How to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus? 7 ways of fast obtaining

Investments in this country are attractive by business resources and favorable conditions: one of the lowest taxes on incomes, a possibility of eliminations of dual taxation.

Advantages of obtaining the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda is a potential earthly paradise for wealthy foreigners who dream of living in the world of the tropics, making forays into virgin forests, enjoying the atmosphere of night resort life,...

How to obtain a permanent residence in America? Getting EB-5

To become a US citizen is not easy. The current EB-5 Emigrant Investor USA program gives the right to obtain a residence permit to foreigners who invest in the country's economy.

Family medieval castle - take or do not take?

Buying real estate in Europe is most often associated with penthouses and villas, but there are also more interesting options, which include medieval castles. As a rule, wealthy people who want to buy...

31 countries where the citizenship is issued by birth

IN WHAT COUNTRIES THE CITIZENSHIP IS ISSUED BY BIRTH. 31countries where the citizenship is issued by birth.

How to obtain the residence permit of Spain?

Spain is a country with a well-developed economy and a fairly high standard of living. In addition, it enters the Schengen zone, which opens up great opportunities for people living here. And this applies...

Change tax residence. Observe options - choose one you need.

Payment of taxes is an important duty that must be performed by citizens of all states and legal entities registered in them.

What countries do give the citizenship when acquiring a real estate?

The number of countries providing a residence permit or permanent residence, subject to the acquisition of real estate, exceeds the number of countries that are ready to provide citizenship directly after...

The passport and the citizenship of Saint Lucia

On the island, located between the straits connecting the Caribbean Sea with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the program entered into force only in 2016, but its advantages are obvious: relatively small...

The citizenship of Cyprus - expensive, but interesting?

Entrepreneurs who have obtained Cyprus citizenship have good prospects due to the possibility of acquiring property in the European Union and low tax rates in Cyprus. Indisputable and the dignity of the...

The residence permit in European Union exchange for investments

The Russians have always shown an active interest in the issue of obtaining a residence permit in Europe.

The residence permit and company in Slovenia - yacht european flag

Today, a residence permit in Slovenia, despite the many advantages of this picturesque country, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, does not receive a very large number of residents of the post-Soviet...