiful tropical landscapes, to get acquainted...

How to obtain the residence permit in Austria?

Everyone who thinks about moving to a European country will certainly pay attention to Austria: this state, located in the heart of the Alpine mountains, can offer a high standard of living, optimal conditions...

The residence permit in Germany

Germany is among the popular destinations for immigration as representatives of the former Soviet Union, and for residents of other EU countries.

The residence permit in Estonia

The attractiveness of Estonia for movement is due to the entry of this state into the EU and the Schengen zone, as well as the favorable location of the country on the Baltic coast.

The residence permit in Greece

Greece has always been associated with a rich history, excellent cuisine and good beaches. However, for many people this is a southern European country - not only a popular tourist destination, but also...

The residence permit in Lithuania

Lithuania is among the most accessible for relocation countries of the European Union. Having a residence permit for this small country makes it possible to enjoy all the advantages of European residency,...

The residence permit in Switzerland

Switzerland is considered to be one of the most stable and secure countries in Central Europe. The state has created the most comfortable conditions for living: the country is known for a developed system...

Immigration to Slovenia

Moving to a civilized European state with a mild climate and comfortable living conditions is a common desire of a huge number of people CIS countries. Slovenia is considered to be one of the most attractive...

The registration of a company in Slovenia

One of the most popular options for moving to a European country and, in particular, to Slovenia is business immigration.

The citizenship for investments, cost citizenship St Kitts and Nevis

The program, launched in 1984 and allowing citizenship of the state of Saint Kitts and Nevis, was taken as a basis for passport systems by other states of the Caribbean region. The essence of this program...

What do the citizenship and passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis give

The small state in the Caribbean is not well known to the average person. Moreover, few people know about the exclusive service offered by the government of this country.

How much does the obtaining of citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis cost

Citizens from different countries are increasingly seeking to obtain the second citizenship. New passport give to its holder expend opportunities for travel, running an international business activity...

How to obtain the passport and the citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis

Usually,foreigners often consider European countries as a countries of second citizenship. However, the process of obtaining a new passport in the EU countries is very complicated and time consuming. The...

The citizenship for investments

If you have the funds, you can get a second citizenship without registering a company, residence and knowledge of the language.

How to get to Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a state located in the West Indies. Its name was given the name of the three islands: Redonda, Antigua and Barbuda.

Grenada and a real estate there

Grenada is a “island of spices” and a country of spices with beautiful national parks, crater lakes, amazing waterfalls and safe diving sites.

Dominica - the most interesting hotels

The beauty of tropical forests, valleys with frozen lava, geyser springs, quiet beaches with yellow and black sand, clear transparent Caribbean Sea - all this is Dominica.

Dominica The Caribbean Island

Dominica is known as the “Caribbean Island of Nature” due to its stunning natural beauty. The island is covered with dense tropical forests, alternating with majestic mountain peaks, cut through nearly...

100 of Russians became citizens of Saint Lucia

From January to May of the 2017, more than 100 Russians got the citizenship of Saint Lucia and applied to the country's migration service.

A real estate in Saint Kitts and Nevis

A small English-speaking country in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis is a convenient offshore zone in which you will be exempted from income tax received in other countries and will be able to obtain...

Grenada Island

Grenada is called the island of spices: once its fertile soils, flavored with volcanic deposits, gave the settlers a rich harvest of spices.

Saint Lucia Island

The island of Saint Lucia is a real tropical paradise, which attracts with its beaches, untouched nature, rich flora and fauna.