Cyprus Citizenship Results 2020

Criticism from the European Union led to the adoption of measures to change the program. However, the new conditions have become more favorable for the participants. Let's take a look at exactly what changes...

What is permanent residence in Europe

Permanent residence is an abbreviation common in modern colloquial speech, which many native speakers use without thinking about how to decipher it.

Ranking of Countries by Living Standards 2020/2021

The United Nations traditionally publishes a rating of the standard of living in different states.

Go abroad for permanent residence. What You Need to Know

Moving abroad is a difficult and responsible decision. Therefore, you need to competently think over every detail.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal is breaking records for the number of applications for a golden visa. After a downturn caused by the pandemic during the first third of 2020, Portugal's golden visa is returning with a vengeance,...

The citizenship of Grenada

No doubts, some foreign citizens want to get a second citizenship of Grenada because of the number of advantages that it gives.

The citizenship of Grenada - only positive testimonials

The main advantage, due to which foreigners want to get a second citizenship, is that the Grenada passport provides visa-free entry to many countries or fast obtaining of visas at the airport of arriv...

How can a russian citizen obtain the citizenship of Grenada

Grenada is the smallest state of the Caribbean countries, which is located on 3 islands. This country is attractive as well for people who wish to luxuriate for a while on soft sand and to swim in warm...

Economic citizenship of Grenada

Neighbors in the region name Grenada spice island, which Columbus opened in 1498. The Spaniards gave this name to this island, because it is consonant with one of the provinces of Andalusia – Granada.

Where can you register the citizenship of Grenada?

Grenada, like other Caribbean countries, provides citizenship for sale, you only need to invest in the economy of this country a certain amount of money.

The second citizenship of Saint Lucia. Immigration in Saint Lucia

Many business and famous people have a second passport of any state for the sake of receiving various bonuses.

The citizenship and passport of Saint Lucia: advantages

During last years, the obtaining of the second citizenship in any country is becoming popular movement among rich and famous people.